Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank you for your strength, Lord.  How weak I often feel!  Whether it's my body or my soul that is struggling, I find great comfort in knowing that you are always strong.  Thank you for the times you draw me nearer to you when I am feeling weak in my body.  Thank you for the gifts you give me to stand firm when assaulted with thoughts that are designed to torment, torture or confuse me.  You are always good, and your loving mercy and kindness indeed endure forever.

Thank you for this glorious day!  I pray that all of your children - and all of those you are calling to yourself - will see the goodness you give by allowing us to continue to live! I pray that we will all see that is it because of your great mercy that we have the opportunities to repent and change our direction when we are off course and chasing after things that have no eternal value.  Thank you for the blessings of reminders and trials and interruptions in our schedules, Lord!  You want our attention, and you rightly deserve to have it, so I thank you for whatever you choose to do or allow to get it!

I pray for those you send to see these words.  My desire is that they will find you in these words and will be reminded once again of your great love for them.  Father, you haven't given us a spirit of fear or any such thing as that.  You have graciously given us power, love and healthy, sound and disciplined minds.  Whatever you have chosen for each of us is exactly right, because you are perfect and you don't make mistakes!  Thank you for knowing the right timing in all things - when to bring to us what we need and when to withhold until we are ready to receive as you would have us do. 

Thank you for the people you've put in my life, Lord.   Each one is a gift and a blessing of love from your hand.  Even when the enemy thinks he is getting away with something, you allow whatever he does so that you will be glorified.  I love your wisdom and intelligence, Father!  There is none like you in heaven or on the earth!  You are brilliant beyond my ability to comprehend, and that brings me great joy to know!  

So my weaknesses are gifts from you, and I am thankful for them.  My flesh and my soul would be unbearably proud if I didn't have them because they are your way of reminding me how much I need you.  I will need you forever, Father.  There won't ever be a time that I will be self-sufficient.  I'm going to need you as much after my life on earth is done as I do while I am still here.  How I pray that we would all know that is true for everyone! 

Bless the body of Christ to rise in the strength of your power - in love and submission to you - determined to obey you at all costs! Determined to love you as never before and choosing to love other people in the same manner as we love ourselves.  Take us beyond our ways, Lord!  Lead us into life everlasting, even as it says in your word!  Show us how to walk in humility and love!  Show us the lies we believe that came from the enemy. Some of those lies came from the mouths of other people.  Some he spoke to us directly through our thoughts.  Help us get past the self-criticism and self-condemnation that stops us in our tracks when you tell us to move forward in faith, trusting and believing that you have already won the victory! 

Lord, your people want to live without guilt and shame.  When you sent Yeshua/Jesus to die and rise from the grave, you made it possible for us to do that.  I ask you to reveal to everyone the false belief systems we have established, so we see the truth and have the revelation of how to live the truth.  Show us what we need to see, Father.  Help us thank and praise you for the weaknesses and strengthen us to turn to you in full repentance of our wrong mindsets.  Teach us how just to obey and trust you!

Thank you for this time with you, Father.  Thank you for hearts and lives that are changing.  Thank you for old mindsets that are being torn down - for strongmen that are being cast out and for new hunger for truth in the inward parts.  You are good, and your mercy endures forever!  You are strong, no matter what is going on in my life.  Have your way in all the earth.  That is my prayer for today and always.

I will forever remain your...

'My Victory'

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