Saturday, June 3, 2017


In your word, it is written that it is your glory to hide a matter and it is the glory of kings to search it out.  You are the GOD of Mystery!  How wonderful!  

I love knowing that you have many things yet for me to discover!  I love that there are secrets yet to be revealed and stories yet to be told!  I love that you find delight in taking me on journeys where little surprises will pop up out of seemingly nowhere - treasures that you have hidden along the path of my life and our relationship together.  I love knowing that, although they may be surprising to me, they are not surprising to you at all!  You know, see and are in all things in my life.  You know every place you're taking me and all of the places that I've gone that were not of your choosing, yet you used each one for your glory!  You are most Holy and most Glorious God of all creation!  

Today is going to be another day of blessing, Father.  I know that is true!  I know that you have things hidden for my discovery...  I know that you've chosen things that will bring blessing to others and to me.  I know that regardless of what others may say or do, you will have ways to use those words and actions to bring about your good final outcome in my life.  You amaze me, Father.  You amaze me, Lord God of Mystery!

This morning I was thinking about the scriptures that describe the thunder and lightning around your throne.  I was thinking about the thick cloud that surrounds the place where you are seated, and I was drawn into the mystery of it all.  I wonder why the thundering and the flashes of lightning...  I wondered about the thick cloud of darkness that is there and what all of that means.  You so lovingly helped me when you tore away the veil of lies the enemy had been telling me about the skies.  You know I love to drink in the beauty of the ever-changing firmament.  

You know that it blesses me so much to watch the cloud formations change and the colors in each one - dark or light - as well as the different shapes and movement of them across the vast expanse of the heavens.  You know I love to see the different shades of blues in the daytime and the brilliant, blazing reds, golds, and pinks at sunrise and sunset.  You know I love to see the bright sunny days and the stormy, cloudy days, too.  It is all a steady voice of your great glory and how incredibly huge you are!  The skies speak volumes to me, Lord.   Knowing that there is a mysterious cloud around you, with all of the thunderings and lightning flashing thrills indeed and captivates my heart!

How could it be anything else?  You are the GOD of All Mystery!  You are perfection in everything.  How wonderful to know that, even in this, you are filling the place inside of me that longs for such wonder!  And yet, even in this is the awareness that you are not to be trifled with!  You deserve our complete submission.   In every way, Father, help us become those humble, obedient, selfless vessels of your choosing.  

As you and I enter this season's journey, I pray for the ears to hear, eyes to see, heart to feel and know the things you want to reveal.  Help me as I endeavor to draw closer to see you in the thick cloud that surrounds you!  Lead me as I try to yield myself to your direction.  Fine tune my hearing so that I hear your voice above the sounds of the thunders. 

You are truly the longing of my heart, Lord.  I don't care if no one but you ever reads these letters I write to you on my blog.  They're written here only because I've felt you say to write for others to see, also.  You know my heart, though.  You know I am so very content to keep what I have to say to you between the two of us.  So Father, if there will be other eyes that see, I pray that in the seeing they will see You, Creator of All Things, Almighty, Most Holy, Most Powerful God!  I love the very thought of you, Lord.  

So please use me as you see fit.  Most especially, though, please make me a vessel that you are at home residing in.  Make me all and only yours.  I love to hear your voice.  I adore seeing you move.  And I am overwhelmed with the peace of knowing that you are still working through me, that you love and want to be with me and to have me with you in your heavenly kingdom one day.  The magnificence of you cannot be comprehended, but what joy I have in sitting and just thinking about how wonderful you are.

Thank you for another night and another day.  Thank you for using the skies to declare your glory and the reminder that You are the God of Mystery!  You are the God of Wonder! Hidden is your glory to hide them and mine to search them out!  Thank you for everything you're doing in the depth of the Mystery that you are!  You are sovereign.  And it is well with my soul that you are.  I love you.

'My Victory'

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