Sunday, June 4, 2017


Good morning, Great Father and GOD!

I heard the Christ Tomlin song "AMAZING LOVE' in my head a few minutes ago when I sat here thinking about what to write to you today.  The lyrics speak to my heart about you, Father.  You are Amazing LOVE!  How can it be that you would die for me?  I know you did and it really is my joy to honor you.  My mouth doesn't have enough words, and my deeds seem so small when I see all that you have done and all that others do for you.  But it is what I have, and I am so grateful for everything you provide for me to be able to honor you.  Even the smallest of gifts can only be offered up to you because of your generous provision!  Your love is amazing, and it is humbling at the same time.  

Thank you for your goodness, LORD.  Thank you for so much goodness, poured out over all of us on this earth!  We do not deserve the things that you do for us, but you do them just the same.  You do it because of who you are!  You bless us with every good gift, even when we cannot see that some of those things are really gifts!  You are so wise, Father. You know what we need, and you always have provision.  You always have more than enough to cover every need.  

I wonder if we would just realize how great your love is...I wonder what that would do to our belief that you really do want to give good gifts to your children.  How many times have I lived in a wrong mindset when it comes to your provision?  How many times have I thought that I wouldn't have enough or didn't have enough of something because I was looking at how other people had so much more?  What a great sin that is!  I am sorry for every time I've felt that way.  You have always provided, and you still do.  Your provision is incredible!  Your grace is amazing!  Your love is amazing!

Today, my prayer is for all of us to see your great and amazing love for us.  And in the seeing, I pray for each one of us to lift our hearts and hands and the words of our mouths to you in thanksgiving and praise.  Surely we can do that much for you, Lord. Help us open our mouths when the enemy tries to keep them shut against your praise. Help us lift our hands when we feel like letting them hang by our sides because we've listened to a spirit of discouragement and have lost our hope and joy.  Help us forgive those people who have stolen from us or held back what was needed.  Help us be a loving and forgiving and GIVING people, Father.    You are a giving Father.  Help us be full of love and eagerness to give into the lives of others as you have given into our lives!

You have created us all.  Each person is blessed, whether we realize it or not.  Help us stand up and give to others that same magnanimous and amazing love you have given to us. Help us have so much love inside of us that we would give more if we had it to give.  And Lord, I ask you for everything you hold in your storehouse of provision for each of us.  I ask you to pour out whatever you choose to pour out.  No matter what the need is, I will always believe that you have already prepared a way for each person to have what is necessary if we will only seek your face.  You told us in Matthew 6 that we are to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness above all else and that by doing so, you would take care of every need we have.  I believe you, Lord.  You have proven it to me in my own life over and over and over...

Above all else, Father, please make us people who are hungrier for you than we are for things, relationships with others, self-preservation, having our own ways, being found right or wealthy or reputable.  Help us have a deeper and greater need for you and an intimate, loving, honest and open relationship with you - one that is more than we have in the next breath or heartbeat.  Help us get over ourselves, Lord!  Help us see you for who you are - the Amazing Love that cared so much for each one of us that you did come, you did die and rise again.  And to this day, you have continued to pour selflessly into our lives. Forgive our small mindsets.  Forgive our selfishness and do whatever needs doing for us to be able to see that you are EVERYTHING and we were created to see, seek, serve and live in your Amazing Love.  

Thank you for another beautiful day.  Thank you for every person who may be reading this post to you.  I hunger and thirst for you, Father.  Please increase the hunger and thirst for you in all of us.  Please help everyone see the great need we have of you.  Please help us live the lives you've chosen in the ways you created us to be, ever confident that we lack nothing when we rest in the tender care of our Creator.  Please satisfy the hungry hearts that are looking in all the wrong places, unaware that you stand ready to meet every need and to fulfill every heart desire that you've put inside of every person if they would only give their lives over into your care.  

You are the one thing we need above all else.  Please help our hearts be tender and soft toward you and your great and glorious love, Lord.  You are King of kings and Lord of lords.  You are the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, One Eternal Round.  You are astoundingly beautiful beyond all comprehension, and you most certainly do give good gifts to your children.  The greatest of all was the gift of your very own life through Yeshua/Jesus Christ.  Help us see that we have all we could ever need because we have you - through his sacrifice - to be our Eternal and Heavenly Father.  What a glorious thing! Your love is amazing because you ARE Amazing Love!

In Yeshua, I remain your...
'My Victory'

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