Sunday, June 18, 2017

God Seasons...

My Father,

My heart and mind are so full of so many things today.  The best place to start, though, is to say that you are Holy and I want your kingdom to come and your will to be done on this earth, as it is where you are in heaven.  The day is almost gone, and yet I still pray that you will give us our daily bread and forgive our sins as we forgive the people who have sinned against us.  Please keep us out of temptation and deliver us from the plans of the evil one, Father.  Everything belongs to you!  That is comforting to know, Lord.  There is nothing that escapes your notice nor your power.  It is all yours, and you will do with it as seems fit to you.  Thank you for that!  I pray that you will have your way in all of your people, Lord.  Be glorified in every wonderful way you will through us.

Thank you for the seasons you set before us.  You know I'm talking about the seasons of laboring, growth, maturing, trials, struggles, resting, and joy. There are so many others that my mind can't comprehend, but I know you had planned them all before we were even born.  Thank you, Lord.  It helps to know that most especially during the times that are hard to endure.  Sometimes when I am feeling the weight of battle, I need the reminder you give me through Holy Spirit.  You're faithful to tell me that you are at work in me, refining, strengthening, and developing things in me that are necessary for my walk and my healing. 

 Sometimes, like today, you shore me up with the reminder that decades-old wounds need healing and you are at work bringing that healing to pass.  Father, during those times of your great mercy you show me the effects of my sin in the lives of others.  Thank you for all of these things, Lord.  In your amazing love, you do the work of humility with each new revelation.  I am astounded by your patience and kindness, Father.  You wait for years sometimes, so that I can endure the revelation of my sin and its effects on others as well as on me. 

 Some of the things you've unveiled would have crushed me or overwhelmed me so much that I couldn't have withstood the knowledge of what I'd done without giving up and turning away in guilt and shame. You knew that was the case, so you protected me from seeing it all at once.  Your grace is beautiful, Father.  Thank you for being so gracious to me.

 I remember the panic attacks and how you said it was because of all of the trauma I'd been through in my lifetime and that you were bringing up things slowly so as not to let the remembrance of them destroy me.   I had blocked so much of my life out of my memory because it was too hard for me to recall as you told me long ago.  Thank you once again for your protection over my life.  I wasted so much of it, Father.  Help me use your wisdom during the time I  have remaining on earth!

You said in your word that you would take our hearts of stone and give us hearts of flesh.  How painful and yet how beautiful it is, Father!   Thank you for continuing to love us during this process of changing us.  Thank you for your love, my glorious GOD! Thank you for your goodness to us.

Holy, please help us remember that the work in us is ongoing! Remind us when the enemy tells us what failures we are, or when we feel tempted to criticize other believers who are struggling in some area of their lives that we have perhaps overcome in ours.  Help us keep our opinions and thoughts to ourselves about others and rather show mercy and patience, and grace just as you do for us.  Help us keep a watch over our tongues and only speak life and blessings over others.  

Teach us what we need to know about the power of our words and how important it is for us to be merciful!  You showed me again in James 2:13 that the person who doesn't show mercy to others will be judged without mercy, and that mercy exults over judgment.  I want to be shown mercy, Father!  I want to be merciful to others as well.  My prayer is for the whole body of Christ to come away from the critical and judgmental mindsets and to give with liberty the gift of mercy to one another.  Help us, Father. Help us see with your eyes.  Change our hearts of stone to become hearts of flesh!

Thank you for being my Father.  I love you so much.  Let your words come alive in all of your children.  Wake us from our sleepy ways and be all you desire in us.  In Yeshua's most glorious name I will forever remain your 'My Victory.'  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Strengthen Our Sails in the Starlight

The sun isn't up yet, but I can see the stars twinkling in the early morning sky.  I'm thankful for another day and night here on earth.  

Good morning, Father.  You are amazing in all things, Lord, and I bless your name today.  Thank you for your goodness and faithfulness in all things.  To be able to lie down at night, knowing that I have a Creator and Father who rules the Universe and who is always God is so comforting to know.  Thank you again for being God!  I will not ever grow weary of telling you how very grateful I am that you are God!

Lord, time goes by so quickly!  It seems the day has just begun and yet not everything has been accomplished that needs to be done before it is gone. There are moments of great frustration, knowing that there is still so much that I can't seem to get to and aware that time is slipping away.  I don't want to be negligent of what needs to be done, but neither do I want to miss the time I need to simply be with you and away from all of the daily tasks.  I continue to ask for your way always.   You know what is best left undone, what is necessary, and what is not.  

You know the timing of all things.  Lead me in your timing, Father.  And please give me the strength I need in every moment.  Some days I feel weak and tired. Strengthen me during those days, Lord.  Please tell me when to rest, if I am not paying close enough attention or if I am feeling pressed and don't recognize the pressure.  Lead me in the way everlasting. You are The Way Everlasting!

Many of my brothers and sisters in the body of Christ are also feeling such enormous pressure and tiredness.  I ask you in Yeshua's name to reveal to each one the truth about where that pressure and fatigue originates. Lord, many are not only tired, and under enormous pressure, but also feel they are not accomplishing their call in life.  

Lord, you see and know all.  You know the things we cannot see, and you decide when and where you want to use each one of us. You also understand how you want to use us!  Help your people refuse frustration and accept with joy and anticipation the doors you open at the times of your choosing!  

Help your people lay aside wrong mindsets that inhibit the relationships you want to enjoy with us.  How often have we turned away because of guilt about tasks undone or for neglecting time that could have been spent with you?  Help your people see the need to be with you intimately every day to clearly hear your word of direction for the moment.  We need the quiet time with you, Father.  We need the time alone, separate from the cares and duties of life if we are to hear you clearly and deepen our relationships with you.  Strengthen all of us to willingly lay aside every agenda we create and choose to run to you for our time alone together.  

Even at times, Lord, things will change moment to moment. You know and see it all!  Your will is the rudder on my ship.  Turn me this way and that according to your desire for my life. Holy Spirit, speak to me first thing every morning before we even set sail for the day.  Talk to me throughout the day!  I pray for your wisdom, discernment, humility, and love to fill my sails.  

Please wash over your people with waves of joy, power, strength, and peace as the hours rush by.  And  Father, please draw all of us ever closer to you, your will and your ways for our lives. Do what must be done to bring us closer to you.  You've been so good to us, Father.  Again I ask you to make us people who are hungry for you.

You desire truth in the inward parts.  Fill us with the truth of your word. Fill us with the truth of who you are and who we have been called to be. Help us seek your way and find it.  And help us see the ones who are afloat on the seas of life, with no life jacket to keep them from drowning.  You have the life jacket they need, but you send your people to deliver that 'life jacket' to them.  The life of your word is the life jacket everyone needs to be saved!  

Help us see that setting our own course means that we may miss the lives that are crying out to be saved!  We love you, Father!  We love you, Lord Yeshua and we love you, beautiful Holy Spirit.  Have your way with us today! 

You are most beautiful and wonderful of all!  You are kindness and mercy, glory and power!  You are faithful and gentle, passionate and perfection! You are my provider and my friend.  I love you, Lord.  Reign in me today.

In Yeshua's mighty saving name, I pray and will always be your...
'My Victory' 

Friday, June 9, 2017


Dearest Lord God,
Thank you for this beautiful day!  It was wonderful to be alive, Father!  My heart is at a loss for words because you are so generous with your love and gifts.  When I think about how amazing you are, and how few and limited my words to express what I feel for you, at times it can be frustrating!  

I want to bask in your presence!  I want to sit at your feet and hear the sound of your voice; to look into your eyes and see the endless eternity that lives there.  I want to put my hand in yours and feel the strength of your presence, the reality of your existence and the power of your love.  I want to watch you create, and walk with you along the pathway of the stars.  I want to drink in your majesty and forever rest in your presence.  I want to know what it feels like to have all of the stress and pressure - and the pain - leave my body, never to return.  I want to stay with you forever, LORD!  

I want to see the people I know and love there with you, too.  I don't want anyone to be left out.  I want to see hearts and lives change for your glory!  I want to see the least to the greatest bow before your throne, in surrender, adoration, and devotion.  I want to hear voices raised in praise and wonder!  I want to hear the sounds of laughter and joy pouring out of mouths from hearts overflowing with ecstasy simply because you are YOU and you are ENOUGH! 

I want to know what it feels like to live with others who love you with all of their hearts, might, mind, and strength.  I want to know that there will never again be pain or suffering - that there will never again be lost, broken, hurting, hungry, fearful or abandoned loved ones.  I want to see the wonder of your creativity throughout the universe!  

I want to hear the angels sing!  I want to experience the flowers, trees, and grasses singing to you, too!  I want to see colors that my mind cannot conceive and walk through gardens filled with flowers never known on the earth.  I want to hear birds pour forth praise!  I want to see eagles fly around your throne, screeching at the tops of their lungs with fire emanating from their eyes and mouths as they declare your royalty!  I want to see crowns being cast at your feet and hear the thunderous applause of people saved!  I want to experience the beauty of you in ways that can only happen in your very presence.  

Oh, my God and Father!!!  I long for these things!  My heart cries out for the peace of eternity with you!  My Lord and my King!  How beautiful you are!  Yours is Everlasting Beauty!  You are Creator of all things, Ruler of the Creation you have brought forth!  You will forever be King of all kings and Lord of all lords!  You are the One my heart longs for!  I adore you!  I adore your abundant love, LORD!  That you would care for us - for me - makes my heart sing and hope in the glory of being with you forever.  

I pray for the ones who don't know you yet.  I pray for your kingdom to come and your will to be done on earth, as it is in Heaven where you dwell.  I pray for every person alive and all who are yet to come!  May each one long for and search for you!  May each one find the joy of YOU in their lives!  Be glorified in me, Father!  Be glorified in your people! Be exalted in the earth and in all you set your hand to do.  Be glorified in your very words!  
Thank you for being the Everlasting Beauty of all Time and Eternity!  How is it possible to get close enough to you?!  And yet, Lord, I will try.  Hold each of your children close!  Wake us up, Father!  Help us see that our time is short - that we are only here for a brief moment - and help us run into your arms, in total abandonment of every agenda, hope, dream, desire or hunger that puts you anywhere but in first place in our hearts!  

Thank you once again for your goodness and love!  I ask for each of these things in Yeshua's perfect name!  Be glorified in me, and know that I will forever be your....

My Victory!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank you for your strength, Lord.  How weak I often feel!  Whether it's my body or my soul that is struggling, I find great comfort in knowing that you are always strong.  Thank you for the times you draw me nearer to you when I am feeling weak in my body.  Thank you for the gifts you give me to stand firm when assaulted with thoughts that are designed to torment, torture or confuse me.  You are always good, and your loving mercy and kindness indeed endure forever.

Thank you for this glorious day!  I pray that all of your children - and all of those you are calling to yourself - will see the goodness you give by allowing us to continue to live! I pray that we will all see that is it because of your great mercy that we have the opportunities to repent and change our direction when we are off course and chasing after things that have no eternal value.  Thank you for the blessings of reminders and trials and interruptions in our schedules, Lord!  You want our attention, and you rightly deserve to have it, so I thank you for whatever you choose to do or allow to get it!

I pray for those you send to see these words.  My desire is that they will find you in these words and will be reminded once again of your great love for them.  Father, you haven't given us a spirit of fear or any such thing as that.  You have graciously given us power, love and healthy, sound and disciplined minds.  Whatever you have chosen for each of us is exactly right, because you are perfect and you don't make mistakes!  Thank you for knowing the right timing in all things - when to bring to us what we need and when to withhold until we are ready to receive as you would have us do. 

Thank you for the people you've put in my life, Lord.   Each one is a gift and a blessing of love from your hand.  Even when the enemy thinks he is getting away with something, you allow whatever he does so that you will be glorified.  I love your wisdom and intelligence, Father!  There is none like you in heaven or on the earth!  You are brilliant beyond my ability to comprehend, and that brings me great joy to know!  

So my weaknesses are gifts from you, and I am thankful for them.  My flesh and my soul would be unbearably proud if I didn't have them because they are your way of reminding me how much I need you.  I will need you forever, Father.  There won't ever be a time that I will be self-sufficient.  I'm going to need you as much after my life on earth is done as I do while I am still here.  How I pray that we would all know that is true for everyone! 

Bless the body of Christ to rise in the strength of your power - in love and submission to you - determined to obey you at all costs! Determined to love you as never before and choosing to love other people in the same manner as we love ourselves.  Take us beyond our ways, Lord!  Lead us into life everlasting, even as it says in your word!  Show us how to walk in humility and love!  Show us the lies we believe that came from the enemy. Some of those lies came from the mouths of other people.  Some he spoke to us directly through our thoughts.  Help us get past the self-criticism and self-condemnation that stops us in our tracks when you tell us to move forward in faith, trusting and believing that you have already won the victory! 

Lord, your people want to live without guilt and shame.  When you sent Yeshua/Jesus to die and rise from the grave, you made it possible for us to do that.  I ask you to reveal to everyone the false belief systems we have established, so we see the truth and have the revelation of how to live the truth.  Show us what we need to see, Father.  Help us thank and praise you for the weaknesses and strengthen us to turn to you in full repentance of our wrong mindsets.  Teach us how just to obey and trust you!

Thank you for this time with you, Father.  Thank you for hearts and lives that are changing.  Thank you for old mindsets that are being torn down - for strongmen that are being cast out and for new hunger for truth in the inward parts.  You are good, and your mercy endures forever!  You are strong, no matter what is going on in my life.  Have your way in all the earth.  That is my prayer for today and always.

I will forever remain your...

'My Victory'

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Good morning, Great Father and GOD!

I heard the Christ Tomlin song "AMAZING LOVE' in my head a few minutes ago when I sat here thinking about what to write to you today.  The lyrics speak to my heart about you, Father.  You are Amazing LOVE!  How can it be that you would die for me?  I know you did and it really is my joy to honor you.  My mouth doesn't have enough words, and my deeds seem so small when I see all that you have done and all that others do for you.  But it is what I have, and I am so grateful for everything you provide for me to be able to honor you.  Even the smallest of gifts can only be offered up to you because of your generous provision!  Your love is amazing, and it is humbling at the same time.  

Thank you for your goodness, LORD.  Thank you for so much goodness, poured out over all of us on this earth!  We do not deserve the things that you do for us, but you do them just the same.  You do it because of who you are!  You bless us with every good gift, even when we cannot see that some of those things are really gifts!  You are so wise, Father. You know what we need, and you always have provision.  You always have more than enough to cover every need.  

I wonder if we would just realize how great your love is...I wonder what that would do to our belief that you really do want to give good gifts to your children.  How many times have I lived in a wrong mindset when it comes to your provision?  How many times have I thought that I wouldn't have enough or didn't have enough of something because I was looking at how other people had so much more?  What a great sin that is!  I am sorry for every time I've felt that way.  You have always provided, and you still do.  Your provision is incredible!  Your grace is amazing!  Your love is amazing!

Today, my prayer is for all of us to see your great and amazing love for us.  And in the seeing, I pray for each one of us to lift our hearts and hands and the words of our mouths to you in thanksgiving and praise.  Surely we can do that much for you, Lord. Help us open our mouths when the enemy tries to keep them shut against your praise. Help us lift our hands when we feel like letting them hang by our sides because we've listened to a spirit of discouragement and have lost our hope and joy.  Help us forgive those people who have stolen from us or held back what was needed.  Help us be a loving and forgiving and GIVING people, Father.    You are a giving Father.  Help us be full of love and eagerness to give into the lives of others as you have given into our lives!

You have created us all.  Each person is blessed, whether we realize it or not.  Help us stand up and give to others that same magnanimous and amazing love you have given to us. Help us have so much love inside of us that we would give more if we had it to give.  And Lord, I ask you for everything you hold in your storehouse of provision for each of us.  I ask you to pour out whatever you choose to pour out.  No matter what the need is, I will always believe that you have already prepared a way for each person to have what is necessary if we will only seek your face.  You told us in Matthew 6 that we are to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness above all else and that by doing so, you would take care of every need we have.  I believe you, Lord.  You have proven it to me in my own life over and over and over...

Above all else, Father, please make us people who are hungrier for you than we are for things, relationships with others, self-preservation, having our own ways, being found right or wealthy or reputable.  Help us have a deeper and greater need for you and an intimate, loving, honest and open relationship with you - one that is more than we have in the next breath or heartbeat.  Help us get over ourselves, Lord!  Help us see you for who you are - the Amazing Love that cared so much for each one of us that you did come, you did die and rise again.  And to this day, you have continued to pour selflessly into our lives. Forgive our small mindsets.  Forgive our selfishness and do whatever needs doing for us to be able to see that you are EVERYTHING and we were created to see, seek, serve and live in your Amazing Love.  

Thank you for another beautiful day.  Thank you for every person who may be reading this post to you.  I hunger and thirst for you, Father.  Please increase the hunger and thirst for you in all of us.  Please help everyone see the great need we have of you.  Please help us live the lives you've chosen in the ways you created us to be, ever confident that we lack nothing when we rest in the tender care of our Creator.  Please satisfy the hungry hearts that are looking in all the wrong places, unaware that you stand ready to meet every need and to fulfill every heart desire that you've put inside of every person if they would only give their lives over into your care.  

You are the one thing we need above all else.  Please help our hearts be tender and soft toward you and your great and glorious love, Lord.  You are King of kings and Lord of lords.  You are the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, One Eternal Round.  You are astoundingly beautiful beyond all comprehension, and you most certainly do give good gifts to your children.  The greatest of all was the gift of your very own life through Yeshua/Jesus Christ.  Help us see that we have all we could ever need because we have you - through his sacrifice - to be our Eternal and Heavenly Father.  What a glorious thing! Your love is amazing because you ARE Amazing Love!

In Yeshua, I remain your...
'My Victory'

Saturday, June 3, 2017


In your word, it is written that it is your glory to hide a matter and it is the glory of kings to search it out.  You are the GOD of Mystery!  How wonderful!  

I love knowing that you have many things yet for me to discover!  I love that there are secrets yet to be revealed and stories yet to be told!  I love that you find delight in taking me on journeys where little surprises will pop up out of seemingly nowhere - treasures that you have hidden along the path of my life and our relationship together.  I love knowing that, although they may be surprising to me, they are not surprising to you at all!  You know, see and are in all things in my life.  You know every place you're taking me and all of the places that I've gone that were not of your choosing, yet you used each one for your glory!  You are most Holy and most Glorious God of all creation!  

Today is going to be another day of blessing, Father.  I know that is true!  I know that you have things hidden for my discovery...  I know that you've chosen things that will bring blessing to others and to me.  I know that regardless of what others may say or do, you will have ways to use those words and actions to bring about your good final outcome in my life.  You amaze me, Father.  You amaze me, Lord God of Mystery!

This morning I was thinking about the scriptures that describe the thunder and lightning around your throne.  I was thinking about the thick cloud that surrounds the place where you are seated, and I was drawn into the mystery of it all.  I wonder why the thundering and the flashes of lightning...  I wondered about the thick cloud of darkness that is there and what all of that means.  You so lovingly helped me when you tore away the veil of lies the enemy had been telling me about the skies.  You know I love to drink in the beauty of the ever-changing firmament.  

You know that it blesses me so much to watch the cloud formations change and the colors in each one - dark or light - as well as the different shapes and movement of them across the vast expanse of the heavens.  You know I love to see the different shades of blues in the daytime and the brilliant, blazing reds, golds, and pinks at sunrise and sunset.  You know I love to see the bright sunny days and the stormy, cloudy days, too.  It is all a steady voice of your great glory and how incredibly huge you are!  The skies speak volumes to me, Lord.   Knowing that there is a mysterious cloud around you, with all of the thunderings and lightning flashing thrills indeed and captivates my heart!

How could it be anything else?  You are the GOD of All Mystery!  You are perfection in everything.  How wonderful to know that, even in this, you are filling the place inside of me that longs for such wonder!  And yet, even in this is the awareness that you are not to be trifled with!  You deserve our complete submission.   In every way, Father, help us become those humble, obedient, selfless vessels of your choosing.  

As you and I enter this season's journey, I pray for the ears to hear, eyes to see, heart to feel and know the things you want to reveal.  Help me as I endeavor to draw closer to see you in the thick cloud that surrounds you!  Lead me as I try to yield myself to your direction.  Fine tune my hearing so that I hear your voice above the sounds of the thunders. 

You are truly the longing of my heart, Lord.  I don't care if no one but you ever reads these letters I write to you on my blog.  They're written here only because I've felt you say to write for others to see, also.  You know my heart, though.  You know I am so very content to keep what I have to say to you between the two of us.  So Father, if there will be other eyes that see, I pray that in the seeing they will see You, Creator of All Things, Almighty, Most Holy, Most Powerful God!  I love the very thought of you, Lord.  

So please use me as you see fit.  Most especially, though, please make me a vessel that you are at home residing in.  Make me all and only yours.  I love to hear your voice.  I adore seeing you move.  And I am overwhelmed with the peace of knowing that you are still working through me, that you love and want to be with me and to have me with you in your heavenly kingdom one day.  The magnificence of you cannot be comprehended, but what joy I have in sitting and just thinking about how wonderful you are.

Thank you for another night and another day.  Thank you for using the skies to declare your glory and the reminder that You are the God of Mystery!  You are the God of Wonder! Hidden is your glory to hide them and mine to search them out!  Thank you for everything you're doing in the depth of the Mystery that you are!  You are sovereign.  And it is well with my soul that you are.  I love you.

'My Victory'


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