Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Thank You for creating us, LORD.  Thank You for letting us know that You are there and here…for desiring a relationship with us and for blessing us to ‘find’ You when we were so very lost and didn’t even know it. As we spend time in prayer with You through the words on these pages, we ask that you would please touch our hearts and our thoughts.  We want to hear You, LORD. 

Please also help us to always remember to start with praise!  Sometimes we may run headlong into conversations with You before we’ve even taken a moment to tell You how wonderful You are.  You are so good to us, and we don’t want to let that go unspoken – even in print.  And although our words are inadequate to fully do You justice, we believe that You still receive them and that because of Your great love for us and the desires of our hearts to please You, these words are acceptable to You, despite their inadequacies.  Thank You so much for that, Father.  You are our joy and my delight, and we cherish our time together with You!

So we thank You once more for Your goodness, Your Holiness, Your gentle kindness, Your faithfulness, Your eternal beauty, power, wisdom, and love!  Thank You for Your abundant mercy and Your all-encompassing grace.  Thank You for Your wisdom and generosity.  You freely supply provision for every need we could possibly ever have in our lives.  You willingly and lovingly protect and fiercely defend all of Your little ones, and we are grateful that You have called us to be Your own.
You make paths pure and straight where they have grown twisted through our neglect, so LORD, thank You for being our Way Maker. You open doors here-to-fore unseen and guard the entrances of those whose time has not yet come.  Revelation is at Your right hand and mysteries are in Your garments.  Precious jewels are tucked in significant number under the shadow of Your wings – hidden treasures to be joyfully discovered by those who are hidden in You!  

Trumpets herald the glories and goodness of GOD!  Diamonds dance in the sunlight of Your dawn!  Every object sings in Your presence and bows down in worship and deep adoration, honor, and respect at the mention of Your name!  Thrones are left unseated, for all creation bows to Your authority and know that only You are worthy to be seated in such places of honor and power!

Nothing can escape Your notice!  Nothing can ever change Your course, for You have no shadow of turning in Your Being!  The rudder of Your Righteousness calms the seas of distress in troubled hearts, and the winds of Holy Spirit fill the sails of the galaxies, ever increasing, ever expanding the Universe existent and that which is yet to come.  Portals of liquid Light that pour out continuously throughout all time and space are tucked in the heavens, between the stars, where the pools of light – like high waterfalls – dance with unspeakable beauty. 

And, like all of the creation, they know and stand in awe of You.  With great joy – with a full understanding of the reasons for their existence, the stars and the heavens hold their places to magnify Your name.  They see and know to maintain their duties, to perform with boldness and humility the tasks they have been given.  It is written by Your hand into every fiber of their beings!  

It is not just nations that will bow before Your throne!  It is not merely all that You have created – rather it is also all that You will bring forth in the future, for all things are ever present with You.  You ARE Spirit and time and timelessness and space and matter in the fullness of meaning.  All that is within Your heart to do will come forth in Your perfect time and way. 

From one end of eternity to the other, the sounds of worship will fill the spaces and places where you exist – which is everywhere.  Yes, they will be ever-expanding also, and always acknowledging Your eternal beauty in all that You are!  No space will be empty of praise to You!  No space will doubt that You are ALL in all!  You are mesmerizing in Your loveliness, O GOD!  You are beyond description in Your righteousness!  You Are that You Are that You Are!  You are GOOD!  Always and forever GOOD and RIGHT! 

If we could ask for this, it would be that You continually increase and perfect praise in our lives – now and always – that we may say and do only those things that touch Your heart with joy and satisfaction.  We pray that we may truly be vessels that draw others to You, so they may also learn to praise You humbly, with all that they are and do.

Thank you for always being GOD.  Thank You for being undefeatable, immovable, irreplaceable, never changing, always creating, ever faithful, all-powerful, ever humble GOD ALMIGHTY!  I pray for those who are coming along with me on this journey through praise, prayer, experiences You’ve given, dreams, visions, prophetic words, and worship. My prayer is that they will be drawn ever closer to You and will experience the gift of awareness of Your presence and love for them as never before.  

I pray that we will all be strengthened and encouraged to know that You are Who You say You are and that the revelation of that knowledge will be more fully written on our hearts and flow from us into the lives of others with each passing day.  You are always good, and we pray that you will help us all find You in every circumstance we encounter in our lives.

We willingly offer You the reins of our hearts and lives once again, Father, to be used according to Your good pleasure this day and every day hereafter!  In deep appreciation for the grace that offers us the gift of submission to You, we pray in `Yeshua/Jesus’ Name… Let it be done.

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