Saturday, May 20, 2017


My Loving God!

You are good.  In all things and at all times you are good.  You have never been anything but good.  You will forever be good…no matter what may be taking place in the world or in the universe that you have created.  You will always and forever be good. 

In my darkest hour, you have been good.  When I couldn’t see you at work in my circumstances, you were there…being good.  You were faithful and genuine to your word to always be good.  You carried me through things I didn’t have the strength to endure on my own.  You walked beside me, even when I was in rebellion and full of sin, ever drawing me to repentance.  You called me out of the darkest of pits and never left my side.  You were always good to me.  I didn’t deserve it, but there you were…remaining faithful to your love for me.
And you are still good to me.  When I stumble and fall, you pick me up.  When I doubt or turn away in disappointment or hurt or anger, you remain steadfast to your word.  You are stable and fixed, immovable in your love.  You are unceasingly kind.

When the flood waters were rising around the ark with only Noah’s family and the animals you were saving, you were good.  You were there, in the midst of the raging seas, protecting and preserving a remnant for your glory and goodness, because you are and have ever been good.  You had a plan to save a nation, a people for yourself.  When Moses was on the mountain, you were good.  When Joseph was thrown into prison, you were good.  When your children were disobedient and rebellious, you were still good.  You corrected them because you were good.  You were a good father, a loving husband, the real creator…yes, oh yes, GOD.  You were good.
When the prophets were rejected, ridiculed, stoned, beheaded, tortured and died for their faithfulness to you, you were good.  You stood there, with them, even as you do today, and took them through their trials and the circumstances they endured.  You watched over them and gave them the strength they needed to remain faithful and true to you.  And when they faltered, you shored them up with your warm goodness.  You gave them what they required in the hour of their need.  You were good.  You were so good, LORD. 

You had a plan, you made a way for your Son to come to this earth, long before He came.  Even in the sending, the knowing of what was going to happen to him – because you sent him for the very purpose of dying for us – you were good.  When Yeshua was beaten, tortured and killed, you were good.  You could have destroyed every person alive and kept yourself from saving us, but you didn’t.  You didn’t, because you are good.  You saw it all and still chose to save us.  You were good in your doing.  You are good to this day.

Throughout the pages of history, you were writing a beautiful love story that cannot be denied.  Many may not see it, but one day everyone will see and know it.  And all of your creation will realize that you have been and will forever be good.

We have great need of your goodness, Father.  We need your love and faithfulness even now.  And we will need it for the rest of our days.  We need it in our times of strength and joy.  We need it in the times of our weaknesses when we feel we cannot make it through the trials we face.  We need your love, loving GOD.  We need your goodness, your long-suffering.  We need your gentleness, your wisdom, and peace.  We need your goodness.  You are the only one who knows how to get us where you and we want us to be.  And we long for you to take us there.

Please continue to breathe on us, Father.  Let us see and feel and realize the full awareness of the very breath of your goodness. Please bless us with words and ways to praise and thank you for your goodness to us.  Please help us honor you with the turning of our lives over to you in complete submission, worship, and adoration.   Please strengthen us to love you with obedience to your word.  You said that is how we show you we love you.  So, even in this, we need your help.  We are forever in need of your goodness.
Thank you for being GOD.  Thank you for your goodness.  Thank you for making a way in the wilderness moments, days and years of our time here on the earth.  Thank you for hiding us in you when we dwell in the secret place where you live.  Thank you for your forgiveness and for making all things new.  Thank you for what you have chosen to allow us to endure, for the strengthening that will come through that endurance and the cleansing and purifying fire of your goodness.  Thank you for perfecting praise in us and removing the filth that we have worn on our garments for so long.  

Thank you for making us holy through Yeshua, as we surrender our lives to you. Thank you for the joy that comes and that we will yet experience in our relationships with you.  Thank you for the mightiness of your goodness and love!  Nothing can conquer you, but we want you to capture us, conquer our hearts with your kindness and love.  What a beautiful and precious victory it will be!

We love you, loving God.  I love you, my Father and God.  May your life be found in me always. 

In Yeshua’s name…

‘My Victory’  

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