Friday, May 19, 2017


There is glorious Light all around us!  You are that Light, Lord God!  You are that Beauty.  You are that Purity.  You are Holiness.  Profound to behold, even to a small degree.  You are profound!  Extraordinary!  Almighty!  Glorious God!  You are Lovely!  You are Magnificent!  Glorious, Glorious, Glorious GOD!  What more could we want, but you?  What more could satisfy our hungry souls?  There is nothing else!  There is no one else!  There is no one like you!  You are Enough!  You are All in all!  You are Sufficiency! 

You are so much more than my words can say or my mind can conceive!  You are Astounding, Lord!  Just to sit and think about you makes me cry and laugh at the same time.  Joy Unspeakable!  You are Joy Unspeakable, Full of Glory!  That is who you are!  You are Protector and Defender!  You are Redeemer and Friend. 

Passionate GOD!  Loving GOD!  Infinite One!  My Father!  My GOD!  My Amazing King!  My Righteousness!  My One and Only Lord and Master, Ruler, Heartbeat! 
I run to you, even as I write these words.  I run with all I am and all I have…with all I want and all I need, I run to you.  

In my weakness, I run to you.  Here I am, Lord, my God.  Here I am, My Lover and my Friend.  I long for you.  I belong to you.  I am yours.  With all of my inadequacies, I come to you because I belong to you.  I desire you, Lord.  I am here.  I am unsure and small.  I am so dependent on your goodness.  How I need and want you.  Fill me up.  Overflow me with you.  Full to the brim and overflowing, Lord.  Please do that in me.  Make me LOVE for you.  Make me a vessel unafraid in your mighty and capable hand. 

Send me out, bring me in, tell me where to stand, sit, walk, what to say, when to be still. Tell me deep things about you.  This love is so much, so great, so beautiful and precious!  You are so tender and you are tender with and to me.  Please don’t let me hold onto one evil, sinful, negative thought, word or deed.  Please continue to reveal all I need to see that is mine to change.  Please purge and purify me for your Glory! 

Take me to new places, Lord.  Bring all you desire to me.  Send me where you will.  I ask you to restore all the enemy has stolen.  I ask you for everything you want in my life to come to pass.  I ask you for the very things you want for me.  I ask you, Lord, to fully have you way in me.  

I release all I know to release and all I do not know that needs to be released.  And I accept all you want and choose to give.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, my Loving and Merciful and always right, perfect and pure Father.  Thank you so much for your Gifts to me.  I love you, Lord.  Lead me today.  Order my steps.  Especially bless me to enjoy that deep, unbridled intimacy with your presence throughout this day.

It is my heart’s cry to be with you always.  Thank you for your rich, immeasurable, infinite, never-ending LOVE!  You are my Yes and Amen…
In Yeshua/Jesus’ name…  Let it be.

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