Monday, May 22, 2017


Dearest Loving Father and Lord
I just want to pour out my heart to you today. I just want to see your face and hear you talk to me all day long.  I just want to feel the warmth of your arms around me and the sweetness of your presence.  I know you’re with me.  I guess I’m just saying that I want to be able to hear you – literally hear you with my ears and see you with my eyes.  I want to be able to see more clearly into the spirit realm.  I want to see your angels at work and see the defeat of the enemy when he rises up against you and your children.  I want to be able to command demons to flee and see their victims rise up in victory!

I want to see your kingdom come on this earth as I’ve never wanted it so much before.  I want to watch people everywhere get up off of their sick beds and out of their wheelchairs, to see nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals, and prisons empty out as people pour through the gates and doors into freedom.  I mean real freedom…not just from institutions and penitentiaries and false religions and such.  I mean real freedom in you – freedom from every stronghold of the enemy and every lie from the past, present, and future.  Freedom from everything that keeps them from walking with full purpose of heart, utterly fearless in every way the enemy comes against them – free to be all you created them to be.
I want to see the real church rise up in power and might, following you as the commander and leader and creator that you are.  I want to see joy filling the hearts and lives of people who have been so broken and hopeless that they have just wanted to die to escape the pain they have lived in for most or all of their lives.  I want to see the enemy flee in terror as your children rise up and cast off the insecurity, doubt and unbelief they’ve accepted and take up the charge to go into all the world, heal the sick, raise the dead, preach the gospel, cast out demons and cleanse the lepers. 

I want to hear the sound of great rejoicing as a people – your people – come into the fullness of the call on their lives.  I want to see them walk in so much victory that everything that opposes you and your lordship literally quakes and falls in their presence.  I want to see the people who are starving, freezing, burning, rejected, tortured, tormented, homeless, orphaned, sick, diseased, fearful, crippled, abused, defeated, impoverished in body, mind and/or spirit FIND you and believe your goodness and plan for their lives. 

I want to hear a great, great cry across this land and every other land on the planet. Let it be a war cry – a booming, holy, righteous sound!  May the thunder of marching feet and the glint of the sharpest steel on the polished sword of your word flood the world with your glory!  Like lightning flashing in the atmosphere. may the blast of the trumpets and the sounds of the voices rising as one in praise and worship and power unite in the bonds of love for you and one another.  Let it be that the time for your coming is so close that we could blink our eyes and see you standing right here – in front of us – in the very next second.  And I want to know that the ‘very next second’ when you will fully appear is literally just around the corner, even as it was in my dream of you so many years ago.

I don’t want to see your people keep trying to hide in the possibility of escape from what lies ahead.  No, I want to see your people run into the battle and embrace the knowledge that you’ve chosen each one of us for this time and this place.  I want to see your people lifting up your will and lifting up one another when they fall into discouragement.  I want to see a firm resolve in each of us!  No longer willing to suffer defeat at the hands of the enemy!  No longer willing to let our own flesh hinder the work you’ve called us to do.  No longer afraid to make the changes that need to occur to and to be fully available to your commands. 

I want to hear a cry rise up from your people that the sounds of the ocean waves cannot compare to in volume or strength!  I want to hear a cry rise up from your people, so overwhelmingly strong that would cause every hurricane, earthquake, cyclone and tornado to bow down in defeat because of the evidence of the power and authority of you in their cry!  I want to see my Savior riding on that white horse, in all of his majesty – with his name emblazoned on his thigh and hear his war cry as he comes to judge the nations.  I want to see the fire in his eyes and watch him overtake, overwhelm and destroy the enemy.  I want to see that, Lord.  I want to see my savior Yeshua come with his robes dipped in the blood of the saints that have stood and will stand for him in these last days.  And I stand in agreement with you, Lord.  I do not want to see one person lost.

I want to see the great host of heaven coming down from the clouds with Yeshua.  He is mighty to save!  I love him!  I love you, Lord! 

So for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ who want to escape these things that are yet to come, I pray for them the courage to stand, the opening of their eyes to the deceptions of the enemy, the determination to stand for you at all costs and the victory of coming fully into your kingdom with you on the day you take each one home.  I pray for each one the endurance to persevere, to pursue you, to protect your word in their hearts, to prevent anything from hindering them in their assignment while their time on earth remains. 

I pray for the will of the Living God – Creator of all things – Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to rule and reign in every trial, in every circumstance, in every person, place, thing, time and beyond.  I pray for you to win on every front, my Lord and King.  I pray for great, great joy - for all-consuming joy and victory in and through and for your people.  I love you.  You are my Father and my God.  Have your way in all things!!!!!

Thank you for this beautiful morning.  You have blessed us so much with the light of your Love…with sunshine and moonlight, with stars that fill the night sky and twinkle like little diamonds up in the heavens.  You have made such beautiful music through the sounds of your birds and little furry animals that roam in nature and with the great beasts that live in the jungles, forests and wilds all over the world. 

This morning you reminded me of the verses that Yeshua spoke in Matthew 6.  You said we only need to seek your kingdom and your righteousness and everything else will be added that we need.  Help us all take that into our hearts and really believe and trust you with our lives.  It’s too easy to become distracted and think that we have to really strive for survival, but you have shown me so many times that you take care of your little ones.  And we are your little ones, Lord.  And we most definitely need you.

Thank you for being Dad.  Thank you for being Lord and King, as well.  Thank you for being creator of all things.  I can’t fathom the depth of your love, Lord, but I’m so grateful for it.  Thank you forever and ever and ever for your ceaseless, consuming and powerful Love!

In my savior’s name, Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach – aka Jesus, the Christ - I am and will remain your.... 
‘My Victory’

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