Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Ageless Father and God,

I'm so grateful for every day you have given me.  You're completely generous in my life, Lord.  I will never have enough ways to tell you how much I appreciate your faithfulness and love.  You never cease to amaze me with your tireless ways.  I'm overwhelmed by your love.

This morning as I look back over time and all I've said and done, there's no doubt that I have never deserved your love, but you gave it anyway. I've never earned your protection and peace, but you have showered me with it at times when I've been in horrible danger or trembling in the night with fear.  Thank you for revealing your presence when I cried out to you.  Thank you for holding me close when things were so hard - many times because of my own choosing - and for keeping me close when I felt completely buried with sin, guilt and shame, doubt and hopelessness. You have always graced me with whatever I needed in the moment of my need.  Thank you so much for that, Father. You are truly my Provider and my Comfort in the Storm.  Thank you for always letting me run back into your arms of love.

I look around me and see people I genuinely love and care for, people in tough circumstances right now - people who have been dealing with things that no human being can fix - and in the looking, it would be easy to be swallowed up by their pain.  If I am not careful to keep my eyes on you and your tremendous ways, I can get lost by the distraction of the circumstances and lose my ability to follow your lead and to respond to those needs in the ways you want me to answer. Thank you for redirecting me to the truth that you are the Provider and Deliverer, the Healer and Restorer.  Thank you for the reminder that mine is to love...to be available to your leadership and to be surrendered so that I may hear your slightest command.  

Thank you for the times you have put me in remembrance of our history together. Thank you for using things from the past that we've been through, you and I,... things that help me recall the faithfulness and friendship we have had for all these years. Thank you for the little nudges you give me, to point me in this direction or that - always leading me back to you and who you are.  This morning when the enemy tried to come with sadness and worry, you pointed me right back to you with the very words I've written about you in the past.  I KNOW that you are good.  I KNOW that you allow things - and even bring things that are difficult - into our lives because you ARE good.  

And you use it all!  You use the hard times to help us see our great need of you.  Even though there may be times that are so severe that we feel crushed by the weight of them, you always provide a way for us to endure those times.  And Father, the crushing is always perfect!  You always have provision for us - even if that provision is merely the remembering of who you are.  You use it all, Lord. You use every bit of what we go through, every tiny piece of trouble.  You are the Way of Escape from all of the attacks of the enemy and all of the temptations to sin.  You are Holy, and you are Wisdom. You are Perfect Love in all your ways.

Lord, thank you for the reminder that we've walked through a lot of things together. Thank you for telling me that you and I have been together for a long time - and for helping me see the partnership we've had.  I'm in awe that you love and use me to speak to your children. I'm in awe that you would want me in the first place and that you would bless me with so much of your goodness in this life you have given me.  I am rich beyond all measure because of your love.  I am rich beyond all measure, because of what you have done for me and given to me.  I am rich beyond all measure for your trust in me and your confidence for the things you've entrusted to my care.  I am rich far above and beyond all measure with the overflowing of your love through the sacrifice of my Savior, Yeshua.  I am profoundly rich because of him.

Thank you for knowing my heart and all of the desires and broken pieces in it.  Thank you for seeing things in me that I don't know about that need to be changed, and for being the one who does the changing.  I ask you again today to create a clean heart in me, Lord.  I don't trust my heart, but I trust you.  Fix the broken places.  Restore the shattered dreams that need restoration, only if they are part of your plan for me.  Shine your light in the deepest recesses and clean out anything that is offensive to you. Make me brand new, Lord.  Purge me, Father, and make me pure.  Fill me up once again with your vision where my eyes have grown dim or have refused to see.  I look to you with full purpose of heart.  You are my God and my King.  I will forever love you, Lord.  Keep me, Father.  Keep me in your ways.  You are goodness, and you are merciful to me. Thank you for that goodness and mercy.  

I rest my soul in your hands.

Bless all people according to your plan for their lives.  You are good...and your mercy endures...forever.

In Yeshua's name...  I will always be your...

My Victory

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