Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Dearest Creator GOD!

You are!  Everything about you is holy – including your name!  I have been blessed to come to the knowledge of your goodness, your salvation, love, and authority!  I have been blessed to see you repeatedly move in my life and in the lives of many people – to watch as you have healed and delivered, conquered and blessed, encouraged and corrected, suffered and supplied every need. 

It is the time that I make these declarations to you and as a reminder of my commitment to your love and lordship of my life.  Once again, Father, I surrender.  I will strive to follow what I write here from this day forward.  Please forgive me for the times I’ve exalted myself and my will.  I have greatly sinned against you in doing so, Lord, and for that, I am truly deeply sorry.  So I thank you for your forgiveness, I forgive myself and others and let go of every record of wrong I’ve kept against anyone – once again – and ask you to forgive and to bless them all as you see fit.  I want to see everyone go into your kingdom, with full awareness of who you are and full hearts of love for you.  So here are my declarations for this day – and all the days to come:

I am to have no expectations – not from anyone.

The Lord is my sufficiency.  I will not look to man or woman or material to fulfill or satisfy a need.  I will only look to my source of life.

I will put my trust, hope, and confidence only in Christ. I will never again allow myself to be disappointed or hurt, or to suffer rejection because of the decisions of a human being.  

I am a servant in this life.  I will be fully satisfied with my assignment from my Lord and will not allow bitterness to take up residence in me.

No weapon formed against me will prosper.  My delight will be in the Lord and His word.  I will not allow pride to have its way in my life but will work diligently and tirelessly to make sure that it cannot.

I will pour freely into the lives of others and will not allow distraction to take me off the course set before me by my GOD. 

I will honor, serve and worship my Father, the Creator of All Things.  I will praise Him continually and will seek His voice, His will, His heart, His face, His love and His hand.

I will rejoice daily for His goodness and love in my life, for our relationship with one another, and for all of the great provision He supplies to me for the sake of His kingdom, His creation, and my life.

Thank you, Lord.  I know the tests will at times be intense, but I trust that you will take me through.  Bless me with the courage and conviction to come out of each trial in good form.  

I love you, my Lord!

'My Victory!'

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