Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Oh, LORD GOD!  What great Glory you deserve!  What great Glory you are!!! How great, how astounding is the Lord God – the Almighty!  How could there ever be enough said or done or given to mention in the fullness your great Goodness and Glory?!  You have set everything in motion, created worlds without end, strewn stars across the skies, consoled a crying baby, and mended broken and wounded hearts throughout the ages.  You have crowned the eagle with majesty, found the lost and lifted up the downtrodden.  You’ve fixed scraped knees comforted the grieving father and mother, restored the broken relationship, established the powers that be, and set in motion the galaxies.

Your own heart has heard the heartfelt cries of your little ones. The worshiper has seen your robes and heard your voice.  You have defended the defenseless, planted the righteous, refreshed the weary, healed the sick, and encouraged the discouraged, performed wonders that cannot be named, hidden mysteries from our sight – to draw us near to you.  You have kept your word at every turn, never given up, always stayed faithful, prepared a place for us, and made provision for this moment and every moment of our lives.

You have called us into partnership with you, sung over us, called our names, given us dreams of hope, taught us to value you above all else, shown us your wisdom, bestowed upon us your grace and extended your hand of mercy.  You showed us what it means to suffer, to give, to surrender, anointed us with the oil of joy, covered our garments with the purity of your word, washed away our sins, surrounded us with angels, filled us with your Spirit and strengthened us for battle.

You have cried over our lack of faith and sung over our victories. You have told stories of your victorious saints and danced over us with gladness.  You have searched our hearts and set to right our reins when we have wandered.  You have brought us into your confidence and displayed your love and power to, in and through us.  You have awakened us in the night and called us to come away with you in the quiet hours of the morning.  You have drawn us into intimacy and kissed us with your love and peace.  You sat patiently and listened to our needy cries – and you have spoken words of life and ministered blessings of restoration to our hurts and losses.  You have humbled yourself and waited for us to mature by humbling ourselves before your throne. 

You have compassed us about with preparation for our next ventures and equipped us for battles that you call us to enter.  You have provided the medicine of your Spirit to heal our griefs and set to rights our wrong thinking.  You have been far above and beyond amazing in every way.  You have won and will continue to win, for you are truly the One and Only LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, perfect in all your ways, strong in every situation, Lover of our souls, Savior of our lives, Keeper of our hearts.

All blessing, honor, glory, and power be unto you!
In the Name above All Names
Yeshua/Jesus, the Christ
I will forever be your 'My Victory.'

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