Sunday, May 21, 2017


My Dearest Father and Lord,

Thank you for another day and night of life on earth.  Thank you for your beautiful Love and patience, O Great God and King!  Thank you for giving us more time to learn to love and trust you in every situation.  We are in need of your Spirit to remind us often to ONLY BELIEVE you, your goodness in our lives and your faithfulness to take care of us, even in the simplest of things.  You are good always!!!

Our failures come when we take our eyes off of you and your goodness, looking instead at anything that may be the least bit troublesome. You are not troubled by the least thing!  You always have answers and provision for any circumstances that arise!  Help your people always know that!  We will forever want and need you, Lord.  How could we desire anything more than we want you?!

Lord, even as we lift our concerns to you for our loved ones and ourselves, we also pray for all those who need to be healed, delivered and saved from the enemy.  We pray for each one to live in a beautiful relationship with you – to desire that above everything else – and to be comforted, strengthened, encouraged and very courageous!  We pray for each one to find the hope that only comes in knowing you.  You are our Hope, Lord!  You are the One True God, and our hope rests in you and you alone!

We ask you to come into every area of our lives – into every place the enemy is robbing, killing or destroying – and to show us what we need to see and do.  Please show us how we can successfully overtake and destroy his plans, as we submit ourselves to your direction and your wisdom.  Please expose every lie and every movement he initiates, so that we are not deceived.  Help us see you more clearly!  Help us hear you more distinctly!  Help us learn to wait on you more completely and be more fully surrendered to you, so we are better weapons for your use against every plan of the enemy.  

Help us sing and shout and bow and praise and run the race with you, filled with joy, believing you for the good final outcome!  You are the Victory!  We race toward the Victory, Lord! We race toward you, even as we run alongside you and follow behind you in the battles.  You are amazingly good!

My Lord and my God, I thank you so much for answered prayer!  You hear us when we live in humility before your throne.  Help us be and remain humble, Lord.  Help us remember your word in Psalm 138:6, 

“For though the Lord is high, yet he has respect to the lowly, but the proud and haughty he knows and recognizes only at a distance.”  

Help us be a humble people, Father.  Help us be completely yours.

In Yeshua’s most lovely name we ask…  So be it.

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