Thursday, May 18, 2017


Good Morning, Good Father!

May your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth everywhere – in every space and at all times!  May you be glorified in us, Beautiful God!  Let all that you desire in us, from us and to, through and for us come to pass.  Be exalted in us today, Father.  Again this morning, I hear ‘Great Exploits”.  You have something excellent in mind!  Lord, please help us see it and not miss it!

I love how beautiful and faithful you are!  I love that You will always be GOD and that you always do what is right.  I love that you love music and beauty and art.  I love that you make the skies so beautiful and cause the trees to dance in the wind.  I love that you make delightful fragrances and deep, rich, soft colors.  I love that you created birds that sing and purring kitties and warm sunshine.  I love that you made stars that twinkle and waters that roar and rush and ripple and rest.  

I love that every day is different and every word you speak is trustworthy.  I love Who you are, even with the little knowing I have of you.  I love that you love me and never leave me alone.  I love your peace that comes in moments of trouble and that you will tell me things like how many extra baseball innings a game will go into, just because you are my friend and I am yours.  I love that you are such a good provider and that you are so thoughtful, giving good gifts to your children and surprising us with unexpected pleasure and delights!  I love you, LORD.  Thank you so much for loving me.

I pray for your kingdom to come and Your will on earth and in me, as it is in heaven. You are the Keeper of my heart, the Keeper of all time, space and eternity.  You are the Keeper of your word, and I bless you in my small way – with all I am – in your glorious Name! 

Thank you for the things you call us to walk through.  Thank you for showing us what stands between you and us, so we know what to pray and what to do.  Thank you for your great courage in us and for being the Mighty Conqueror and Warrior that you are!  Thank you for your boldness and your Love, spread abroad in the hearts and lives of your people.  Thank you for the open doors in front of us and the ones you have closed behind us.  Thank you for the Gift, Glory, and Beauty of your Presence with us!  Thank you for your Peace, poured out like the most beautiful waterfall, washing over us, refreshing, revitalizing and restoring us for each new day.

Thank you for your ministry to us and through creation, with the sounds of nature in the glory of the day.  Thank you for the sounds of the wind through the trees, the pouring rain, the rolling and crashing thunders and the brilliant flashes of lightning!  Thank you for the clouds of dazzling white – fluffy, towering, enormous and in all shapes and sizes.  Thank you for the storm clouds, also, Lord.  They are the reminder of the storms we face in life – and that the sun will shine once again on us and through our circumstances.  Thank you for the startlingly blue skies and the beautiful sunshine, for the moon, stars, the look of the heavens on a clear night and the sounds of the birds in the early morning hours.

Thank you for the lowing of the cattle in the pastures and the neighing of the horses in the meadows.  Thank you for the waves of the ocean as they pound the shores and the gentle lapping of the waters against the sands of the beach, for the bubbling sounds of the brooks as they wash across the rocks in the beds of the rivers and streams hidden in quiet places on the earth.

Lord, you have created so much beauty for us to behold!  You bless us every day of our lives, and we do not say thank you nearly often enough!  Please forgive us for not appreciating all you provide.  We do not appreciate it nearly enough!  Forgive our self-absorbed blindness to all of the wonders of your goodness in creation and generosity you bestow upon us.  How often have we missed what you were doing in our lives!  Distraction called and we listened far too many times, Father.  Please forgive us.  There is nothing more wonderful or beautiful than you and your gifts of life!  

We don’t want to miss anything you have for us to see, hear, think, say or do.  We don’t want to miss the time we need to rest from our daily labor by neglecting your call to us for Sabbath rest.  Help us see our need to slow down enough to be still and listen for your voice.  Help us to not miss one more thing from you, God.  You do not force yourself upon us.  We must choose – so help us choose wisely to sit at your feet, to lean in and listen to your heartbeat, to turn our ears and eyes to hear and see your every whisper and every move.  Help each one of your children love you far better than we do no matter how great the love we feel we already enjoy.  We pray for greater sensitivity to you, Father.  Take all of us who belong to you. Lead us into deeper, deeper, much much more profound love!

In Yeshua/Jesus' name let it be.

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