Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Dearest Creator GOD!

You are!  Everything about you is holy – including your name!  I have been blessed to come to the knowledge of your goodness, your salvation, love, and authority!  I have been blessed to see you repeatedly move in my life and in the lives of many people – to watch as you have healed and delivered, conquered and blessed, encouraged and corrected, suffered and supplied every need. 

It is the time that I make these declarations to you and as a reminder of my commitment to your love and lordship of my life.  Once again, Father, I surrender.  I will strive to follow what I write here from this day forward.  Please forgive me for the times I’ve exalted myself and my will.  I have greatly sinned against you in doing so, Lord, and for that, I am truly deeply sorry.  So I thank you for your forgiveness, I forgive myself and others and let go of every record of wrong I’ve kept against anyone – once again – and ask you to forgive and to bless them all as you see fit.  I want to see everyone go into your kingdom, with full awareness of who you are and full hearts of love for you.  So here are my declarations for this day – and all the days to come:

I am to have no expectations – not from anyone.

The Lord is my sufficiency.  I will not look to man or woman or material to fulfill or satisfy a need.  I will only look to my source of life.

I will put my trust, hope, and confidence only in Christ. I will never again allow myself to be disappointed or hurt, or to suffer rejection because of the decisions of a human being.  

I am a servant in this life.  I will be fully satisfied with my assignment from my Lord and will not allow bitterness to take up residence in me.

No weapon formed against me will prosper.  My delight will be in the Lord and His word.  I will not allow pride to have its way in my life but will work diligently and tirelessly to make sure that it cannot.

I will pour freely into the lives of others and will not allow distraction to take me off the course set before me by my GOD. 

I will honor, serve and worship my Father, the Creator of All Things.  I will praise Him continually and will seek His voice, His will, His heart, His face, His love and His hand.

I will rejoice daily for His goodness and love in my life, for our relationship with one another, and for all of the great provision He supplies to me for the sake of His kingdom, His creation, and my life.

Thank you, Lord.  I know the tests will at times be intense, but I trust that you will take me through.  Bless me with the courage and conviction to come out of each trial in good form.  

I love you, my Lord!

'My Victory!'

Friday, May 26, 2017


Good morning, my Sweet Lord and Mighty GOD!

My heart is filled with anticipation for this day and the days ahead, Father.  I know that you are good!  As I sat watching the trees dancing in the wind this morning, I was so aware that they could not even do that without you having created the wind, as well as the trees themselves.  It makes me cry to think of how beautiful you are in every way.  Even the ways I cannot see – I still know that you are beautiful. 

Even when your ways are not easy to endure, you are beautiful.  You cannot be anything else!  Your beauty is a thing of great power.  Your beauty is defined by who you are in every way – and even in the ways that are painful to your creation.  There is no one as beautiful as you, Lord.  These verses from Hebrews 10 come to mind…

“26 If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27 but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. 28 Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29 How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace? 30 For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” [d] and again, “The Lord will judge his people.”[e] 31 It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

In all your ways, you are just and beautiful.  In all your ways, you are righteous and pure and holy.  Even when you have to judge, you do it with great mercy.  You give us the grace to grow in holiness.  You give us so much more than we deserve, Father.  We have trampled the Son of God underfoot so many times, and I am so sorry.  Please forgive us, Lord.  Please help us never again abuse or take advantage of what you and he have done so that we could be free.  Please help us walk this journey with the full awareness of what you have given and how important it is to humbly follow and obey you, showing you the love we have for you, too.

This morning, there are so many who need prayer.  So many who have significant needs.  But in your beautiful love, you have made provision for every need, so even as I ask you to help them, I also thank you for already having made the way to meet those needs.  Thank you for going ahead of us and setting things in place for your plan for our lives.  Thank you for your boundless mercy!  Thank you for you.

Lead my path.  Lead each of us into all the things you have in store for us.  And please, LORD, provide us with the peace and strength and courage to endure the hard stuff.  If we look closely enough, we will still see your great beauty in those times, as well.  Give us a heartbeat for your ways, Father.  Give us eyes to see the beauty that you are.

I love you so much, Lord.  You are mine, and I am yours.  Hold me close all day and all weekend long.  I won’t be near the computer to write until Tuesday, but you know that will not keep me from praising and thanking you.  You cannot be ignored!  You are too beautiful for me to turn away from – and I never want to do such a thing.  Help me honor you with my thoughts, words, and deeds in every way.  You are my great Father.  I love you, Lord.

And I will remain yours ever...

‘My Victory’

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Glory!  Hallelujah to the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world!

“There will never be another who will love me like You
There will never be another who could hold me, mold me
There will never be another who could love me purely
No, there will never be another who has loved me like You

And I know that there will never be another love
Who could ever be the love that You are

'Cause You had so much to lose
But still, You gave it up for Your scars
But that's the way You are

And if I spent my life attending Universities
Educated in the wisdom of men
And if I could even quote a guy like Socrates, 
Even then I couldn't comprehend...

That there will never be another who will love me like You
There will never be another who could hold me, mold me
There will never be another who could love me purely
No, there will never be another who has loved me like You.”
(by Amy Grant)

Just sitting here, waiting to know what to write, I heard the song 'There Will Never Be Another' by Amy Grant, playing in my head.  Oh, how I agree, Father!  There will never be another who will love me like you do.  And there will never be another who is even capable of loving me like you!  I know it with all of my heart!  Thank you for your amazing love and amazing grace!  Thank you for the Holy, Holy that you are!  

You are perfect in all your ways, and I am beyond blessed that you have shown me that amazing love and grace all of my days.  Even when I couldn’t see – you were there!  Even when I had no idea that you could possibly cherish me – you did!  You filled up all of the empty places inside of me that were crying out for the love that you alone can give.  You covered me with so much love and protection and mercy – I am humbled more than I can express that you would be so loving and merciful to me. 

And yet, that is who you are!  You are love!  YOU ARE LOVE!  But I don’t dare forget that you are also justice and righteousness and truth…that you require truth in ‘the inward parts’ of your people.  Oh, GOD, help us!  How we will always need you!!!  We will always need the One True GOD of all things – and that is YOU!  You are the lamp to our feet and the light to our path.  Keep us on track, Father! 

You did give up so much for your scars, even as the song says.  You gave up so very much to be able to make such a glorious way for us to come back to you.  How gracious!  How magnificent!  How stunning and grand – how marvelous are your ways! 

Be fully glorified in all we do today.  Take our little bitty things and make them excellent for your glory!  Have your way in all things – always and forever!  You reign, my Lord, and you are my King!  You are more wonderful than anything I can describe, and that in itself is a profound thing!  You are my splendid and soon-coming King!  Amazing Grace!  Lord of All!!!  Almighty!  Most Holy!  All Fiery!  All Consuming Love!!!

I love you!!!!  Thank you for your brilliant love in my life!

‘My Victory’

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


My Dearest Father God,
This has been a beautiful day!  Every day you give us is a marvelous blessing, Lord, because you made it and everything you do is GOOD!  Thank you for this truly superb day!

Thank you for being who you are.  I am always blessed when I look around at your creation and realize that you have done these incredibly beautiful things.  Thank you for all of the colors – everywhere I look!  People, animals, nature…it’s all so beautiful.  You even make marvelous things deep in the ocean, where human eyes have never seen.  I’m always amazed when I see some startlingly colorful fish that supposedly was just ‘discovered,' and the colors and design are so tremendously beautiful!  Where no human eye has seen until recently, you have known all along.  You care about the details, Lord.  You very much care about the details!

This morning while I was reading what Yeshua said about his coming, not to take away the Law and the Prophets, but to complete or fulfill them, I so appreciated the way you gave me to share it.  So many people think that it’s okay to do anything now, as long as they have been baptized and accepted Yeshua as their savior.  But they never make him their Lord, Father.  False grace teaching is running rampant throughout the body of Christ.  Lord, please expose the deception to those precious ones who have been deceived.  Yeshua said to practice or teach less than what is written in the Law and the Prophets will make that loved one among the least in the kingdom.  To obey your word and to exhort others to do the same will make one great in the kingdom of heaven.  Lord, help me always do and teach the truth. 

Thank you for your blessings – your mercies – new every morning.  Thank you for continuing to guide the way, to light the path for those who will follow.  I pray for the ones who don’t know you and for those who have known you in the past but have turned away.  I pray for the salvation of every person who will repent.  I pray for their protection and for the awakening in your Spirit that each of us needs.  Open our eyes, Lord.  Open our hearts and ears and souls.  Help us be hungrier and hungrier for you every day.  You are beautiful and to be desired – greatly desired.  Light a fire of passion inside of each person who will receive it.  Set our hearts ablaze with a yearning for you that cannot be satisfied with less than all you are.  You are glorious!

May your kingdom come, Holy.  May your will be done on earth, even as it is done in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  Please forgive our trespasses.  Help us be forgiving of others, so that we too, may be forgiven.  And please don’t lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.  Yours is the kingdom.  Yours is everything because you are the creator of everything!  Yours is the power, for you are the all-powerful, almighty one!  And yours is the glory forever.  You are the only one who deserves it.  I love you, Lord.  Be glorified in me.

In Yeshua’s name, I continue to strive to be fully your…

My Victory!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Ageless Father and God,

I'm so grateful for every day you have given me.  You're completely generous in my life, Lord.  I will never have enough ways to tell you how much I appreciate your faithfulness and love.  You never cease to amaze me with your tireless ways.  I'm overwhelmed by your love.

This morning as I look back over time and all I've said and done, there's no doubt that I have never deserved your love, but you gave it anyway. I've never earned your protection and peace, but you have showered me with it at times when I've been in horrible danger or trembling in the night with fear.  Thank you for revealing your presence when I cried out to you.  Thank you for holding me close when things were so hard - many times because of my own choosing - and for keeping me close when I felt completely buried with sin, guilt and shame, doubt and hopelessness. You have always graced me with whatever I needed in the moment of my need.  Thank you so much for that, Father. You are truly my Provider and my Comfort in the Storm.  Thank you for always letting me run back into your arms of love.

I look around me and see people I genuinely love and care for, people in tough circumstances right now - people who have been dealing with things that no human being can fix - and in the looking, it would be easy to be swallowed up by their pain.  If I am not careful to keep my eyes on you and your tremendous ways, I can get lost by the distraction of the circumstances and lose my ability to follow your lead and to respond to those needs in the ways you want me to answer. Thank you for redirecting me to the truth that you are the Provider and Deliverer, the Healer and Restorer.  Thank you for the reminder that mine is to be available to your leadership and to be surrendered so that I may hear your slightest command.  

Thank you for the times you have put me in remembrance of our history together. Thank you for using things from the past that we've been through, you and I,... things that help me recall the faithfulness and friendship we have had for all these years. Thank you for the little nudges you give me, to point me in this direction or that - always leading me back to you and who you are.  This morning when the enemy tried to come with sadness and worry, you pointed me right back to you with the very words I've written about you in the past.  I KNOW that you are good.  I KNOW that you allow things - and even bring things that are difficult - into our lives because you ARE good.  

And you use it all!  You use the hard times to help us see our great need of you.  Even though there may be times that are so severe that we feel crushed by the weight of them, you always provide a way for us to endure those times.  And Father, the crushing is always perfect!  You always have provision for us - even if that provision is merely the remembering of who you are.  You use it all, Lord. You use every bit of what we go through, every tiny piece of trouble.  You are the Way of Escape from all of the attacks of the enemy and all of the temptations to sin.  You are Holy, and you are Wisdom. You are Perfect Love in all your ways.

Lord, thank you for the reminder that we've walked through a lot of things together. Thank you for telling me that you and I have been together for a long time - and for helping me see the partnership we've had.  I'm in awe that you love and use me to speak to your children. I'm in awe that you would want me in the first place and that you would bless me with so much of your goodness in this life you have given me.  I am rich beyond all measure because of your love.  I am rich beyond all measure, because of what you have done for me and given to me.  I am rich beyond all measure for your trust in me and your confidence for the things you've entrusted to my care.  I am rich far above and beyond all measure with the overflowing of your love through the sacrifice of my Savior, Yeshua.  I am profoundly rich because of him.

Thank you for knowing my heart and all of the desires and broken pieces in it.  Thank you for seeing things in me that I don't know about that need to be changed, and for being the one who does the changing.  I ask you again today to create a clean heart in me, Lord.  I don't trust my heart, but I trust you.  Fix the broken places.  Restore the shattered dreams that need restoration, only if they are part of your plan for me.  Shine your light in the deepest recesses and clean out anything that is offensive to you. Make me brand new, Lord.  Purge me, Father, and make me pure.  Fill me up once again with your vision where my eyes have grown dim or have refused to see.  I look to you with full purpose of heart.  You are my God and my King.  I will forever love you, Lord.  Keep me, Father.  Keep me in your ways.  You are goodness, and you are merciful to me. Thank you for that goodness and mercy.  

I rest my soul in your hands.

Bless all people according to your plan for their lives.  You are good...and your mercy endures...forever.

In Yeshua's name...  I will always be your...

My Victory

Monday, May 22, 2017


Dearest Loving Father and Lord
I just want to pour out my heart to you today. I just want to see your face and hear you talk to me all day long.  I just want to feel the warmth of your arms around me and the sweetness of your presence.  I know you’re with me.  I guess I’m just saying that I want to be able to hear you – literally hear you with my ears and see you with my eyes.  I want to be able to see more clearly into the spirit realm.  I want to see your angels at work and see the defeat of the enemy when he rises up against you and your children.  I want to be able to command demons to flee and see their victims rise up in victory!

I want to see your kingdom come on this earth as I’ve never wanted it so much before.  I want to watch people everywhere get up off of their sick beds and out of their wheelchairs, to see nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals, and prisons empty out as people pour through the gates and doors into freedom.  I mean real freedom…not just from institutions and penitentiaries and false religions and such.  I mean real freedom in you – freedom from every stronghold of the enemy and every lie from the past, present, and future.  Freedom from everything that keeps them from walking with full purpose of heart, utterly fearless in every way the enemy comes against them – free to be all you created them to be.
I want to see the real church rise up in power and might, following you as the commander and leader and creator that you are.  I want to see joy filling the hearts and lives of people who have been so broken and hopeless that they have just wanted to die to escape the pain they have lived in for most or all of their lives.  I want to see the enemy flee in terror as your children rise up and cast off the insecurity, doubt and unbelief they’ve accepted and take up the charge to go into all the world, heal the sick, raise the dead, preach the gospel, cast out demons and cleanse the lepers. 

I want to hear the sound of great rejoicing as a people – your people – come into the fullness of the call on their lives.  I want to see them walk in so much victory that everything that opposes you and your lordship literally quakes and falls in their presence.  I want to see the people who are starving, freezing, burning, rejected, tortured, tormented, homeless, orphaned, sick, diseased, fearful, crippled, abused, defeated, impoverished in body, mind and/or spirit FIND you and believe your goodness and plan for their lives. 

I want to hear a great, great cry across this land and every other land on the planet. Let it be a war cry – a booming, holy, righteous sound!  May the thunder of marching feet and the glint of the sharpest steel on the polished sword of your word flood the world with your glory!  Like lightning flashing in the atmosphere. may the blast of the trumpets and the sounds of the voices rising as one in praise and worship and power unite in the bonds of love for you and one another.  Let it be that the time for your coming is so close that we could blink our eyes and see you standing right here – in front of us – in the very next second.  And I want to know that the ‘very next second’ when you will fully appear is literally just around the corner, even as it was in my dream of you so many years ago.

I don’t want to see your people keep trying to hide in the possibility of escape from what lies ahead.  No, I want to see your people run into the battle and embrace the knowledge that you’ve chosen each one of us for this time and this place.  I want to see your people lifting up your will and lifting up one another when they fall into discouragement.  I want to see a firm resolve in each of us!  No longer willing to suffer defeat at the hands of the enemy!  No longer willing to let our own flesh hinder the work you’ve called us to do.  No longer afraid to make the changes that need to occur to and to be fully available to your commands. 

I want to hear a cry rise up from your people that the sounds of the ocean waves cannot compare to in volume or strength!  I want to hear a cry rise up from your people, so overwhelmingly strong that would cause every hurricane, earthquake, cyclone and tornado to bow down in defeat because of the evidence of the power and authority of you in their cry!  I want to see my Savior riding on that white horse, in all of his majesty – with his name emblazoned on his thigh and hear his war cry as he comes to judge the nations.  I want to see the fire in his eyes and watch him overtake, overwhelm and destroy the enemy.  I want to see that, Lord.  I want to see my savior Yeshua come with his robes dipped in the blood of the saints that have stood and will stand for him in these last days.  And I stand in agreement with you, Lord.  I do not want to see one person lost.

I want to see the great host of heaven coming down from the clouds with Yeshua.  He is mighty to save!  I love him!  I love you, Lord! 

So for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ who want to escape these things that are yet to come, I pray for them the courage to stand, the opening of their eyes to the deceptions of the enemy, the determination to stand for you at all costs and the victory of coming fully into your kingdom with you on the day you take each one home.  I pray for each one the endurance to persevere, to pursue you, to protect your word in their hearts, to prevent anything from hindering them in their assignment while their time on earth remains. 

I pray for the will of the Living God – Creator of all things – Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to rule and reign in every trial, in every circumstance, in every person, place, thing, time and beyond.  I pray for you to win on every front, my Lord and King.  I pray for great, great joy - for all-consuming joy and victory in and through and for your people.  I love you.  You are my Father and my God.  Have your way in all things!!!!!

Thank you for this beautiful morning.  You have blessed us so much with the light of your Love…with sunshine and moonlight, with stars that fill the night sky and twinkle like little diamonds up in the heavens.  You have made such beautiful music through the sounds of your birds and little furry animals that roam in nature and with the great beasts that live in the jungles, forests and wilds all over the world. 

This morning you reminded me of the verses that Yeshua spoke in Matthew 6.  You said we only need to seek your kingdom and your righteousness and everything else will be added that we need.  Help us all take that into our hearts and really believe and trust you with our lives.  It’s too easy to become distracted and think that we have to really strive for survival, but you have shown me so many times that you take care of your little ones.  And we are your little ones, Lord.  And we most definitely need you.

Thank you for being Dad.  Thank you for being Lord and King, as well.  Thank you for being creator of all things.  I can’t fathom the depth of your love, Lord, but I’m so grateful for it.  Thank you forever and ever and ever for your ceaseless, consuming and powerful Love!

In my savior’s name, Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach – aka Jesus, the Christ - I am and will remain your.... 
‘My Victory’

Sunday, May 21, 2017


My Dearest Father and Lord,

Thank you for another day and night of life on earth.  Thank you for your beautiful Love and patience, O Great God and King!  Thank you for giving us more time to learn to love and trust you in every situation.  We are in need of your Spirit to remind us often to ONLY BELIEVE you, your goodness in our lives and your faithfulness to take care of us, even in the simplest of things.  You are good always!!!

Our failures come when we take our eyes off of you and your goodness, looking instead at anything that may be the least bit troublesome. You are not troubled by the least thing!  You always have answers and provision for any circumstances that arise!  Help your people always know that!  We will forever want and need you, Lord.  How could we desire anything more than we want you?!

Lord, even as we lift our concerns to you for our loved ones and ourselves, we also pray for all those who need to be healed, delivered and saved from the enemy.  We pray for each one to live in a beautiful relationship with you – to desire that above everything else – and to be comforted, strengthened, encouraged and very courageous!  We pray for each one to find the hope that only comes in knowing you.  You are our Hope, Lord!  You are the One True God, and our hope rests in you and you alone!

We ask you to come into every area of our lives – into every place the enemy is robbing, killing or destroying – and to show us what we need to see and do.  Please show us how we can successfully overtake and destroy his plans, as we submit ourselves to your direction and your wisdom.  Please expose every lie and every movement he initiates, so that we are not deceived.  Help us see you more clearly!  Help us hear you more distinctly!  Help us learn to wait on you more completely and be more fully surrendered to you, so we are better weapons for your use against every plan of the enemy.  

Help us sing and shout and bow and praise and run the race with you, filled with joy, believing you for the good final outcome!  You are the Victory!  We race toward the Victory, Lord! We race toward you, even as we run alongside you and follow behind you in the battles.  You are amazingly good!

My Lord and my God, I thank you so much for answered prayer!  You hear us when we live in humility before your throne.  Help us be and remain humble, Lord.  Help us remember your word in Psalm 138:6, 

“For though the Lord is high, yet he has respect to the lowly, but the proud and haughty he knows and recognizes only at a distance.”  

Help us be a humble people, Father.  Help us be completely yours.

In Yeshua’s most lovely name we ask…  So be it.

Saturday, May 20, 2017


My Loving God!

You are good.  In all things and at all times you are good.  You have never been anything but good.  You will forever be good…no matter what may be taking place in the world or in the universe that you have created.  You will always and forever be good. 

In my darkest hour, you have been good.  When I couldn’t see you at work in my circumstances, you were there…being good.  You were faithful and genuine to your word to always be good.  You carried me through things I didn’t have the strength to endure on my own.  You walked beside me, even when I was in rebellion and full of sin, ever drawing me to repentance.  You called me out of the darkest of pits and never left my side.  You were always good to me.  I didn’t deserve it, but there you were…remaining faithful to your love for me.
And you are still good to me.  When I stumble and fall, you pick me up.  When I doubt or turn away in disappointment or hurt or anger, you remain steadfast to your word.  You are stable and fixed, immovable in your love.  You are unceasingly kind.

When the flood waters were rising around the ark with only Noah’s family and the animals you were saving, you were good.  You were there, in the midst of the raging seas, protecting and preserving a remnant for your glory and goodness, because you are and have ever been good.  You had a plan to save a nation, a people for yourself.  When Moses was on the mountain, you were good.  When Joseph was thrown into prison, you were good.  When your children were disobedient and rebellious, you were still good.  You corrected them because you were good.  You were a good father, a loving husband, the real creator…yes, oh yes, GOD.  You were good.
When the prophets were rejected, ridiculed, stoned, beheaded, tortured and died for their faithfulness to you, you were good.  You stood there, with them, even as you do today, and took them through their trials and the circumstances they endured.  You watched over them and gave them the strength they needed to remain faithful and true to you.  And when they faltered, you shored them up with your warm goodness.  You gave them what they required in the hour of their need.  You were good.  You were so good, LORD. 

You had a plan, you made a way for your Son to come to this earth, long before He came.  Even in the sending, the knowing of what was going to happen to him – because you sent him for the very purpose of dying for us – you were good.  When Yeshua was beaten, tortured and killed, you were good.  You could have destroyed every person alive and kept yourself from saving us, but you didn’t.  You didn’t, because you are good.  You saw it all and still chose to save us.  You were good in your doing.  You are good to this day.

Throughout the pages of history, you were writing a beautiful love story that cannot be denied.  Many may not see it, but one day everyone will see and know it.  And all of your creation will realize that you have been and will forever be good.

We have great need of your goodness, Father.  We need your love and faithfulness even now.  And we will need it for the rest of our days.  We need it in our times of strength and joy.  We need it in the times of our weaknesses when we feel we cannot make it through the trials we face.  We need your love, loving GOD.  We need your goodness, your long-suffering.  We need your gentleness, your wisdom, and peace.  We need your goodness.  You are the only one who knows how to get us where you and we want us to be.  And we long for you to take us there.

Please continue to breathe on us, Father.  Let us see and feel and realize the full awareness of the very breath of your goodness. Please bless us with words and ways to praise and thank you for your goodness to us.  Please help us honor you with the turning of our lives over to you in complete submission, worship, and adoration.   Please strengthen us to love you with obedience to your word.  You said that is how we show you we love you.  So, even in this, we need your help.  We are forever in need of your goodness.
Thank you for being GOD.  Thank you for your goodness.  Thank you for making a way in the wilderness moments, days and years of our time here on the earth.  Thank you for hiding us in you when we dwell in the secret place where you live.  Thank you for your forgiveness and for making all things new.  Thank you for what you have chosen to allow us to endure, for the strengthening that will come through that endurance and the cleansing and purifying fire of your goodness.  Thank you for perfecting praise in us and removing the filth that we have worn on our garments for so long.  

Thank you for making us holy through Yeshua, as we surrender our lives to you. Thank you for the joy that comes and that we will yet experience in our relationships with you.  Thank you for the mightiness of your goodness and love!  Nothing can conquer you, but we want you to capture us, conquer our hearts with your kindness and love.  What a beautiful and precious victory it will be!

We love you, loving God.  I love you, my Father and God.  May your life be found in me always. 

In Yeshua’s name…

‘My Victory’  

Friday, May 19, 2017


There is glorious Light all around us!  You are that Light, Lord God!  You are that Beauty.  You are that Purity.  You are Holiness.  Profound to behold, even to a small degree.  You are profound!  Extraordinary!  Almighty!  Glorious God!  You are Lovely!  You are Magnificent!  Glorious, Glorious, Glorious GOD!  What more could we want, but you?  What more could satisfy our hungry souls?  There is nothing else!  There is no one else!  There is no one like you!  You are Enough!  You are All in all!  You are Sufficiency! 

You are so much more than my words can say or my mind can conceive!  You are Astounding, Lord!  Just to sit and think about you makes me cry and laugh at the same time.  Joy Unspeakable!  You are Joy Unspeakable, Full of Glory!  That is who you are!  You are Protector and Defender!  You are Redeemer and Friend. 

Passionate GOD!  Loving GOD!  Infinite One!  My Father!  My GOD!  My Amazing King!  My Righteousness!  My One and Only Lord and Master, Ruler, Heartbeat! 
I run to you, even as I write these words.  I run with all I am and all I have…with all I want and all I need, I run to you.  

In my weakness, I run to you.  Here I am, Lord, my God.  Here I am, My Lover and my Friend.  I long for you.  I belong to you.  I am yours.  With all of my inadequacies, I come to you because I belong to you.  I desire you, Lord.  I am here.  I am unsure and small.  I am so dependent on your goodness.  How I need and want you.  Fill me up.  Overflow me with you.  Full to the brim and overflowing, Lord.  Please do that in me.  Make me LOVE for you.  Make me a vessel unafraid in your mighty and capable hand. 

Send me out, bring me in, tell me where to stand, sit, walk, what to say, when to be still. Tell me deep things about you.  This love is so much, so great, so beautiful and precious!  You are so tender and you are tender with and to me.  Please don’t let me hold onto one evil, sinful, negative thought, word or deed.  Please continue to reveal all I need to see that is mine to change.  Please purge and purify me for your Glory! 

Take me to new places, Lord.  Bring all you desire to me.  Send me where you will.  I ask you to restore all the enemy has stolen.  I ask you for everything you want in my life to come to pass.  I ask you for the very things you want for me.  I ask you, Lord, to fully have you way in me.  

I release all I know to release and all I do not know that needs to be released.  And I accept all you want and choose to give.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, my Loving and Merciful and always right, perfect and pure Father.  Thank you so much for your Gifts to me.  I love you, Lord.  Lead me today.  Order my steps.  Especially bless me to enjoy that deep, unbridled intimacy with your presence throughout this day.

It is my heart’s cry to be with you always.  Thank you for your rich, immeasurable, infinite, never-ending LOVE!  You are my Yes and Amen…
In Yeshua/Jesus’ name…  Let it be.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Good Morning, Good Father!

May your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth everywhere – in every space and at all times!  May you be glorified in us, Beautiful God!  Let all that you desire in us, from us and to, through and for us come to pass.  Be exalted in us today, Father.  Again this morning, I hear ‘Great Exploits”.  You have something excellent in mind!  Lord, please help us see it and not miss it!

I love how beautiful and faithful you are!  I love that You will always be GOD and that you always do what is right.  I love that you love music and beauty and art.  I love that you make the skies so beautiful and cause the trees to dance in the wind.  I love that you make delightful fragrances and deep, rich, soft colors.  I love that you created birds that sing and purring kitties and warm sunshine.  I love that you made stars that twinkle and waters that roar and rush and ripple and rest.  

I love that every day is different and every word you speak is trustworthy.  I love Who you are, even with the little knowing I have of you.  I love that you love me and never leave me alone.  I love your peace that comes in moments of trouble and that you will tell me things like how many extra baseball innings a game will go into, just because you are my friend and I am yours.  I love that you are such a good provider and that you are so thoughtful, giving good gifts to your children and surprising us with unexpected pleasure and delights!  I love you, LORD.  Thank you so much for loving me.

I pray for your kingdom to come and Your will on earth and in me, as it is in heaven. You are the Keeper of my heart, the Keeper of all time, space and eternity.  You are the Keeper of your word, and I bless you in my small way – with all I am – in your glorious Name! 

Thank you for the things you call us to walk through.  Thank you for showing us what stands between you and us, so we know what to pray and what to do.  Thank you for your great courage in us and for being the Mighty Conqueror and Warrior that you are!  Thank you for your boldness and your Love, spread abroad in the hearts and lives of your people.  Thank you for the open doors in front of us and the ones you have closed behind us.  Thank you for the Gift, Glory, and Beauty of your Presence with us!  Thank you for your Peace, poured out like the most beautiful waterfall, washing over us, refreshing, revitalizing and restoring us for each new day.

Thank you for your ministry to us and through creation, with the sounds of nature in the glory of the day.  Thank you for the sounds of the wind through the trees, the pouring rain, the rolling and crashing thunders and the brilliant flashes of lightning!  Thank you for the clouds of dazzling white – fluffy, towering, enormous and in all shapes and sizes.  Thank you for the storm clouds, also, Lord.  They are the reminder of the storms we face in life – and that the sun will shine once again on us and through our circumstances.  Thank you for the startlingly blue skies and the beautiful sunshine, for the moon, stars, the look of the heavens on a clear night and the sounds of the birds in the early morning hours.

Thank you for the lowing of the cattle in the pastures and the neighing of the horses in the meadows.  Thank you for the waves of the ocean as they pound the shores and the gentle lapping of the waters against the sands of the beach, for the bubbling sounds of the brooks as they wash across the rocks in the beds of the rivers and streams hidden in quiet places on the earth.

Lord, you have created so much beauty for us to behold!  You bless us every day of our lives, and we do not say thank you nearly often enough!  Please forgive us for not appreciating all you provide.  We do not appreciate it nearly enough!  Forgive our self-absorbed blindness to all of the wonders of your goodness in creation and generosity you bestow upon us.  How often have we missed what you were doing in our lives!  Distraction called and we listened far too many times, Father.  Please forgive us.  There is nothing more wonderful or beautiful than you and your gifts of life!  

We don’t want to miss anything you have for us to see, hear, think, say or do.  We don’t want to miss the time we need to rest from our daily labor by neglecting your call to us for Sabbath rest.  Help us see our need to slow down enough to be still and listen for your voice.  Help us to not miss one more thing from you, God.  You do not force yourself upon us.  We must choose – so help us choose wisely to sit at your feet, to lean in and listen to your heartbeat, to turn our ears and eyes to hear and see your every whisper and every move.  Help each one of your children love you far better than we do no matter how great the love we feel we already enjoy.  We pray for greater sensitivity to you, Father.  Take all of us who belong to you. Lead us into deeper, deeper, much much more profound love!

In Yeshua/Jesus' name let it be.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Oh, LORD GOD!  What great Glory you deserve!  What great Glory you are!!! How great, how astounding is the Lord God – the Almighty!  How could there ever be enough said or done or given to mention in the fullness your great Goodness and Glory?!  You have set everything in motion, created worlds without end, strewn stars across the skies, consoled a crying baby, and mended broken and wounded hearts throughout the ages.  You have crowned the eagle with majesty, found the lost and lifted up the downtrodden.  You’ve fixed scraped knees comforted the grieving father and mother, restored the broken relationship, established the powers that be, and set in motion the galaxies.

Your own heart has heard the heartfelt cries of your little ones. The worshiper has seen your robes and heard your voice.  You have defended the defenseless, planted the righteous, refreshed the weary, healed the sick, and encouraged the discouraged, performed wonders that cannot be named, hidden mysteries from our sight – to draw us near to you.  You have kept your word at every turn, never given up, always stayed faithful, prepared a place for us, and made provision for this moment and every moment of our lives.

You have called us into partnership with you, sung over us, called our names, given us dreams of hope, taught us to value you above all else, shown us your wisdom, bestowed upon us your grace and extended your hand of mercy.  You showed us what it means to suffer, to give, to surrender, anointed us with the oil of joy, covered our garments with the purity of your word, washed away our sins, surrounded us with angels, filled us with your Spirit and strengthened us for battle.

You have cried over our lack of faith and sung over our victories. You have told stories of your victorious saints and danced over us with gladness.  You have searched our hearts and set to right our reins when we have wandered.  You have brought us into your confidence and displayed your love and power to, in and through us.  You have awakened us in the night and called us to come away with you in the quiet hours of the morning.  You have drawn us into intimacy and kissed us with your love and peace.  You sat patiently and listened to our needy cries – and you have spoken words of life and ministered blessings of restoration to our hurts and losses.  You have humbled yourself and waited for us to mature by humbling ourselves before your throne. 

You have compassed us about with preparation for our next ventures and equipped us for battles that you call us to enter.  You have provided the medicine of your Spirit to heal our griefs and set to rights our wrong thinking.  You have been far above and beyond amazing in every way.  You have won and will continue to win, for you are truly the One and Only LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, perfect in all your ways, strong in every situation, Lover of our souls, Savior of our lives, Keeper of our hearts.

All blessing, honor, glory, and power be unto you!
In the Name above All Names
Yeshua/Jesus, the Christ
I will forever be your 'My Victory.'

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Thank You for creating us, LORD.  Thank You for letting us know that You are there and here…for desiring a relationship with us and for blessing us to ‘find’ You when we were so very lost and didn’t even know it. As we spend time in prayer with You through the words on these pages, we ask that you would please touch our hearts and our thoughts.  We want to hear You, LORD. 

Please also help us to always remember to start with praise!  Sometimes we may run headlong into conversations with You before we’ve even taken a moment to tell You how wonderful You are.  You are so good to us, and we don’t want to let that go unspoken – even in print.  And although our words are inadequate to fully do You justice, we believe that You still receive them and that because of Your great love for us and the desires of our hearts to please You, these words are acceptable to You, despite their inadequacies.  Thank You so much for that, Father.  You are our joy and my delight, and we cherish our time together with You!

So we thank You once more for Your goodness, Your Holiness, Your gentle kindness, Your faithfulness, Your eternal beauty, power, wisdom, and love!  Thank You for Your abundant mercy and Your all-encompassing grace.  Thank You for Your wisdom and generosity.  You freely supply provision for every need we could possibly ever have in our lives.  You willingly and lovingly protect and fiercely defend all of Your little ones, and we are grateful that You have called us to be Your own.
You make paths pure and straight where they have grown twisted through our neglect, so LORD, thank You for being our Way Maker. You open doors here-to-fore unseen and guard the entrances of those whose time has not yet come.  Revelation is at Your right hand and mysteries are in Your garments.  Precious jewels are tucked in significant number under the shadow of Your wings – hidden treasures to be joyfully discovered by those who are hidden in You!  

Trumpets herald the glories and goodness of GOD!  Diamonds dance in the sunlight of Your dawn!  Every object sings in Your presence and bows down in worship and deep adoration, honor, and respect at the mention of Your name!  Thrones are left unseated, for all creation bows to Your authority and know that only You are worthy to be seated in such places of honor and power!

Nothing can escape Your notice!  Nothing can ever change Your course, for You have no shadow of turning in Your Being!  The rudder of Your Righteousness calms the seas of distress in troubled hearts, and the winds of Holy Spirit fill the sails of the galaxies, ever increasing, ever expanding the Universe existent and that which is yet to come.  Portals of liquid Light that pour out continuously throughout all time and space are tucked in the heavens, between the stars, where the pools of light – like high waterfalls – dance with unspeakable beauty. 

And, like all of the creation, they know and stand in awe of You.  With great joy – with a full understanding of the reasons for their existence, the stars and the heavens hold their places to magnify Your name.  They see and know to maintain their duties, to perform with boldness and humility the tasks they have been given.  It is written by Your hand into every fiber of their beings!  

It is not just nations that will bow before Your throne!  It is not merely all that You have created – rather it is also all that You will bring forth in the future, for all things are ever present with You.  You ARE Spirit and time and timelessness and space and matter in the fullness of meaning.  All that is within Your heart to do will come forth in Your perfect time and way. 

From one end of eternity to the other, the sounds of worship will fill the spaces and places where you exist – which is everywhere.  Yes, they will be ever-expanding also, and always acknowledging Your eternal beauty in all that You are!  No space will be empty of praise to You!  No space will doubt that You are ALL in all!  You are mesmerizing in Your loveliness, O GOD!  You are beyond description in Your righteousness!  You Are that You Are that You Are!  You are GOOD!  Always and forever GOOD and RIGHT! 

If we could ask for this, it would be that You continually increase and perfect praise in our lives – now and always – that we may say and do only those things that touch Your heart with joy and satisfaction.  We pray that we may truly be vessels that draw others to You, so they may also learn to praise You humbly, with all that they are and do.

Thank you for always being GOD.  Thank You for being undefeatable, immovable, irreplaceable, never changing, always creating, ever faithful, all-powerful, ever humble GOD ALMIGHTY!  I pray for those who are coming along with me on this journey through praise, prayer, experiences You’ve given, dreams, visions, prophetic words, and worship. My prayer is that they will be drawn ever closer to You and will experience the gift of awareness of Your presence and love for them as never before.  

I pray that we will all be strengthened and encouraged to know that You are Who You say You are and that the revelation of that knowledge will be more fully written on our hearts and flow from us into the lives of others with each passing day.  You are always good, and we pray that you will help us all find You in every circumstance we encounter in our lives.

We willingly offer You the reins of our hearts and lives once again, Father, to be used according to Your good pleasure this day and every day hereafter!  In deep appreciation for the grace that offers us the gift of submission to You, we pray in `Yeshua/Jesus’ Name… Let it be done.


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