Wednesday, January 11, 2017


This is a call to the Body of Christ!  Bride of Christ!  Stand!  Arise in your glorious garments of war and worship!  Be righteous and go into battle arrayed in the Righteousness of GOD!  Go charging forward in GOD’S grace and wisdom, power, protection, and provision!  Go with praise on your lips and worship in your hearts and through your deeds.  Love as you’ve never loved before!  Sacrifice and conquer!  Remove and restore!  Plow and plant the seeds of salvation!  Speak words of life everywhere you go!  Use your sword and shield!  Fight and prevail! 

You cannot lose as you listen to and obey your Commander, Yeshua/Jesus – the Risen One!  The Messiah!  The Christ!  The victory is assured.  His ways and thoughts, so much higher than yours and mine, will lead us and there will be a win even when it looks like defeat.  Stay close to His side, and you will win because he has already won!  Don't give up when things seem hopeless.  Persevere when it appears all is lost!  It is not lost!  The victory is assured – for the victory is His, and we will be victorious if we will remain at His side! 

Ignore the taunts of the enemy!  His weapons are all smoke and mirrors.  His goal is to distract and divide, to try to get you to deviate from your assignment.  His purpose is designed so that you will be separated and destroyed.  His purpose is for you to be dissuaded, to get you to procrastinate, feel overwhelmed, drop your sword, sit down and quit, so he can kill you.  Remember that!  No more procrastination!  No more distraction!  No more deviation! 

Endure with joy!  This is an amazing Thing we are blessed with!  This gift and knowledge of and call by GOD!  The Hope of being in His Glorious Presence forever!!!  How blessed to have the opportunity!  How blessed to have been created!  How blessed to be alive at this time when the battle grows intense, but to be so equipped with His Spirit and His provision!!!!!  How blessed we are!!!!!

Let your praise pour forth to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!  Sing!  Sing!  Sing!  Every day sing to Him! Dance before His throne every day!  Open your mouth every day and shout to the world around you – and to the heavens above – the goodness and indestructibility of the only ONE TRUE LORD!  He is the Creator of everything, and He alone deserves your worship and praise!  Bow down before your King every day for the rest of your life!  Lie prostrate before Him, for only He is worthy to reign!  Kneel before Him as you would before a reigning monarch, awaiting your commissioning!  Then get up and go forth, with the full knowledge that you were already fully commissioned by Him 2000 years ago – 2000 years before you were even born! 

Have a happy, fulfilled life in Him and let that be where you find your satisfaction!  Let the knowledge of His love and desire for you be the landing place for you to find contentment when everything else would say that you do not have enough!  He is your Provision!  You will not lack!  The LORD GOD supplies every need you have, and He does it according to His riches in GLORY!  He is the Amazing One! He is the All-Glorious One! 

So turn every bit of YOU over to HIM!  Hold nothing back!  Absorb those three words and make them a banner you live by…HOLD NOTHING BACK!  Listen to His voice!  Be close enough to hear Him.  Test the spirits that whisper in your ear.  Learn, learn, and learn even more to recognize His voice!!!!!

You are beautiful to Him with every act of yielded love. In your obedience, your beauty grows.  Dress in the finery of loving obedience to your Creator/Father/Lord/GOD/King!  Clothe yourself with mercy, compassion, humility, charity, and generosity.  Wear them like beautiful jewels.  They are the ornaments and wedding gifts from your Bridegroom, so let them be sewn into your garments with glowing threads of the love you carry inside of your heart and life, for His Spirit lives there. 

Let nothing hinder your commitment to love and obey your heavenly Bridegroom.  You are His, and He is yours!  Rejoice in the knowing of those words and the truth behind them.  You are His, and He is yours.  Only the Bride can have Him.  And He will only have His one beautiful Bride!   Hallelujah!  Amen and amen and amen!!!

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