Sunday, November 1, 2015


Okay, so maybe those words don't seem to make sense.  To the world in which we live, broken things need to be fixed or tossed aside.  Especially in our western culture, it almost seems that only the strong and whole are beautiful.  Only the ones who have 'conquered it all' and 'climbed the mountain' are beautiful. Only those who have been able to achieve their dreams and made the grade are worthy to be praised.  Only those who make big money or score the big deal or write the next best seller or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Beloved Warrior Brides, broken is beautiful.  Broken is not weak, but rather yielded. It is the realization that we cannot do it on our own - that our strength is not enough. It is the place we come to when we discover that Someone greater than ourselves is required to make us whole.  And that is a place of great beauty in the sight of our Abba Daddy.  How we need Him every second of every day.

Not one of us has 'arrived' in every way.  Not one of us has every answer to every question.  I've yet to meet any human being on this earth who knows it all and does it all right.  Until Yeshua returns and we no longer 'see in part and know in part,' that will be the way it is. Every time I've thought I finally had it all together, Holy Spirit has made it abundantly clear that I will always need Him, always have need of what He alone can do in my life to 'fix' me.  I asked Him years ago to do whatever was necessary for my life to keep me humble.  In the way that is beautiful to Him, I rejoice in brokenness.  I rejoice in humility.

Human beings aren't my standard.  Yeshua/Jesus is the one 'standard' by which I choose to measure myself.  No one who can hold a candle to Him and no greater love in my heart than the love I carry for my Abba Father.  And Beloved Warrior Brides, He thinks broken is beautiful!

Proverbs 3:34 in the NIV says, "He mocks proud mockers but shows favor to the humble and oppressed."  James 4:6 echoes those words, as well.  GOD loves humility. He hates pride but will draw near to the humble and resist the proud.  And so He will do what needs doing, will present opportunities and trials and allow circumstances to come that will help us get there.  Sometimes, that can be a painful and challenging process, but the result can also be more beautiful than we can imagine!

He keeps your tears in a bottle.  He hears the cries of your heart.  He knows your pain and suffering.  And the good news is:  He will use it ALL.  Every bit.  Every struggle, every triumph, every joy, every sorrow, every every every everything you endure.  And He will do it with grace.  He will do it with tenderness and strength.  He will do it in ways that will amaze you as you look back one day and see the movement of His hand on your behalf.  He is GOOD.  Always.  Forever right.  Forever YHVH.

So when you walk through trials, lift your eyes above the hills from where your help comes. Beloved, your provision comes from the One Who created everything  It originates from the One Who knows your greatest desires and your deepest needs.  He is always faithful to finish His work.  That's His promise to you and me this day.  Not one word He has spoken will be left undone.  It will all make sense when we stand before His throne and see Him in His glory.

Embrace the brokenhearted.  Love the unlovable.  Love the rich, poor, selfish, needy, hopeless, homeless, young and old.  Love everyone.  Sometimes those with the greatest needs are those who know how to hide it best.  Pray for the gift to see past the smile into the hearts of the wounded.  Pray for the desire to be used as a vessel to bring hope into lives buried in hopelessness.  And remember that YHVH loves the brokenhearted.

What an amazing Father He is.

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