Thursday, February 19, 2015

Posts From Cool Breeze

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that someone has hacked our Facebook Cool Breeze Page. They linked it to a fake account called Breeze on a gossip website.  This person is posting very inappropriate and ungodly comments on news articles.

Please know that we take this seriously.  We are trying to remedy this situation, however, we are unfamiliar with the website rules in which this person is posting things under our name.  Therefore, all we can do at present is to flag the person as inappropriate and as using our name illegally.  Further, we are having difficulty with Facebook fixing the Cool Breeze Page that has been hacked.  We've been removed as administrators. Please join with us in praying this is resolved quickly.

At present, many people are confused as to why we would write such horrible things.  Please know this is not us  - neither Vicky, Chuck or anyone associated with Cool Breeze or FIJC.  Further, please know that we are outraged that this is even occurring.  Further, please join with us in notifying any website that is allowing someone to post using our names and the content is inappropriate or ungodly.  

Additionally, please email us or comment below if you see this person posting anywhere else.  We are not going to put a link to the website where this is occurring as we do not want to promote what this person is doing.  It was because someone emailed us that we even became aware of what had happened and is happening.

Thank you.

Vicky, Chuck and Cool Breeze

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