Friday, January 9, 2015


Hello dear readers!

Just want to stop by for a minute and share a link for those of you who may be doing any shopping on Amazon and who may be looking for a non-profit organization through which you can make charitable donations.  If you click on the link in this blog, it will take you to the website - www.edifiedwoman.  Once there, just click on the 'Ministries' page and then click on the 'Non Profit' in the drop down menu.  When you get to the FIJC page, you will find a link to at the bottom of that page.   If you make purchases through Amazon and want to make FIJC - the non-profit ministry for which I am responsible - your donations recipient, then just click on the link and it will get you started!  Then all you have to do is start shopping!  :D

Please take a moment to check out the website, if you have time to do so.  I hope that it will bless you and encourage you to draw ever closer to Yeshua/Jesus!  And if you are interested in becoming part of this work and want to get something started in your area, just contact me via the information on the Contact Page on the site.

Blessings to all this glorious day! 


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