Saturday, October 18, 2014


It's everywhere around us.  Look with new eyes, Beloved.  See how GOD has given us such a glorious world in which to live!  Look at the wonder of His creation.  It's a magnificent time of year - leaves changing to the most brilliant colors imaginable.  I love seeing the changes.  

I love knowing that we have a GOD who is the most fantastic designer!  He makes the trees sing with music and the grasses dance to the swaying winds that blow.  He makes the birds soar on wings that seem too fragile to carry anything at all!  He moves the sun across the sky, warming the cooler days with the reminder that HE is GOD, He is our breath and warmth and life and strength.  He is our comfort and our security, our refuge in times of trouble, our provider in times of need, our healer in times of sickness and our deliverer in times of adversity. 

He is all we could ever hope for and so much more than we will ever understand.  He is the power in the resurrection of Yeshua, the author of everything good and kind and wonderful.  He is so extravagant with His love that we are undone in His presence.  He is so mighty in His holiness that the weight of His glory can crush even the strongest man on earth.  He is beyond the scope of our imagination and outside of our ability to comprehend in all His ways.  He rides upon the wind and lives within the heartbeat of the unborn child.  He is mercy and grace.  He is perfect in every way, in every circumstance, in every part of His creation.  He is never-ending and always creating. 

He is steadfast and true.  He is not a man.  He does not lie.  We cannot see Him now, but we will one day.  If we walk with Him, we will be blessed to see Him face to face and to live with Him throughout eternity.  And we will be changed...utterly, completely changed...transformed into what we cannot know now, but one day we will know.  For we will see him and we will be made brand new.  He promised He would make all things new...  and I believe that as His children, we will be made new as well. 

For now, we live in this world.  We are not to be of it.  We are to be changed, transformed, made new in the life He's given us through His Son.  His work in us is not finished.  He is faithful to complete it, as it says in His word.  For now, He calls us to embrace the life we've been given - embrace it to the full - walking hand in hand with Him daily, loving those He puts in our paths, following Him into places that we would perhaps never choose to go on our own, but will go willingly because He loves and cares for those who are lost.  We will go because we love Him more than life itself.  We will go because He beckons to us, encourages and strengthens us for the journey.  We will go because He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We will say 'yes' to Him, because He said 'YES' to the Father in order that we might be saved.  We will be hungry and thirsty and tired for him, because He is the Love of Our Lives...  We will worship and praise and honor and adore Him.  We will follow Him everywhere He leads us. 

And we will see the return of our Savior Yeshua one day.  Yes, indeed.  We will see Him come again in the clouds with His angels - with the sound of a trumpet - riding on a white horse with His robe dipped in the blood of the saints.  We will see Him and we will shout for joy and tremble for fear, hoping that He will come to take us with Him.  We will bow the knee, as will every creature on earth, and declare that He IS LORD.  We will cry with joy and shout with abandon for the One who loves us this much.  We will not be afraid to say what He tells us to say and to do what He asks us to do.  And if fear comes to steal our obedience, or if doubt comes to steal our trust and confidence in Him, we will look once again upon the glory of the LORD whose promise to us is that He will never leave nor forsake us, but will instead give us all we need to do all that He asks.  And we will be victorious, because the battle has been fought and won by our Lord and we are His people, the sheep of His pasture.  Look at the beauty in the season.  Look at the designer who made it all.  Look with awe an wonder.  Never lose the childlike quality and beauty of awe and wonder for the LORD.  He is GOOD.  His mercy endures forever!

Beloved, He has called you by name!  Roll around, sing, run, jump, kneel, get on your face, shout, cry, weep, dance, clap, proclaim and laugh with joy in the wonder - in the BEAUTY of His love!

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