Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello, Dear Readers!

Wow... Long time no write, huh? Well, it's probably due in part to the fact that I don't like to write only for the sake of writing. I want to have something that is going to pique the interest of those who visit this blog. I don't know that the words I pen actually do that, but that is the goal!I'm sitting here reflecting on how much things can change in such a short amount of time. For example, seven months ago on December 19th, I got married. The picture you see here is of my husband and me. We're also entertainers and this is one of our publicity shots. Just wanted to share it with you! Funny, it seems as though our wedding was just yesterday and at the same time, as though we've been married forever. That's good. I pray that for everyone who marries...that you will find your mate and rest in the love that you enjoy with one another for all your days.

This isn't my first marriage...but it is my last. And for those of you who have been or are married, I don't need to tell you that marriage cannot succeed without change... No longer are you an entity unto yourself once you marry someone (praise God!), but you are part of a union that requires you to stretch and grow in ways you may never have imagined you would. Sometimes the stretching is painful...learning to sacrifice your 'all about me and what I want to do' ways for the 'how can I bless this union so that we become truly ONE' attitude. Lofty thought, but sometimes not so easy to do! But then, I have learned that if you truly truly truly love someone, the sacrifices aren't so difficult to make at all.

Of course, for those of you who follow this blog, you know I'm going to relate this to our relationship with the Lord. As we learn more about Him and grow more deeply in love with Yeshua/Jesus, we find it less and less difficult to sacrifice our selfish desires in exchange for pleasing Him. And we do it because of the love that we have for Him...love that can only increase each day as we more fully surrender ourselves, our plans and everything we have to Him. Drawing closer to Him, we can see more clearly how He is busily at work in our lives, being faithful to His word and opening new doors into our futures with Him. And we begin to SEE and KNOW His love for us.

Yeshua/Jesus is a loving, generous, powerful, tender, wise and fiercely passionate husband. He is faithful beyond measure - never taking His bride for granted, but rather always inviting her to come closer to Him. HE wants her to catch the vision He has for the marriage, to learn more about the Father and to grow ever more confident and powerful in her love for Him. He is always inviting His bride to walk forward with full purpose of heart, knowing that He is the Ever Faithful and True King of Kings and He has chosen and called her to a destiny that she cannot possibly achieve on her own... He invites His bride to lay down her own selfish desires and to take up a cross and sword, to walk beside Him in the strength that only He can provide as she submits her life to His plans. He proves His love for her every day and calls her beautiful...the most beautiful bride in the world. He arms her with His strength as she rests in Him and He surrounds her with angelic hosts who protect and defend her - who minister to her because she is His bride - an heir of salvation - one who will inherit the kingdom of heaven and rule and reign beside her Husband/King. He equips her with wisdom and covers her with His glory as she surrenders herself to Him. And He becomes One with her, even as He is ONE with the Father. It's the most beautiful marriage in the world - and in the universe. And the Bridegroom - Yeshua/Jesus - is the One who asked for her hand - your hand - my hand - in this most beautiful marriage of all time and all eternity.

So, when you consider what it is like to be truly married - truly one with your spouse - remember this: the decisions you make every single day of your life are a reflection of what kind of bride you will be for your King. Learn submission in right ways... Seek His heart to find out where there is division between you and your earthly spouse... Ask Him where there is strife in your marriage and then get rid of it! Even if you are not married, you need to evaluate yourself in regard to your relationships with others. Ask Him to show you your own pride and when He does, lay it down and walk away from it. Your beauty isn't found in your appearance, intelligence, abilities or anything human. Your beauty is found in HIM. You are beautiful - gloriously beautiful - when you surrender yourself to your Bridegroom. Ask Him to show you how you can be a more submissive partner (remember, the Bible says that we are to submit to one another...not just women to men, but to each other). Ask Him to show you how to prefer your spouse over yourself. Ask Him to teach you how to be patient, to be humble, to surrender your will so that you walk in obedience to the desires of His heart. Obedience is just another word for love. 1 John 5:3 says, "This is love for God - that you obey His commands.

Ask Him to show you every little thing you do that brings division between you and your spouse. You don't need Him to show you what is wrong with your spouse - although you may need to ask Him what you can do to bless your spouse in areas where he/she is weak, whether in the relationship with you, with God or with others. Ask the Lord to make you the 'bride' He wants you to be. I know there are men reading this blog. The bride of Christ is made up of men and women... So if you belong to Him and have given Him your life, you are His bride - no matter what your gender may be. This isn't about gender. It's about our spirits - our real selves. Remember, God is Spirit and those who worship Him must do so spirit and in truth. Let's trust Him to work out all the details and just learn to submit to and love Him!

Ask Him to do the work in you that only He is able to accomplish. And then, beloved, let go and allow it to happen. Don't try to orchestrate that work. You can't. Don't try to figure it all out so that you can do it on your own. Again...you can't. Just let Him take you by the hand and lead you into His chambers of love. Go there willingly. Surrender yourself to His love and His leadership. His banner over you is love. His plan for you is love. His heart for you is love. You were created to be one on whom He can pour His overflowing, sacrificial, passionate love. You were created to share His glorious kingdom with Him. You were created because He loved you before He even formed you in your mother's womb. You are the longing of His heart - you are His bride...if you surrender yourself to His will and His ways. He will take you into heaven one day and you will sit at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb...as His bride. He will present you to His Father and you will be more deliriously happy than you or I can possibly imagine.

But it all starts with change. Change your mind and ways if you are being disobedient to Him. Change the ways you look at your relationships with everyone. Change how you respond to difficult circumstances, if your responses need to be changed. Change your attitude about submission to everyone around you. If you're constantly giving into Satan's plans, change your mind and your ways and give your full self to God. Change your heart. Change your direction. Change your mind. Change your plans. Give EVERYTHING to Yeshua/Jesus. Become ONE with Him.

Eternity is a really really really long time.... This life is our opportunity to learn how to be a righteous bride in Christ. I still have a long way to go, but I'm working on it... How about you?



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