Friday, April 1, 2011

The Rattlesnake Option

Good morning, Readers. I hope this morning's blog really blesses you! And don't worry about the rattler in the picture. He can't get to you...or can he??? I woke up this morning with the Lord talking to me about the ways we human beings let the devil get away with murder sometimes...and we just sit idly by and not only allow it to happen, but assist in the very act itself. In a way, I guess we could say that we sometimes become the devil's accomplices. This blog is about what the Lord showed me this morning. And He showed me by using the following vision/story. Here's what I saw in the Spirit... A rattlesnake was coiled inside a cage. The door of the cage was closed, but then a man opened the door. He didn't do anything...just stood there looking at the rattler and waiting, knowing full well that the thing could strike at any time ~ with deadly accuracy. He didn't try to close the door. He figured he'd get around to closing it later, if at all. He knew that opening the door put his life in danger, but he wasn't really concerned about it because he didn't believe the snake would actually strike him. He reasoned that opening the door made it easier to see the snake and that watching it seemed to have a calming effect on him. But that was a lie. And the man wasn't tormenting the snake. He wasn't even taunting it. He was just removing the only obstacle that stood between himself and the poisonous reptile. The snake looked very passive and not at all threatening, coiled up in that cage. Relaxed, actually. He wasn't worried about timing. He knew he had the advantage now, because of the permission he'd been given when the man opened the cage door. But there was no doubt in the serpent's mind that he would strike. The poison inside the rattlers body was very real. The fangs were long, sharp and well hidden inside its mouth, capable of deeply puncturing the flesh and delivering as much toxic venom as he desired. He was watching the man. There was incredible danger in what appeared to be a non-threatening scene. And although the man knew that the snake was not his friend and even hated him, he foolishly believed that he was safe and could take his time closing the door he had so unwisely opened. Still, the rattlesnake was in no hurry to strike just yet. He knew that he had to bide his time... After all, the man had given the snake permission to attempt to kill him. And of course, because of his hatred for the man, the snake would do just that, if the door remained open long enough. Enough. I'm sure we all get the picture. God wants us to examine the things we allow in our lives. He warns us out of His deep love for us...telling us to be careful about the cage doors we're willing to open. In this particular experience, the Lord was talking to me about someone I dearly love who thinks that a behavior he's involved in won't actually hurt him. But the enemy lies in wait...watching...mesmerizing...lying to this man. Telling him that his behavior isn't dangerous. And the longer my friend watches, the more deeply he is drawn into the lie ~ and the greater the chance that the snake will strike a deadly blow ~ one that may be impossible to recover from because of the man's CHOICE to participate in the behavior. Years ago, God used another example for me to share with His children ~ and to remember for myself as well. The snake-and-cage parable this morning is like the children-in-the-backyard parable He gave me then. It's very simple. A father tells his children that they can play in the back yard, but to stay inside the fence, because directly behind the fence is a highway. As long as the children are inside the fenced yard, they remain safe from harm. With huge trucks speeding down that highway at 75 miles per hour, it would be foolish for the children to think they would be safe to play outside of the area their father provided. They may escape a few oncoming vehicles if they don't obey him, but the chances of them being hit and killed are HUGE if they disobey. Can't you just imagine what it must sound like to their dad as they run out into the traffic shouting, "Please protect us, dad..." They 'opened the cage door', so to speak. They stepped outside of the father's protection by their own choices to leave the yard. Their father can only do so much, because they chose disobedience. And anytime there is disobedience, there are consequences. Sometimes deadly ones, at that. I'm reminded of 1 Corinthians 6:12..."Everything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me ~ but I will not be mastered by anything. (Yeah, can't say that it's beneficial to be bitten by the rattler or run over by the trucks on the highway!!!) Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body." I'm praying for my friend. I'm praying for you all, too. And ~ oh, yes ~ I'm praying for myself... Please, dear God, bless us to want to do your will more than we want to satisfy the cravings of our own flesh. Bless us to keep the cage doors closed, tempting as they may be. Bless us to remember that satan and his filthy demons lie in wait on the other sides of those cage doors, doing all they can to ensnare us. How we need your wisdom and strength, Lord! Bless us to be smart enough to stop playing around with the devil and to remember that we were bought with an extraordinary price...the life of Jesus Christ, crucified for each one of us. We say we love You. We say we love the Lord. Bless us to be ravenous in our hearts to prove it to You. You told us how to do that in 1 John 5:3,4..."This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world." We say we love You, Father. Bless us to choose to show You that we really do. In Yeshua/Jesus' Name.... Amen. Shut the doors that are open, dear friends. If you have any open, that is... Your life is precious in God's sight. Don't play around with it ever again. Be courageous and very strong. Hold onto Jesus. He'll take you through all the temptations and even provide you with the strength to firmly shut the cage doors, no matter how impossible it may seem. That's right.... Go ahead.... Close the door and step away from the cage! Love you all! Vicky


  1. That is a good analogy Vicky, What is it that makes a man to do things He knows that will destroy him. Physically and spiritually. Man will smoke, drink, take drugs, overeat, dare and defy things that he knows could and will destroy him. It is though man in his natural state has a death wish. Pronouncing upon himself a curse yet all the while denying it to those around him. Yes God took the sting out of death but man places himself back into harms way. Too often people lay in there deathbeds before they realize this. And what is sad is some people will destroy their health by abuse and then after they start falling apart become angry at God for not protecting them or restoring their health. We need to take authority over the very sin nature that wants to destroy us, What is that old saying," i am my worst enemy?" Keep up the good work sweet Vicky.

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