Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Beloved - Part 6

(And so, it is time for the last portion of this message from God. I hope this has blessed you as you've read and considered the words in it. I have been blessed to read them, too. There is more to come, but for this day, this is enough. Have a wonderful day! And now, for the last part of this message...)

"Bring these words to Me, little one. The enemy will try to steal them from you, but I will confirm them to you daily as you come to Me. You will see your self-esteem, which is found in me, begin to grow as you take hold of My hand and learn from Me, leaning only on Me for the sufficiency and provision you need. Remember, what I open, no one can shut and what I shut, no one can open. Turn, turn, turn. This is the season for you to turn. Turn to Me. Turn away from the lies of the enemy. Turn away from a closed and wounded heart to an open and healed one. This will come to you as you take hold of My hand and turn to Me anew.

Treasure these words of Mine, beloved. Seek me often for the refreshing you need everyday. Remember that My mercies are new ever morning. Remember, I came so that you would have more abundant life. Do not waste the opportunity to enjoy your life abundantly on this side of Heaven by choosing to listen to the lies of the enemy or by living in the hurts and disappointments of the past.

Listen to Me. Follow Me and learn from Me. I will fill you days with wonder. And remember this - even as it is written in My word...

I AM with you always, even unto the ends of the earth."

From the Lord and Savior, Yeshua Ha'Maschiach...Jesus the Christ.

(Blessings to all of you. I have enjoyed sharing these words from our wonderful Savior. I hope you have listened with the ears of your spirit as you read them. Have a fantastic day! Vicky)


  1. BEAUTIFUL song. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. superb song its great to share with us thank u :)
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