Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Beloved - Part 5

(Dear Readers, hope you're pondering, praying over and absorbing this message from our fantastic Lord, Jesus Christ! Now, back to the message...)

See me in the people around you, for I AM there. See Me in the trials you are enduring and will endure in the future, for I will be there with you, also. Do not believe the enemy anymore. I have not rejected you. Your acceptance is found in Me. I AM your security. Let the plans I have for you cause you to rejoice, even though you don't have any idea what they are. I am delighted when My children praise Me and adore me when their lives look like they are falling apart. My passion for My little ones who are suffering and struggling, but still worshipping and thanking Me, blesses My heart, beloved.

Do you think I can overlook those little ones and turn a deaf ear to their cries? Do you think that you can love your children more than I love Mine? Do you know that you are My little child, My little one and that I hear your cries? Do you think I cannot see when you turn away, often expecting to be rejected by others? Do you think I don 't know that you also expect to be rejected by Me? Do you think I cannot see that you believe I have turned away from you, disappointed in who you are? Do you think I have been surprised by the events in your life or that I allow difficult things to come your way in order to punish you? Do you think I ask you these questions without knowing the answers of your heart? Do you think I don't know the desires of your heart? Do you not know that it is my joy and delight to give you the desires of your heart?

When will you let go of your past and step with me into this moment, today? When will you be ready to trust Me for what has been? Do you know that there are times I wrap My arms around you to comfort you? Do you know that I AM right here with you, right now? Do you know that I am deeply and profoundly, wonderfully and passionately in love with you?

Turn your eyes to Me. Keep them here, on Me. When you find yourself looking down or seeking the acceptance of others, remember that I AM the only acceptance you will ever need. Lift up your eyes to the hills. Your Help comes from Me. I Am and will be with you, always.

(To be continued...)





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