Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Beloved - Part 4

Dear Readers, I hope you are being blessed as you read and consider - and pray over these words in the "My Beloved" message. Here is part 4)

"Do you look around you and wonder what is next? Do you feel somewhat lost right now? You are not lost. You are exactly where I want you. This is our time. Do not miss it. Do not look at the theology you have been taught by men and think that I am not able to speak with you in this way - through the weak vessel I have chosen to pen these words from Me to you. It is time for your little mind to grow. It is time for you to begin to trust Me in ways that are foreign to you and the teachings you have received from men. Know that some of what you have learned has been from Me, but there have also been teachings you have received that came from men and not from Me.

Remember the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Remember also the Tree of Life. I AM the Tree of Life. Many men and women, many pastors and theologians eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They have chosen the lesser of the two choices available to them in this. They reason in their own minds and develop human "Christian" theology that comes from their understanding, rather than choosing to come to ME - their Source - and eat from the Tree of Life. They do not always rightly divide My words and they stand in judgment of those individuals and beliefs that do not fit their doctrines. I tell you, I AM the Doctrine. I AM the Tree of Life from which you are called to eat. You will not always understand, even as you question now some of the things that you are hearing and reading. You are still a child and no matter how old you become or how long you live with Me in eternity, you will never know everything I know. Remember I said that you must become as a little child. You cannot see that you are a little child to me. You think that you have grown up and you do not understand that I want you to be a little child. I want you to learn to depend on Me and trust Me for what I am doing in your life. I want you to grow up and become a little child.

Remember, it is written that if you will trust in me with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but will instead acknowledge Me in all your ways, I will direct your paths. Do you not know that I direct your paths, beloved? Do you not understand that the paths I will lead you on are filled with joy as well as sorrow, with rejection as well as acceptance and love? Do you only see a half-empty glass? Wake up, wake up, wake up, sleepy child of Mine! I have called you. I have chosen you and called you by name! I AM your Father. I AM your DAD. Rejoice in the knowledge that I still have many wonderful places for you to go and many beautiful things for you to see. You will laugh and cry with Me. You will understand more about Me as you step out of religion and tradition, and experience Me instead. You will grow up to become a little child as you embrace ME and My love for you each day."

(To be continued...)



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