Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Beloved - Part 3

(Dear Readers, here is the next portion of the message...)

Have you allowed yourself and your identity to become wrapped up in your position or circumstances in life? Do you think that was ever My plan for you? I do not love you based on your performance or your situation. In your mind you know that is true, but your heart has not yet comprehended that I love you because you are Mine. I loved the very idea of you so much that I chose to create you. Yes, I can see all of your faults. I know every weakness and sin you wrestle with. Your value to Me is not based on your performance, beloved. Your value is based on the fact that I love you. You cannot earn that love, nor can you reason it out.

Remember, all things are in Me. I loved you before you were born and I saw you before you were created. I knew you even as a mother knows the child she carries in her womb, before that child ever sees the first light of day. The difference is that I AM GOD and I saw all of your days before you experienced the first breath in your little lungs or the first thought in your little brain. You are not loved because you chose Me, beloved. I chose you, remember? I chose you and called you. You answered Me because I placed the longing in your heart - a longing that you did not understand, but one that you cannot deny exists. My plans for you are not finished; in that you must rest assured. Know also that I chose you and called you out of the depths of My love for you. I wanted you from the beginning, beloved. I want you still.

(To be continued...)



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