Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Beloved - Part 2

(Dear Readers, this is part two of a message from our Lord. Part one is in a previous blog. Blessings as you read and consider these words...)

"Again I say to you, I AM calling you away. Come away with Me, beloved. Come and learn more of Me. I have the rest your soul needs. I have the rest your wounded spirit cries out for. Remember that my yoke is easy and My burden is light. You have sought to carry the burdens of others for many years, but dear beloved, I AM the One with the shoulders on which those burdens can be easily borne. I AM the Good Shepherd and I AM here, waiting for you to cast your cares on Me, for I care for you.

These words are not just nice platitudes for quoting from the pulpits, but so many of those who occupy positions of authority in the churches do not understand the truth of these words. It is far easier for men to carry their own positions than to release control and surrender their authority to Me. The temptation to have honor and power are built into the soulish realms of carnal man. However, unless the soul of a man or woman submits to My will and allows itself to be placed under the authority of My Spirit, there will be no true rest for that soul, and the people will suffer.

Do not give in to the temptation to let your soul rule any longer. Your spirit man must learn to tell your soul to 'sit down and shut up' so that you can endure the trials, temptations and rejection of this world. Those things will always be there, beloved. You must learn to overcome them by My Spirit and by the Blood of the Lamb. I have given you the keys of understanding in some areas through the written words in the Bible, but you must come to Me for greater understanding of My ways. Remember that I have said in My Word that My Holy Spirit would come to be with you and teach you everything you need to know. When you read, ask Me to speak to you. Ask Me to open My Word to you and then listen as Holy Spirit speaks to you. Hold onto the truth you have learned in My word - the Bible - and realize that the Bible is My book, but I AM the Author. Spend your time with Me, no matter what you are doing, so that I can teach you by My Spirit.

Remember that the government is on My shoulders and that it should be thus in the church. Remember that all will give an accounting before Me and I will judge with wisdom, mercy, justice, grace and holiness. Pray for those who have abused or misused their authority in your life. Pray that I will extend mercy and bring them to understanding and conviction about their sins, so that they see the need for repentance. Ask Me to soften their hearts. You must never judge their hearts, for you cannot see clearly into their motives or understand why they respond in the ways they do. Know this: I do not desire to lose one of them. They are all precious to me and I continue to labor with them, even as I labor with you. That labor is borne out of love for you, beloved. Choose to love those who have hurt you. Choose to let go of the anger that has tempted you to become bitter toward others - and even tempted you to turn away from Me. Pray also that I will bring greater clarity to you of your sins so that I can extend the same mercy to you that I ask you to extend to others. Ask Me to show you your own sin, so that you can humble yourself in those times when the enemy tempts you to rise up in pride or anger against others because of the sins and weaknesses in their lives. Repent - turn away from your anger and do not allow the seeds of bitterness to find place in you.

I do not say these words to you for any reason but one. It is because of My profound love for you, beloved. You must learn to forgive and let go - completely - of the sins of others, whether they have sinned against you, your loved ones or those you care about. Remember, all have sinned and fallen short of My glory. You cannot afford to allow any one's sin to cause you to pass judgment. You must leave that to Me. You must freely forgive - freely, freely, freely, freely forgive. I have forgiven you for what My Son endured on the Cross for you - the beatings, the rejection, the nails, the sin - I laid all of it on Him for you, beloved. I did it because I desire that you will be with Me always - not just when things are going smoothly for you. Forgive, forgive, forgive so that the Blood of the Lamb can cover you completely.

Learn that I, too, hate the blows of the enemy against My children and I will render judgment. He knows that his time is short and his fury has been unleashed on all people, but you must not let his winds of hate blow you away."

(To be continued...)



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