Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Beloved - Part 1

Good morning! This post is part one of a prophetic word that I believe the Lord wants me to share with my readers. Due to it's length, I am dividing it into several posts. As with all prophetic words from the Lord, it is our responsibility to take it to Him for confirmation of its truth and origin.

Blessings to all! Now, here is the message...

My Beloved,

I call you My beloved, for indeed you are one I cherish and adore. Your heart beats because I tell it to beat. You have eyes to see the beauty of life all around you. This is the beauty that I have created and this is the desire that I have for you. Every day I call you to open your eyes and see the beauty. Breathe deeply the fragrance of ME in the life I have given you. Listen to the sound of MY creation as you go about your daily tasks. Do not wonder if I am with you every moment of the day, for I AM. There is never a time that I am not aware of your needs, hurts and desires. There is never a time when you are out of My sight or My mind. I watch everything you do each day and long for you to choose joy in the midst of your trials. I long for you to be encouraged in the knowledge that you already possess - knowledge that I have given you the ability to do everything through the strength that flows from Me.

You wonder why some things have happened and look to the wrong sources for their causes. I AM your purpose in this life. I have allowed and even called some things into being for MY own purposes for you. I have called you, and you have wrestled in your mind with the actions of others. You have wondered what could have been done differently. That is not the point, beloved. You have been called by Me to come away. We have places to go, you and I, and you must be willing to trust me in this or we will not be able to move forward together with joy and hope into the plans I have made for your future. I am calling you to come closer still in our relationship - to trust Me in what your life has become for now, as well as for the things which you cannot see that lie ahead for you. This journey we are going on will be different from what you have experienced in the past. I am taking you to places you did not know you would be going, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you get there.

When you are tempted to be discouraged or depressed, I ask you to remember the rejection I endured by My creation. Do not wonder any longer about your own rejection in this life. You know that I have told you in My word - and through My Word that you will be rejected and despised by men because you belong to Me. Do you wonder why? Go back and read again where I have said that they would reject you if they have rejected Me. Read again where I have said that the servant is not greater than the Master. Read those words with greater understanding of the depth of My suffering, knowing that it is for your own good that you have endured these things. You have a greater ability to understand more clearly the pain and suffering of your Lord as you embrace the Cross you bear now. Do not despise the things you have been through. Embrace this season in your life, for I am teaching you many things.

Allow your heart to be and remain soft towards Me. Your adversary has been roaring about "like a lion, seeking whom he may devour" and he desires to devour you. But I call you to remember that he is not a real lion. He is a liar and a thief. I call you to remember that his power was destroyed when I took back the keys of death and hell. I call you to remember that you are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness and rulers, against principalities and powers in high places. I call you to remember that those principalities, rulers and powers are not willing that you should know they exist, but prefer instead to hide in darkness and try to convince you that people are your real problem.

I call you to remember that I AM the Lion of Judah. I AM the First and the Last. I AM your Savior, your Prince and your King. I AM the Father of your children. I AM the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. I AM and I will always be I AM. No one can change that. There is no other GOD but ME. I AM here for you today and tomorrow. I AM here to comfort you, to strengthen and encourage you. I AM here to reveal Myself to you in ways you never imagined. I AM much more than you can comprehend in your finite little mind. I AM and will always be your Defender and Protector, your HIGH TOWER, your Very Best Friend. Run to Me, beloved. I AM the safe place for you to hide. Hide in ME. Cry to ME. SHOUT TO ME. Pour out your heart to ME. I AM. And you belong to ME.

(To be continued...)



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