Thursday, April 7, 2011

God's Lace on Earth

Pear trees... Dogwood... Redbuds... Don't you just love the beautiful 'lace' of these trees every Spring? And there's so much more than just those on which to feast your eyes. God is amazing. Beauty everywhere. Embrace it. Drink it in today. Feast, feast, feast, beloved child of HIS!!! Passionate, colorful, playful, artistic God designed it all. He's wonderful. Magnificent. Elaborate. Extravagant. Majestic. There aren't enough words to describe the Indescribably Beautiful Creator, Lord God Almighty....YHVH...Jehovah...Jesus Christ...Yeshua Ha Maschiach...Alpha and Omega... One Eternal Round... HOLY!!!

Just wanted to have a moment with you all to adore the Living, One and Only True God Thanks for joining me!!!

Many blessings to you all. I'm asking God to give you a wonderful surprise today. Be watchful and listening and let me know what you get if you want to!!! Unless you tell me otherwise, I'll post it for our other friends on here ~ and we can just ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER!!!

Love to all...


1 comment:

  1. yes ! u r doing a very peaceful work .
    when ever a person get so depressive he only read this so he found a relaxation .



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