Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Beloved - Part 6

(And so, it is time for the last portion of this message from God. I hope this has blessed you as you've read and considered the words in it. I have been blessed to read them, too. There is more to come, but for this day, this is enough. Have a wonderful day! And now, for the last part of this message...)

"Bring these words to Me, little one. The enemy will try to steal them from you, but I will confirm them to you daily as you come to Me. You will see your self-esteem, which is found in me, begin to grow as you take hold of My hand and learn from Me, leaning only on Me for the sufficiency and provision you need. Remember, what I open, no one can shut and what I shut, no one can open. Turn, turn, turn. This is the season for you to turn. Turn to Me. Turn away from the lies of the enemy. Turn away from a closed and wounded heart to an open and healed one. This will come to you as you take hold of My hand and turn to Me anew.

Treasure these words of Mine, beloved. Seek me often for the refreshing you need everyday. Remember that My mercies are new ever morning. Remember, I came so that you would have more abundant life. Do not waste the opportunity to enjoy your life abundantly on this side of Heaven by choosing to listen to the lies of the enemy or by living in the hurts and disappointments of the past.

Listen to Me. Follow Me and learn from Me. I will fill you days with wonder. And remember this - even as it is written in My word...

I AM with you always, even unto the ends of the earth."

From the Lord and Savior, Yeshua Ha'Maschiach...Jesus the Christ.

(Blessings to all of you. I have enjoyed sharing these words from our wonderful Savior. I hope you have listened with the ears of your spirit as you read them. Have a fantastic day! Vicky)

My Beloved - Part 5

(Dear Readers, hope you're pondering, praying over and absorbing this message from our fantastic Lord, Jesus Christ! Now, back to the message...)

See me in the people around you, for I AM there. See Me in the trials you are enduring and will endure in the future, for I will be there with you, also. Do not believe the enemy anymore. I have not rejected you. Your acceptance is found in Me. I AM your security. Let the plans I have for you cause you to rejoice, even though you don't have any idea what they are. I am delighted when My children praise Me and adore me when their lives look like they are falling apart. My passion for My little ones who are suffering and struggling, but still worshipping and thanking Me, blesses My heart, beloved.

Do you think I can overlook those little ones and turn a deaf ear to their cries? Do you think that you can love your children more than I love Mine? Do you know that you are My little child, My little one and that I hear your cries? Do you think I cannot see when you turn away, often expecting to be rejected by others? Do you think I don 't know that you also expect to be rejected by Me? Do you think I cannot see that you believe I have turned away from you, disappointed in who you are? Do you think I have been surprised by the events in your life or that I allow difficult things to come your way in order to punish you? Do you think I ask you these questions without knowing the answers of your heart? Do you think I don't know the desires of your heart? Do you not know that it is my joy and delight to give you the desires of your heart?

When will you let go of your past and step with me into this moment, today? When will you be ready to trust Me for what has been? Do you know that there are times I wrap My arms around you to comfort you? Do you know that I AM right here with you, right now? Do you know that I am deeply and profoundly, wonderfully and passionately in love with you?

Turn your eyes to Me. Keep them here, on Me. When you find yourself looking down or seeking the acceptance of others, remember that I AM the only acceptance you will ever need. Lift up your eyes to the hills. Your Help comes from Me. I Am and will be with you, always.

(To be continued...)



My Beloved - Part 4

Dear Readers, I hope you are being blessed as you read and consider - and pray over these words in the "My Beloved" message. Here is part 4)

"Do you look around you and wonder what is next? Do you feel somewhat lost right now? You are not lost. You are exactly where I want you. This is our time. Do not miss it. Do not look at the theology you have been taught by men and think that I am not able to speak with you in this way - through the weak vessel I have chosen to pen these words from Me to you. It is time for your little mind to grow. It is time for you to begin to trust Me in ways that are foreign to you and the teachings you have received from men. Know that some of what you have learned has been from Me, but there have also been teachings you have received that came from men and not from Me.

Remember the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Remember also the Tree of Life. I AM the Tree of Life. Many men and women, many pastors and theologians eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They have chosen the lesser of the two choices available to them in this. They reason in their own minds and develop human "Christian" theology that comes from their understanding, rather than choosing to come to ME - their Source - and eat from the Tree of Life. They do not always rightly divide My words and they stand in judgment of those individuals and beliefs that do not fit their doctrines. I tell you, I AM the Doctrine. I AM the Tree of Life from which you are called to eat. You will not always understand, even as you question now some of the things that you are hearing and reading. You are still a child and no matter how old you become or how long you live with Me in eternity, you will never know everything I know. Remember I said that you must become as a little child. You cannot see that you are a little child to me. You think that you have grown up and you do not understand that I want you to be a little child. I want you to learn to depend on Me and trust Me for what I am doing in your life. I want you to grow up and become a little child.

Remember, it is written that if you will trust in me with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but will instead acknowledge Me in all your ways, I will direct your paths. Do you not know that I direct your paths, beloved? Do you not understand that the paths I will lead you on are filled with joy as well as sorrow, with rejection as well as acceptance and love? Do you only see a half-empty glass? Wake up, wake up, wake up, sleepy child of Mine! I have called you. I have chosen you and called you by name! I AM your Father. I AM your DAD. Rejoice in the knowledge that I still have many wonderful places for you to go and many beautiful things for you to see. You will laugh and cry with Me. You will understand more about Me as you step out of religion and tradition, and experience Me instead. You will grow up to become a little child as you embrace ME and My love for you each day."

(To be continued...)



My Beloved - Part 3

(Dear Readers, here is the next portion of the message...)

Have you allowed yourself and your identity to become wrapped up in your position or circumstances in life? Do you think that was ever My plan for you? I do not love you based on your performance or your situation. In your mind you know that is true, but your heart has not yet comprehended that I love you because you are Mine. I loved the very idea of you so much that I chose to create you. Yes, I can see all of your faults. I know every weakness and sin you wrestle with. Your value to Me is not based on your performance, beloved. Your value is based on the fact that I love you. You cannot earn that love, nor can you reason it out.

Remember, all things are in Me. I loved you before you were born and I saw you before you were created. I knew you even as a mother knows the child she carries in her womb, before that child ever sees the first light of day. The difference is that I AM GOD and I saw all of your days before you experienced the first breath in your little lungs or the first thought in your little brain. You are not loved because you chose Me, beloved. I chose you, remember? I chose you and called you. You answered Me because I placed the longing in your heart - a longing that you did not understand, but one that you cannot deny exists. My plans for you are not finished; in that you must rest assured. Know also that I chose you and called you out of the depths of My love for you. I wanted you from the beginning, beloved. I want you still.

(To be continued...)



My Beloved - Part 2

(Dear Readers, this is part two of a message from our Lord. Part one is in a previous blog. Blessings as you read and consider these words...)

"Again I say to you, I AM calling you away. Come away with Me, beloved. Come and learn more of Me. I have the rest your soul needs. I have the rest your wounded spirit cries out for. Remember that my yoke is easy and My burden is light. You have sought to carry the burdens of others for many years, but dear beloved, I AM the One with the shoulders on which those burdens can be easily borne. I AM the Good Shepherd and I AM here, waiting for you to cast your cares on Me, for I care for you.

These words are not just nice platitudes for quoting from the pulpits, but so many of those who occupy positions of authority in the churches do not understand the truth of these words. It is far easier for men to carry their own positions than to release control and surrender their authority to Me. The temptation to have honor and power are built into the soulish realms of carnal man. However, unless the soul of a man or woman submits to My will and allows itself to be placed under the authority of My Spirit, there will be no true rest for that soul, and the people will suffer.

Do not give in to the temptation to let your soul rule any longer. Your spirit man must learn to tell your soul to 'sit down and shut up' so that you can endure the trials, temptations and rejection of this world. Those things will always be there, beloved. You must learn to overcome them by My Spirit and by the Blood of the Lamb. I have given you the keys of understanding in some areas through the written words in the Bible, but you must come to Me for greater understanding of My ways. Remember that I have said in My Word that My Holy Spirit would come to be with you and teach you everything you need to know. When you read, ask Me to speak to you. Ask Me to open My Word to you and then listen as Holy Spirit speaks to you. Hold onto the truth you have learned in My word - the Bible - and realize that the Bible is My book, but I AM the Author. Spend your time with Me, no matter what you are doing, so that I can teach you by My Spirit.

Remember that the government is on My shoulders and that it should be thus in the church. Remember that all will give an accounting before Me and I will judge with wisdom, mercy, justice, grace and holiness. Pray for those who have abused or misused their authority in your life. Pray that I will extend mercy and bring them to understanding and conviction about their sins, so that they see the need for repentance. Ask Me to soften their hearts. You must never judge their hearts, for you cannot see clearly into their motives or understand why they respond in the ways they do. Know this: I do not desire to lose one of them. They are all precious to me and I continue to labor with them, even as I labor with you. That labor is borne out of love for you, beloved. Choose to love those who have hurt you. Choose to let go of the anger that has tempted you to become bitter toward others - and even tempted you to turn away from Me. Pray also that I will bring greater clarity to you of your sins so that I can extend the same mercy to you that I ask you to extend to others. Ask Me to show you your own sin, so that you can humble yourself in those times when the enemy tempts you to rise up in pride or anger against others because of the sins and weaknesses in their lives. Repent - turn away from your anger and do not allow the seeds of bitterness to find place in you.

I do not say these words to you for any reason but one. It is because of My profound love for you, beloved. You must learn to forgive and let go - completely - of the sins of others, whether they have sinned against you, your loved ones or those you care about. Remember, all have sinned and fallen short of My glory. You cannot afford to allow any one's sin to cause you to pass judgment. You must leave that to Me. You must freely forgive - freely, freely, freely, freely forgive. I have forgiven you for what My Son endured on the Cross for you - the beatings, the rejection, the nails, the sin - I laid all of it on Him for you, beloved. I did it because I desire that you will be with Me always - not just when things are going smoothly for you. Forgive, forgive, forgive so that the Blood of the Lamb can cover you completely.

Learn that I, too, hate the blows of the enemy against My children and I will render judgment. He knows that his time is short and his fury has been unleashed on all people, but you must not let his winds of hate blow you away."

(To be continued...)



My Beloved - Part 1

Good morning! This post is part one of a prophetic word that I believe the Lord wants me to share with my readers. Due to it's length, I am dividing it into several posts. As with all prophetic words from the Lord, it is our responsibility to take it to Him for confirmation of its truth and origin.

Blessings to all! Now, here is the message...

My Beloved,

I call you My beloved, for indeed you are one I cherish and adore. Your heart beats because I tell it to beat. You have eyes to see the beauty of life all around you. This is the beauty that I have created and this is the desire that I have for you. Every day I call you to open your eyes and see the beauty. Breathe deeply the fragrance of ME in the life I have given you. Listen to the sound of MY creation as you go about your daily tasks. Do not wonder if I am with you every moment of the day, for I AM. There is never a time that I am not aware of your needs, hurts and desires. There is never a time when you are out of My sight or My mind. I watch everything you do each day and long for you to choose joy in the midst of your trials. I long for you to be encouraged in the knowledge that you already possess - knowledge that I have given you the ability to do everything through the strength that flows from Me.

You wonder why some things have happened and look to the wrong sources for their causes. I AM your purpose in this life. I have allowed and even called some things into being for MY own purposes for you. I have called you, and you have wrestled in your mind with the actions of others. You have wondered what could have been done differently. That is not the point, beloved. You have been called by Me to come away. We have places to go, you and I, and you must be willing to trust me in this or we will not be able to move forward together with joy and hope into the plans I have made for your future. I am calling you to come closer still in our relationship - to trust Me in what your life has become for now, as well as for the things which you cannot see that lie ahead for you. This journey we are going on will be different from what you have experienced in the past. I am taking you to places you did not know you would be going, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you get there.

When you are tempted to be discouraged or depressed, I ask you to remember the rejection I endured by My creation. Do not wonder any longer about your own rejection in this life. You know that I have told you in My word - and through My Word that you will be rejected and despised by men because you belong to Me. Do you wonder why? Go back and read again where I have said that they would reject you if they have rejected Me. Read again where I have said that the servant is not greater than the Master. Read those words with greater understanding of the depth of My suffering, knowing that it is for your own good that you have endured these things. You have a greater ability to understand more clearly the pain and suffering of your Lord as you embrace the Cross you bear now. Do not despise the things you have been through. Embrace this season in your life, for I am teaching you many things.

Allow your heart to be and remain soft towards Me. Your adversary has been roaring about "like a lion, seeking whom he may devour" and he desires to devour you. But I call you to remember that he is not a real lion. He is a liar and a thief. I call you to remember that his power was destroyed when I took back the keys of death and hell. I call you to remember that you are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness and rulers, against principalities and powers in high places. I call you to remember that those principalities, rulers and powers are not willing that you should know they exist, but prefer instead to hide in darkness and try to convince you that people are your real problem.

I call you to remember that I AM the Lion of Judah. I AM the First and the Last. I AM your Savior, your Prince and your King. I AM the Father of your children. I AM the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. I AM and I will always be I AM. No one can change that. There is no other GOD but ME. I AM here for you today and tomorrow. I AM here to comfort you, to strengthen and encourage you. I AM here to reveal Myself to you in ways you never imagined. I AM much more than you can comprehend in your finite little mind. I AM and will always be your Defender and Protector, your HIGH TOWER, your Very Best Friend. Run to Me, beloved. I AM the safe place for you to hide. Hide in ME. Cry to ME. SHOUT TO ME. Pour out your heart to ME. I AM. And you belong to ME.

(To be continued...)



Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Rhythm of Eternity

Hi Friends!

I wrote this and thought that perhaps some of you might enjoy it. (Anyway, I hope you do!) :)

The Rhythm of Eternity

Movement pulsates through time and space

Carrying the cadence of life with every beat ~

Taking the joys and sorrows ~ the struggles and jubilation ~

The energy of the song in the music of the heart.

Soaring with the ecstasy of breath and sound...

Mingling together, they ebb and flow across boundaries known

And unknown...

While endless horizons sought after arise...

Racing with unrelenting steadiness, each consumed by and filled with wonder ~ breathless wonder ~

Toward the One Who created every nuance...

Every swell... every peak...

Every second captured and held within the perfect Answer.

The pace is set...

Unveiling the precise moment of time when all creation

joins the chorus of honor and reverence...

Every knee bowing in perfect unison...

Every tongue freely confessing and every voice crying aloud

With a thunderous sound filled with worship...

And adoration...

Professing with undeniable knowledge the wondrous news that

Jesus Christ is Lord.

And so, through His amazing love we see

The Rhythm of Eternity.

Blessings to all of you. Come back soon!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

God's Lace on Earth

Pear trees... Dogwood... Redbuds... Don't you just love the beautiful 'lace' of these trees every Spring? And there's so much more than just those on which to feast your eyes. God is amazing. Beauty everywhere. Embrace it. Drink it in today. Feast, feast, feast, beloved child of HIS!!! Passionate, colorful, playful, artistic God designed it all. He's wonderful. Magnificent. Elaborate. Extravagant. Majestic. There aren't enough words to describe the Indescribably Beautiful Creator, Lord God Almighty....YHVH...Jehovah...Jesus Christ...Yeshua Ha Maschiach...Alpha and Omega... One Eternal Round... HOLY!!!

Just wanted to have a moment with you all to adore the Living, One and Only True God Thanks for joining me!!!

Many blessings to you all. I'm asking God to give you a wonderful surprise today. Be watchful and listening and let me know what you get if you want to!!! Unless you tell me otherwise, I'll post it for our other friends on here ~ and we can just ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER!!!

Love to all...


Friday, April 1, 2011

The Rattlesnake Option

Good morning, Readers. I hope this morning's blog really blesses you! And don't worry about the rattler in the picture. He can't get to you...or can he??? I woke up this morning with the Lord talking to me about the ways we human beings let the devil get away with murder sometimes...and we just sit idly by and not only allow it to happen, but assist in the very act itself. In a way, I guess we could say that we sometimes become the devil's accomplices. This blog is about what the Lord showed me this morning. And He showed me by using the following vision/story. Here's what I saw in the Spirit... A rattlesnake was coiled inside a cage. The door of the cage was closed, but then a man opened the door. He didn't do anything...just stood there looking at the rattler and waiting, knowing full well that the thing could strike at any time ~ with deadly accuracy. He didn't try to close the door. He figured he'd get around to closing it later, if at all. He knew that opening the door put his life in danger, but he wasn't really concerned about it because he didn't believe the snake would actually strike him. He reasoned that opening the door made it easier to see the snake and that watching it seemed to have a calming effect on him. But that was a lie. And the man wasn't tormenting the snake. He wasn't even taunting it. He was just removing the only obstacle that stood between himself and the poisonous reptile. The snake looked very passive and not at all threatening, coiled up in that cage. Relaxed, actually. He wasn't worried about timing. He knew he had the advantage now, because of the permission he'd been given when the man opened the cage door. But there was no doubt in the serpent's mind that he would strike. The poison inside the rattlers body was very real. The fangs were long, sharp and well hidden inside its mouth, capable of deeply puncturing the flesh and delivering as much toxic venom as he desired. He was watching the man. There was incredible danger in what appeared to be a non-threatening scene. And although the man knew that the snake was not his friend and even hated him, he foolishly believed that he was safe and could take his time closing the door he had so unwisely opened. Still, the rattlesnake was in no hurry to strike just yet. He knew that he had to bide his time... After all, the man had given the snake permission to attempt to kill him. And of course, because of his hatred for the man, the snake would do just that, if the door remained open long enough. Enough. I'm sure we all get the picture. God wants us to examine the things we allow in our lives. He warns us out of His deep love for us...telling us to be careful about the cage doors we're willing to open. In this particular experience, the Lord was talking to me about someone I dearly love who thinks that a behavior he's involved in won't actually hurt him. But the enemy lies in wait...watching...mesmerizing...lying to this man. Telling him that his behavior isn't dangerous. And the longer my friend watches, the more deeply he is drawn into the lie ~ and the greater the chance that the snake will strike a deadly blow ~ one that may be impossible to recover from because of the man's CHOICE to participate in the behavior. Years ago, God used another example for me to share with His children ~ and to remember for myself as well. The snake-and-cage parable this morning is like the children-in-the-backyard parable He gave me then. It's very simple. A father tells his children that they can play in the back yard, but to stay inside the fence, because directly behind the fence is a highway. As long as the children are inside the fenced yard, they remain safe from harm. With huge trucks speeding down that highway at 75 miles per hour, it would be foolish for the children to think they would be safe to play outside of the area their father provided. They may escape a few oncoming vehicles if they don't obey him, but the chances of them being hit and killed are HUGE if they disobey. Can't you just imagine what it must sound like to their dad as they run out into the traffic shouting, "Please protect us, dad..." They 'opened the cage door', so to speak. They stepped outside of the father's protection by their own choices to leave the yard. Their father can only do so much, because they chose disobedience. And anytime there is disobedience, there are consequences. Sometimes deadly ones, at that. I'm reminded of 1 Corinthians 6:12..."Everything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me ~ but I will not be mastered by anything. (Yeah, can't say that it's beneficial to be bitten by the rattler or run over by the trucks on the highway!!!) Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body." I'm praying for my friend. I'm praying for you all, too. And ~ oh, yes ~ I'm praying for myself... Please, dear God, bless us to want to do your will more than we want to satisfy the cravings of our own flesh. Bless us to keep the cage doors closed, tempting as they may be. Bless us to remember that satan and his filthy demons lie in wait on the other sides of those cage doors, doing all they can to ensnare us. How we need your wisdom and strength, Lord! Bless us to be smart enough to stop playing around with the devil and to remember that we were bought with an extraordinary price...the life of Jesus Christ, crucified for each one of us. We say we love You. We say we love the Lord. Bless us to be ravenous in our hearts to prove it to You. You told us how to do that in 1 John 5:3,4..."This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world." We say we love You, Father. Bless us to choose to show You that we really do. In Yeshua/Jesus' Name.... Amen. Shut the doors that are open, dear friends. If you have any open, that is... Your life is precious in God's sight. Don't play around with it ever again. Be courageous and very strong. Hold onto Jesus. He'll take you through all the temptations and even provide you with the strength to firmly shut the cage doors, no matter how impossible it may seem. That's right.... Go ahead.... Close the door and step away from the cage! Love you all! Vicky