Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Diamonds

Good morning, beloved friends! What an amazing day this is going to be! I can hardly wait to see what the day will hold and if the sun will shine again like it did yesterday. It was such a beautiful day and as always, God's beauty shone through the cold and warmed my heart with His powerful love. God is so good...always present, always loving, always GOD ~ and that is awesome!
When I set up the office in our home, I made sure that my desk was situated in such a way that I could easily see out the big picture window and enjoy the view of the sky and little wooded area across the road. It's sort of like God picked up a tiny piece of the country and planted it right there just for me. Of course, I know that sounds silly ~ no doubt the previous tenants enjoyed the view for many years before I came along...but I choose to believe that God not only gave me this house to live in, He also gave me this glorious view to behold each day. And believe me, I really do!
I love looking at His creation in nature...seeing the trees, bushes, grasses and flowers cover the land in the springtime... listening to the joy in the birds as they herald another season of life with the music of their songs...watching the weightiness of summer bring the sometimes-too-warm days, thunderstorms and nights filled with the sounds of crickets and owls and...oh, all the other critters that love the great outdoors...and the changes that autumn brings as the trees explode with colors and falling leaves, cooler days and nights and...I could go on and on and on...but I'll stop. You get the idea. God is good and colorful and creative. I love Him!
But I confess...I am not a cold weather person! And when the snow comes to blanket the city as it has twice in the last few weeks, I am always looking forward to the time that it melts...hopefully quickly...and the first little signs of Spring begin to show up. I start looking for them as soon as it starts to get cold outside. Ridiculous, I know...but still, I have a great deal of hope for the next season to arrive once winter begins. What's even sillier about all of this is that I could move to a warmer climate and not have to deal with the cold quite so much, but just like so many people who live in the Midwest and also dislike the cold weather, I seem to be planted here for now. Maybe that will change someday. We'll see... :)
Anyway, back to yesterday... Although I'm not crazy about cold weather, icy roads and trees and gray skies, there are a couple of things about winter that I do love. I love the bright blue skies that occasionally come and the warmth of the sunlight that breaks forth when every tree is bare and all of the roads are wet or slushy or even ickier than that. And if there is snow on the ground, well...the sunlight just seems to cheer everything up a bit. I love the way the snow looks on a sunny day.
It was particularly beautiful yesterday. We've had quite a cold spell here ~ by my calculations, anyway ~ and everything has looked so dreary outside for several weeks now. Being encouraged in all of that grayness can be challenging at best for some folks. But yesterday the sun was shining so brightly and all of the little snow diamonds (that's what I call them) were sparkling as beautifully as the diamond my husband put on my finger. Millions of them...beautiful in every way. It looked like God laid a shimmering white blanket across the land and said, "Look, isn't this gorgeous? Even in the midst of all of the hard things in life, I always have something glorious for my children to see!" Those snow diamonds were a testimony of that for me once again...a testimony of His beauty...His glory...His love for us all.
Some of them looked sort of silver as they glistened in the sunlight, but I noticed several places where the sun hit them just right and thousands reflected the colors of the rainbow. As I looked in wonder at the feast of beauty laid before my eyes, I was again reminded of His love for us. Once again He showed Himself to be glorious and wonderful. Once again I saw that even in the smallest things, God is there in all His goodness and that He does care about the details of our lives. And you know, I figure if He cares enough to make the little snow diamonds that don't seem to serve any purpose other than to be glorious to behold, He most definitely cares about the ins and outs of our daily lives. He cares, beloved. He truly does care.
Look for the snow diamonds He's put in front of your eyes today. Feast on them. Drink in the beauty He's given you to enjoy. And whether it comes in the form of snow diamonds, a friendly smile, a loving hand to hold, a bird in flight, the beautiful sunlight or a precious passage in His scriptures, don't miss it. Don't close the eyes of your heart to the beauty of God's goodness. Drink it in, beloved. Drink deeply. For truly this is the day that the Lord has made, so let's rejoice and be glad in it!



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