Saturday, July 10, 2010


When “I’m So Glad” was written, it was one of those songs that came so fast. The whole song took just a few minutes to write. No doubt, I had some divine help! After it was recorded, the Lord told me that satan hates that song because it is pure praise and worship.

Since satan covets GOD’s throne, he hates it when we tell the Lord that we’re glad HE is GOD, and that no one else, including us, is or should be! It glorifies the Father, and satan refuses to do that. Satan wants us to worship and praise him, and he hates it when GOD gets the credit for – well, being GOD! I could sense the Lord’s delight in letting me know.

Isn’t it wonderful when someone appreciates you? Doesn’t it bless you when someone lets you know that they appreciate you for something you’ve said or done? Doesn’t it encourage your heart when someone takes the time to let you know that you are appreciated just for who you are?

Well, God loves it when we appreciate Him and let Him know! When we appreciate God OUT LOUD, not just in our thoughts, He comes and gets right in the middle of that appreciation. Another way to say it is that HE INHABITS THE PRAISES OF HIS PEOPLE. He loves to hear us tell Him that we think He is great, because He is! He deserves to hear it. He loves it when we let Him know that we love Him JUST BECAUSE HE IS GOD.

Imagine being a rich person who lives on the top of a mountain. Let’s just say that you, (rich person) have a dozen children, all grown up and living away from home, down in the city. You’ve been a wonderful parent, and have always loved your children deeply. You’ve made a lot of sacrifices for them, too. But most of them never come around to visit unless they want something from you – after all, you’re rich, remember? And as soon as they tell you what they want, they head right back out the door to get on with their all-important lives. It breaks your heart to have such thoughtless and selfish children.

But you know that they have their agency (free will) and they are going to do whatever they want to do. You love them so much that you would never force them to spend time with you. That is their choice to make.

Now let’s say that two of those children love to come home and visit you everyday. They just enjoy being with you because you are Mom (or Dad), and they want to know more about you. Those two kids love to come and tell you what a great parent you are and how much they appreciate you for everything you’ve done, and continue to do for your family. They love it when you pull out the old family album or set up the screen to watch old family movies. They want so much to spend time with you. They just love to be with you.

Well, God loves it when we just take the time to sit and be with Him. He loves it when we praise Him for what He’s done and worship Him for Who He is. He loves it when we listen to what He wants to tell us. He adores it when we just sit in His Presence, not constantly talking or asking for things. He isn’t our personal Santa Claus. He’s our Dad. We are His little kids. How wonderful is that!

If you can breathe, praise Him. If you woke up this morning alive, praise Him. If you have ever had a mother or father, praise Him. If the sky is blue, praise Him. If there is oxygen in the atmosphere, praise Him. If you can think, praise Him. If you are a human being, praise Him. It doesn’t matter if you are driving, bathing, eating, resting, working, playing, talking, singing, preaching, teaching, studying, crying, swimming, golfing, knitting, petting the cat, chasing the dog, cleaning the toilet, changing a diaper, catching a cold or taking out the trash… PRAISE HIM!

Lord, You deserve glory and honor and praise.
You deserve worship in a hundred million different ways.
Thank you for being God.


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