Monday, June 21, 2010

Good morning! What a GORGEOUS day - blue skies, beautiful sunshine rain in the forecast all day long! Yippeeee! Yesterday was an amazing day. Well, I say that, but really, every day is an amazing day.

God is so good to us. Even the hard days are amazing. Do you ever think about how He could have given us a black and white planet - no color aside from those two - and what that would be like? But He chose to lavish his palette on our world and paint such incredible hues all over, around and through it instead. Or, did you ever think that He could have chosen to given us only rocks and dirt to look at - and not put one single flower or blade of grass or tree or bush anywhere on the earth? Instead, He filled it with roses, lilies, mighty oak trees, fields of clover, meadows of color, splendid mountains, beautiful oceans, rivers and streams, tropical islands, birds as colorful as the planet itself...all rich with the life that He breathed into His creation.

He could have made the atmosphere work another way - oxygen coming out of holes in the ground and water coming out of rocks (hey, He did I recall). He could have chosen to make this a very difficult planet on which to survive, but He chose to fill it with beauty and gave us an ever-changing, life-sustaining ball of wealth on which to live, suspended by His hand in a universe so vast that our little bitty brains can't comprehend it's magnitude.

Wow. What a GOD! Thank You, Father.

I think I'm going to enjoy this day immensely. He gave it to me, after all. Oh yes...and He gave it to you, too! Make it wonderful from the inside out!



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