Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hi everyone! It's been a couple of months now since my last post. Many things are going on in my life personally - none of which I'm going to be writing about today in any detail. Instead, what comes to mind is to write about memories. That in itself could be a book, but that's not what this is for. This is supposed to be a blog, not an autobiography! :) And, since this is Memorial Day weekend, it just seems to fit.

I can't help but think about some of the things that have happened in my life. I've seen wonderful and tragic things occur, even just in the last several years. The loss of loved ones, the birth of more grandchildren, people giving their lives to Jesus...the list is long and full of memories. My oldest grandson, Hunter, just graduated from high school. Wow. How did I get to be so old? I'll be 57 years old in July, for heaven's sake! And I cannot tell you where the time has gone. My life - like yours - is packed full of memories...some wonderful...some bittersweet...some not so good. But they are what they are and we carry them with us on our journeys along life's highway.

I've seen friends come and go - lives changing with the changing times in which we live and so much more. There have been very hard times for so many people and that continues to this day. For example, all we need to do is look at the conditions of the world in which we're living now and we can see the effect it has on all of us. People change...we grow, we win, we lose, we stumble, we fail, we get up and go again. The things we experience can touch us in subtle and profound ways. Even the smallest decision can affect the whole direction our lives will take - much like a little rudder on a huge ship has the ability to set a whole new course for the journey.

But let's not talk about the memories that have already been made. Those have been 'said and done' and must be tucked away inside of us for whatever their future purposes in our lives may be. Rather, let's talk about the memories that we still have some choices about making. For instance, what we'll do with this day. Is there someone to call or visit? Is there a fence that needs to be mended or a hand that needs to be held? Is there a park that needs to be enjoyed or a lake that needs to be fished in? Is there a picnic that needs to be shared with good friends and family? Is there a walk that needs to be taken, or a drive that needs to be driven? Is there something that the Lord has asked us to do that needs to be done and not postponed until another day? Is it time to jump right into that lifestyle change that we've put off, thinking that there would be a better day to start - or a habit that we keep saying we're going to break, but finding every excuse in the book about why this isn't the best day to break it? Could this be the day that we choose to make those changes and start a whole new journal of memories in the process? Hmmmm...

I wonder what kind of memories we will have dropped in our laps today - but I also wonder what kind we will choose to make. I've already chosen one... I have chosen to put my fingers on the keyboard and start blogging again. My sabbatical is over. My course is set and I am moving forward. My life is dramatically changing right now, but I know that it's important that I not allow those changes to cause everything I care about and love to do suddenly come to a standstill in the process. So, here I am again, popping back into your lives, making new memories and cherishing the old.

You know, there is one thing for which I am eternally grateful. No matter what the present or future holds, I will continue to walk with Jesus and we will make beautiful memories together. I know that some of them will be difficult to endure, but knowing that I can look back on all of my life and see His faithfulness to me - even when I wasn't choosing to walk with Him - gives me peace to know that He will make sure that we get where we're going and all of the trials will have been well worth it.

Blessings to all of you this beautiful Sunday morning. May the memories we choose to make today bless every person whose lives we have the power to impact.

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  1. It is good to see you back on the blog!



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