Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is the first day of Spring?

Wow. Hi everyone. First day of a new season and we're getting a ton of snow here in Missouri. There's something very prophetic in that - and we may all have different ideas about what it means. I am going with the thought that we can always count on the unexpected to come our way. Like God saying that He's doing a new thing...

Oh, I don't mind so much that we're getting snow right now. I'm going to stay all tucked in and try to get caught up on some work here at the computer that's been calling out my name for a while now. I much prefer staying indoors in this kind of weather and am very grateful that I have a place to stay. Life is funny and we never know what tomorrow brings...even if God Himself gives us a glimpse into the future. It's never quite exactly the way we thought it would be, is it? Yes, I know there are many people who have that ability to see, but there's always the unexpected...God moving in ways that we can't comprehend. And of course, He doesn't have to tell us everything He is doing - and He won't. He is, after all, GOD!

Recently, I was told that there are some folks who don't think that I'm a Christian. I find that odd. When people who profess to be Christians base their decisions of another human being on their human understanding of Who God is and what being a Christian means, it can be a scary thing! For heaven's sake, that's when stones start flying around and I try very hard to duck so that I don't get hit by one. Sometimes I don't duck quickly enough and I get slammed. I expect you do, too. I'm so sorry about that - for all of us. We can't see each other's motives or hearts any more than we can see every movement of the hand of God or His plans for us. We can't get it any more than we can explain why the weather is as wacky as it's been - except for the fact that God said it was going to be this way. Wacky. Yep. Sure is. Like human judgment of the hearts, motives and actions of others. Just plain wacky.

Today, I'm going to pray for all the folks who are caught up in judgment of another human being. God's plans are way bigger than ours - and His thoughts are, too. In our little bitty finite minds, we may tend to believe that we have it all figured out - signed, sealed and delivered... Yikes! Help us, Lord.

Like the first day of Spring this year. I'd love to see daffodils popping up and listen to birds heralding the day with their little songs of joy for this time of year. But that's not happening. Instead, a blanket of snowy white stuff covers the yards and streets and a hush has settled over the city.

I think I'll get back to work now and let the chips fall where they may. I'll pray over those chips that are falling. I'm going to ask God to help every single one of us as we 'work out our salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord'. Love, forgive, release and go on. That's my goal.

Love to all of you this first day of Spring 2010. Have a blessed and peaceful day of rest.


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