Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Rain. Sometimes it feels like the sky is weeping. Sometimes it's as if the earth is just crying out for a good bath. Once in a while, it seems as though the atmosphere just wants to be refreshed, cleansed of all the pollution that tries to choke the very life out of the air we're breathing; preventing the sun's beautiful rays from shining as brightly as they should. I don't know... maybe I'm just waxing sorta poetic today.

I'm glad it's raining. Even though the soft whirring of the sump pump reminds me that water levels are a little too high around the foundation and the ground is saturated with the melting of the most recent snow, I still appreciate the spring rains today. It feels good, knowing that the rain outdoors matches the rain in my soul and spirit. I need the rain today. And I want it.

Our lives are so intertwined, aren't they? Anything we do has the power to impact the lives of people we love, challenging them to grow because our decisions aren't always what they believe or even know to be best. Regardless of whether those decisions are right or wrong...the challenge is always there, however. Either we love one another through our choices or we become angry, afraid, resentful, accusatory... There are probably more negative choices we can make, but they are all to the detriment of not only the object of our frustration, but to ourselves and everyone we love. Our lives are truly woven together by our Creator. What a wise God. What a loving Father.

Frankly, sometimes the noise of it all becomes too loud in our hearts and we'd rather just go sit in the warm rain, letting it refresh us in the peace that comes with it... Absorbing the moment, waiting for the strength to return to us as God washes our wounds and wraps us in His love. We don't always need to hear the words of others. We need to be with our Abba Daddy. He's the Source from which we can draw our courage to go forward, knowing that there will be more arrows that pierce our souls and more sorrow that comes as the rain pours from our own eyes, whatever the cause for it may be.

If you're in a dry place right now and need to feel the refreshing love of God washing over you, I pray that you will find your own place in the rain...soaking rain...healing and nourishing and strengthening rain of His Spirit.

Have a blessed day, my friends. I truly do love you all.



  1. "Either we love one another through our choices or we become angry, afraid, resentful, accusatory"

    To be clear and expand on that thought...many times the way we must be conductors of God's love is to call our loved one to repentance, speaking the truth, calling sin...sin and pleading with them to turn away from unrighteous decisions that displease the Lord (as clearly stated in His infallible word) and destroy their witness. No one should consider that their sinful behavior is "good for" challenging their loved ones or for their ownselves for that matter. God never calls us to sin, but to righteousness in word, thought and deed.
    1 Cor 6:9-10, Heb 13:4, Isaiah 5:20-21, Mark 10:11-12

  2. What a wonderful sentiment. Hope you're well.



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