Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Rabbit Trails

Good morning, everyone! So glad you could stop by today! I hope your day is a gloriously amazing day for you and that when you lay your head down on your pillow tonight, you can do it with a smile on your face and in your heart. God is going to be good to you today. Happy glory hallelujah!

Now, that may have sounded funny...God is going to be good to you today. Well, of course He is - because that's Who He is. He's going to be with you wherever you go. Oh, it may be that you find yourself off on some little rabbit trail that was never part of your plan for the day. But you know, sometimes those little rabbit trails are nothing less than God's plan for you...paths that He has chosen to teach you something or perhaps to give you the opportunity to bless someone who really needs blessing! It could also be that He just wants you to have a moment of peace in a very busy and stressful day. Possibly, He's just calling you to come and rest by His side in a most unexpected way - or even take you on a journey to show you the wonder of Who He is and the powerful love He has for you. Who knows...?

Don't miss it. Whatever it is - however He chooses to interrupt your day - don't miss it. LOOK for Him in it. Ask Him to show you something new today - about Him, His creation, His plan - whatever! Ask Him to surprise you with a gift. I did that one day a number of years ago and He surprised me with a beautiful little diamond ring. Now, tell me that God doesn't want to give us gifts and surprise us with unexpected blessings! That little diamond ring came from my husband, who had no idea that I'd asked God for a surprise earlier that day. When Alan came home from work that evening, we had some errands to run. On our way to do them, however we ended up going in the opposite direction of where we needed to be. I asked him where we were going and then generously offered my wifely duty of reminding him that he was going in the wrong direction. (WHEN will I learn to keep my mouth shut and realize that my husband has been driving for more than 45 years - and that he probably does still have most of his marbles (I refer you to my previous post), making him quite capable of finding his way around a city that he's lived in for about 40 years now....)

Anyway, I digress. Where was I? Oh, yes. We were going down some little rabbit trail that had nothing to do with our previous plans that day. Now, I've gotta tell husband is not the kind of guy who cares anything about jewelry. When we got married, his wedding ring went on his finger and has only been taken off during the times he's had surgery - then he puts it right back on. Outside of that, he has no use for jewelry of any kind. It's not in his line of vision, so to speak. He flat doesn't care about it and usually considers it to be a waste of money. And for us, money isn't something that we find ourselves rolling around in, if you know what I mean. :)

On this particular day, I thought he must have left some of his marbles at home and that we were on a little rabbit trail. He smiled at me rather smugly and told me that he just wanted to make a quick stop somewhere before we did our errands. A few minutes later, we were pulling into a parking lot and minutes after that, I was walking out of a store with a little used diamond ring on my finger. GOD's rabbit trail that day was an answer to a prayer I'd not voiced to anyone but Him. What appeared to me to be a little rabbit trail of my husband's doing ended up being the direct path set out before us by the Lord's Spirit to answer a request I'd made that morning. And no, I didn't ask GOD for a diamond ring. That was entirely His idea!

So, dear ones, look for God's little rabbit trails in your life today. He tends to leave His footprints everywhere He goes. Sometimes they are easier to follow than other times, but they are always there. So you just go ahead and be a little baby bunny and hop along behind Him, keeping your little bunny ears open for the slightest sound of change in direction and see what marvelous things He has in store for you today!

Blessings! See you on the little rabbit trails!


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