Monday, February 1, 2010

The Flittling of the Dirty Birds... tweet!

Actually, it's Monday evening...February 1st, 2010. Amazing, isn't it?

Hi everyone. Concert this morning. Meetings all afternoon. Long day. Wonderful, glorious and beautiful day - even if the sun didn't shine and the temps are still cold outside. I'll take it. I'm glad to have it. God is good. Even in cold weather, God is always good!

Yep, I wrote something similar not long ago about the weather. May have even been last week...I'd have to go back and check the blog. Isn't it something how a thing as simple as the weather can get all in the middle of us? Sure does for me. I feel better physically in warmer weather. Maybe that's why I notice it so much. Still, it's weather. We always have some, don't we? Hallelujah, GOD! Thanks for weather! Thanks for LIFE!

Rambling. That's what I'm doing. I'm just letting the thoughts that flow through my brain flow right on out my fingers. Sometimes, the thoughts that flow take me by surprise. Other times, I wonder what my brain is thinking!

You know, it makes me think about what we decide to think about. Yeah. That's what I said. I know that we are supposed to take every thought captive... Sometimes those thoughts flit around like little birds, first in this tree - next in that one. Makes me think of the song, Winter Wonderland. You know, the phrase that goes: "Gone away is the boo bird. Here to stay is the new bird who sings a love song as we go along..." There's always some kind of bird flitting around, looking for a place to land. Like birds in the trees, if I don't choose to let the right ones land there, they leave the little dirty birdies will leave their little birdie messes on the fertile ground of my brain. Not so good. I understand why the Lord wants us to take every thought captive. Otherwise, those little thoughts can pollute our minds, hearts and eventually the loved ones in our lives. Again, not so good.

Today, I encountered someone who obviously struggles tremendously with negativity. Negative comments, negative attitude.... I saw discouragement, depression, anger, resentment, rejection, bitterness and all kinds of little 'messes' that have found their ways into the life of this person. It's almost as if I could see the dirty little birds that have messed all over that brain. And who knows what happened to cause that? Difficulties in life? Disappointments somewhere along the way? Abuse? Ridicule? Scorn? God knows. God saw the whole life - beginning to end - and He understands it all.

What He doesn't want from that individual - or from any of us, for that matter - is for those little bird messes to stay around, smelling up our lives. He wants us to clean them up. His plans for us are so much better than we know. Lose the depression. Find peace in knowing that God can give us peace in the midst of our circumstances. Lose the anger. Dig up the rejection, bitterness, hate, unforgiveness....whatever it is....dig it up and throw it out of our lives. Rest in Him. Trust Him to take care of the circumstances. Trust Him to know what the best thing is for you to do. If we need to do it again to remind ourselves today, then let's do it...let's read the end of The Book. God wins. If we're on His side, then yippeee! We win, too. :)

So pray, people. Pray for each other. Encourage each other. Don't entertain the negative. Bless the Lord and yourself - bless the people around you and the ones you meet every day. Find and choose and give tons of joy to the folks you encounter. There's enough negativity - enough sorrow and sadness and all the depressing stuff to last a lifetime. How much better to leave a trail of overflowing joy, encouragement, hope, love and peace in this world!

God has a new song for you and for me. Let's sing that one, shall we?

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