Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good Morning!

The sun is not shining, but this is a great day. The weather is cold, but it's still a great day. My body isn't as young as it used to be...parts have decided to relocate themselves with a little help from gravity, but this is still a great day!

I may not have all the money I would like to have, or a beautiful figure or the highest I.Q in the world, but this is absolutely a great day. There are people with more influence, bigger houses, newer cars, fewer debts and healthier bodies than mine, but this is positively a wonderfully and gloriously great day.

There is nothing more powerful I can do today that will honor my Father in heaven than to praise Him for every gift, every sacrifice, every blessing, every loss, every struggle, every trial and every hope and wish and dream in my heart. There is no temporal gift that can compare to the Holy and True and Matchless Creator of all things - known and unknown, seen and unseen, existing or future-coming - no, there is nothing that can compare with Yahweh, Jehovah, GOD! There has never been and can never be anyone nor anything capable of taking His place, removing Him from His position, or diminishing His power. He is always going to be the most breath-taking, awe-inspiring, life-restoring, way-making Lord and King!

Every night and day - in every single way - His light shines, His passion burns, His love consumes, His heart protects, His hands enfold, His Word delivers and establishes His children. His law is not destroyed - it is fulfilled. His plans are eternal. He looks and sees and knows yesterday, today and forever - start to finish, inside and out, top to bottom, front to back, through and through.

He sets his hand to deliver and nothing can stop Him! Nothing can withstand His mighty glory! Nothing can take away from His holiness. He is holy beyond comprehension. He is vast! He is never going to stop being! He is more than these little words I use today. He is EVERYTHING! He has no need of counselors - He is the Counselor. He has no need of comforters. His Spirit is THE Comforter.

He has no need of anything, and yet He wants us! He wants you and me and all the rest of His creation....with all of our frailties, our weaknesses and our little tiny dreams. He wants to grow us up into little children. He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. He wants to put crowns on our heads and robes on our backs. He wants to bring us home to heaven to live with Him in beautiful mansions that will never crumble. He wants to sing over us - and He does - songs of love and life and hope, of encouragement and strength. He wants to share the secrets of His heart. He wants to show us things that we could never imagine - even in our wildest dreams.

So look up! Look up! Look up! Your Father is watching. He hears your heart cries. He laughs at the devil. Yes, God laughs, because He knows He will win. He laughs, because He has made sure that the punishment for Satan and those who rebelled against The Holy and Almighty God in the beginning will be absolute and eternal. His laughter is warfare. His laughter is powerful warfare - and He fights for you, beloved. He wars for you!

Today is a great day! Don't miss it! Don't get stuck in the mud of discouragement and depression. Don't get lost in the minutiae of the moment. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! You are going to see Him! You are going to laugh and dance and play around the throne! You are going to worship with all your might! So rejoice!

Yep, today is a great day! :)



  1. Hooray for a lovely message! Thank you!

  2. Hi Vicki. What a wonderful message. I don't believe everything is a coincidence, some things happen because God is in charge. He hears our prayers and cries that we send. I thank God for sending you to me or me to you. Please let me explain why I say it like that. I just saw that you are a follower of mine. I came to visit but haven't really figured out how you came to follow me but that didn't matter because as soon as I clicked on your blog I saw that you were filled with Gods loving spirit. So though I feel like God sent me to you, it may be that he sent you to me first so that you might be a blessing to me. I'm sure that you are a blessing to so many.

    Vicki, I'd love to know how you came to follow me but no matter because I'm thrilled to have you visit and to now be able to visit you. Right now I could use your prayers.

    I'm also keeping you in my prayers. Merry Christmas & Hugs...Tracy :)

  3. Tracy, you are absolutely in our prayers - and quite probably the prayers of everyone who reads this blog. Hallelujah! God is sooooooooo good!!!

    As for how I came to follow you, I have a dear friend who 'finds' people for me in many different ways. Her name is Suzanne, and without her help, I wouldn't even have a blog! She knows how to do all this techy stuff and I am so grateful for that.

    Now, you have a fantastic day and remember that you are most dearly loved and appreciated by God and many others, as well. Blessings! Vicky



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