Sunday, December 20, 2009

Calling All Testimonies!

Hi all! Well, this is a brand new venture and I am looking for any of you who have testimonies that you would like to share with the world. My plan is to start a new book filled with stories of God's work in the lives of His children. Please submit works that are true...not fiction.
Here's what I'm looking for:
  1. Stories that have not been previously published and/or copyrighted.
  2. Stories that do not disclose and/or identify personal information about others. In other words, don't name names! If your testimony is of a sensitive nature, I will be prayerful about including it in the book. (Only your name will be included with your testimony to give credit to you as the writer.)
  3. Stories that encourage the readers.
  4. Stories that reveal the power of God.
  5. Stories that edify the readers.
  6. Stories that are funny, serious, touching...whatever!
  7. Stories about a variety of topics. For example, stories about love, friendship, loss, miracles, healing, giving, sharing, etc.
  8. Stories that draw the readers closer to God through the positive impact of the written word.
  9. Stories that are a maximum of 1200 words in length.

Now, since I am just getting this started, please be flexible with me as we go through this process. There may be more than one book in this whole thing, by the time I get all of your submissions. You are more than welcome to submit as many testimonies as you want to, but please know that they may or may not all be included in the book. I must listen to the direction I feel impressed to take this work.

Also, please let me know how you want to be credited...first name only? Last name also? Initials only? Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine with me - at this point in the process. Please be praying for me through this and I will also be praying for those of you who have submissions you want considered.

When you are ready to submit something for consideration, you can do it by emailing your story/testimony to me. Just send it to I will be in touch with you soon after receiving it. If you have any questions, let me know! I can hardly wait to see what I get from everyone. (Isn't this exciting!)

There is a title that the Lord has already given me for the first book of testimonies, however I'm going to wait a bit before sharing it. For now, just put 'testimonies' in the subject line of your email.

One last thing. I will be editing as Holy Spirit directs. However, I will not be changing your testimony in the process. I know that God moves in powerful and sometimes very unusual ways, so you don't need to wonder if the impact of your story will be lost. Before the book is finished, you will be getting a copy of your submission with any revisions. If you are not comfortable with any changes that are made, we can discuss it via email. If we are not able to come to agreement about changes, the submission won't be included in the book. You need to feel comfortable with the way in which your testimony is shared and I need to feel comfortable that the Holy Spirit is having His way, whatever the revisions. This is why I'm asking you to be praying for me as I write, compile and edit and why I will be praying for those of you who want to submit stories!

There will probably be more info as we go along, but for now, just be prayerful about being involved. There is no testimony too large or small when it is from God! And do not worry about being a good writer, either. I haven't had any classes and don't have a college education, but that is not stopping me! I found that God uses me in this way, even with all of my limitations. He could choose to only use college graduates to write books, but I've learned He uses anyone He wants to use - as long as He has a willing vessel. So, having said that, don't hesitate to submit something! The world needs to read, hear, see and experience the power of God! After all, He said it was by 'the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony' that we would see lives changed for His glory!

Okay, now it's your turn! Pray. Consider. Ask God if He has something for you to submit. Do not be shy! Let the light of God shine through you!

I'm waiting!


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