Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Prodigal 30 & 3 Devo Day 20

Hello all! Sorry I missed posting yesterday. Trying to finish the final rewrites on 'Unshakable Faith' took 13 hours yesterday and all morning. Still working on it, though! Look for it to be available soon! Here's the devo for today. :)

Day Twenty

Luke 15:30-32

“’But as soon as this son of yours came, who has devoured your livelihood with harlots, you killed the fatted calf for him.’ And he said to him, ‘Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours. It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.’”

Good morning again, sweet friend. It’s so good to spend this time with you each day – even though we can’t see each other! You know, these scriptures today can help us see when we are resentful, jealous, angry or bitter in our hearts. There are people who have a hard time accepting the sons and daughters of God that have been living wild lives before they became followers of Jesus Christ. My prayer for you is that you have so much love for God that you have no room in you for any of these things against anyone in the body of Christ. God is so big, beloved. His love for you is sure, strong and never-ending. When you meet a new believer or someone who just recently gave their lives to the Lord, rejoice with them! If you meet someone who has struggled to fully commit their lives to Him – someone who goes in and out of relationship with God – then pray for them. After all, how many of the rest of us are faithful and obedient in absolutely everything He’s given us to do? We need His mercy for ourselves, so we should absolutely be extending that mercy to others. You are so precious to God and to me. Don’t give the enemy any room in your heart. You just love freely, freely, freely and trust God for everything. He’s just as in love with you as ever!

Dear Lord, You have forgiven me for everything and loved me even when I haven’t been very lovable. Thank You for that, Father. Thank You for your patience with me and for being so generous. Thank You for the story of the Prodigal Son. It’s a reminder of how expansive Your heart and Your love are. How awesome and magnificent You are! How amazing are Your ways, precious Father. Search my heart and clean it out, Lord. If You find one evil thing in me, get it out, God. I want to have so much love that the enemy can’t get one tiny foothold in me. Thank You, Lord. I believe that You want that for me, too. I’m looking forward to being so free in You that nothing can shake me, God! I love You,

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