Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just Stayin In Touch

Hi, everyone! It's Sunday afternoon and I've been enjoying the peace and quiet of the day. Getting to the computer wasn't on my priority list for things to do, but I decided to at least say 'hello' to you all! HELLO!!!

I hope you're enjoying a peaceful day, too. But, just in case you're not, it would be good for you to know that there are many people around the world who are praying for your safety, your families and friends and your relationship with GOD. I'm just one of them. Even though you may be in a country that is at war or in the middle of circumstances that are extremely difficult, you are not forgotten. GOD loves you with a love that won't quit and He has plans for your life, too. So please be encouraged today. No matter what difficult circumstances this life may hold for you in this moment, realize that it is not going to last forever. And know that you can find peace in the middle of anything. Remember, Jesus said He came to give us peace that is unlike the peace the world has to offer.

So, reach out to Him today. Lay all that stuff down at His feet and ask Him to help you with it, okay? And if you don't know Him yet, it's a great day to get that relationship going. Just ask GOD to forgive you for your sins (we've all's a fact of life, friend) and surrender yourself to Jesus. Invite Him to be your Lord. He's already paid the price to become your Savior - and oh yes, you and I need Him! Then turn it all over to Him. Ask Him to teach you who He is. Ask Him to show you whatever He wants you to see and to draw you close to Him. Spend time with Him every day. Soon, you will walk through this life with wonderful peace in your heart and mind.

GOD bless you, dear friends. And may Jesus' peace, the 'peace that passes all understanding' fill you to overflowing wherever you are.

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