Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello, dear friends. This is such a great day! I am so thankful for all the wonderful things GOD is doing in our lives and around the world. You know, it's so easy to get focused on the negative things the devil is up to, but what a horrible waste of time that is! Besides, I'm really not interested in giving him any glory by worrying over the conditions we're experiencing today. Of course, the conditions are what they are, but I'd much rather focus on the beautiful ways our LORD is moving - touching and changing lives in the midst of difficult circumstances, encouraging, healing and delivering people of everything from depression and rejection to cancer and deafness - and everything in between. Now THAT is something to focus on! And I believe that as we praise Him for being the Omnipotent GOD that He is, He ENJOYS it.

Our circumstances are not supposed to dictate our attitudes. Rather, we should be viewing each situation as an opportunity to show God how much we trust Him. Besides, don't you feel so much better when you maintain a positive attitude? Again, I'm not suggesting that we should ignore the fact that there are terrible things happening in our world today. I am suggesting that we should glorify the GOD Who is the Creator of every person on the planet. He has plans and He's never taken off guard by the things that happen. Maybe we are - but HE is not!

So once again comes the encouragement to live the Isaiah 58 fast. Jesus did. Do it and remain positive in the doing. Give, share, love, laugh, hope, encourage and thank! Thank, thank, thank!!! Thank GOD for being GOD. That may sound laughable...He couldn't be anything else. But still, thank Him for it! Aren't you GLAD that He's GOD? Don't you just love the fact that He is Who He is? Don't you adore the thought that He cares for you in ways that are way bigger than you can imagine - even on your very worst days? He is magnificient! My GOD is MAGNIFICIENT!

Thank You, dear LORD for being GOD - ALMIGHTY, ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, ALL LOVING, ALL MERCIFUL AND ABOVE ALL THAT I COULD EVER ASK OR THINK (OR IMAGINE!). Thank You for this nation, our freedom, our families, our lives, the food in our bellies and the clothes on our backs. Teach us how to SHARE those things more freely than ever before. Teach us EVERYTHING You want us to know and do and say and be. Thank You especially and above all else for Your beautiful Son, Jesus Christ and for Your glorious Holy Spirit. We love, want and need You every day. And we always will.

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