Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Good morning Tuesday! This is going to be a wonderful day. I'm absolutely sure of it! A young woman from Arizona is coming over for her second voice lesson in a couple of hours. Her family is in town for the Thanksgiving holiday and we're squeezing 3 lessons in while she's here. I'll just have time after that to work on some new music, throw in another load of laundry (how can two people get so dirty, anyway?) and fix a quick lunch before we go do another show this afternoon. Then it's off to see Misty, Jay and little Hayden (the newest addition to the family.) Afterwards, we'll be heading downtown to take spend time with my niece Jane's cats. We're some of the temporary kitty-sitters until she gets home tomorrow. And somewhere in the middle of all this stuff today, I need to give Alan a haircut - oh yeah, and Dad needs one, too!

What a blessing to have such a huge blended family! Near as I can tell, we have 15 grandchildren between us. Alan has 9 and I have 6. How on earth did we get this old? And every single one of those lives are incredibly busy, too.

I don't know what your life is like, but it's probably very similar to ours....busy, busy, busy! I'm reminded of an old saying (well, it's not that old, but it's not new, either)that goes something like this, "If the devil can't pull you off the track, he'll get behind you and push!" And yet, when I look at the things that we're doing everyday, I don't see anything evil in them, nor do I believe that it's 'evil' to be busy. We live in a very fast-paced world and there always seems to be a million things to do - needs to be met, lives to be touched, dishes to be done - and sometimes attending to the most important thing of all can slip by undone if we don't do it first thing each day.

I'm talking about spending some time with the Lord. For me, I've got to go to Him before I even let my feet touch the floor in the morning, because there are some days when that's the only quiet time I can have with Him. And I need that time. Not only do I need it, I want that time with Him. He's my Source of life, my Hope and my Strength. But He's also my Joy. He keeps me focused on what's important and helps me set my priorities in order. And, I know that it's too easy to wander off the path when I don't spend time with Him.

Well, the clock is ticking away and I haven't fixed breakfast yet. The bed's still not made, even though I've been out of it for the last 45 minutes, so I'd better get 'busy'. Until tomorrow, friends, I pray for God's blessings of peace, protection and right relationships between Him, you and everyone else! Have a great day!

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