Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Saturday!
You know, it has been my experience that the more we spend time with God, the more in love with Him we grow and our understanding of His will for our lives becomes clearer. In His presence, we find greater peace. We can rest in the knowledge that His passion for each of His children makes it impossible for anything to separate us from His indescribable love.

The devotions in this blog begin with three verses from the Bible, followed by a few words of encouragement, and end with a prayer. If you are a new Christian, you may want to use the prayer as a starting point of conversation with the Lord. I encourage you to use a journal each day to write the impressions or things on your heart as you listen for the voice of His Spirit. The Lord has much to say – so take notes!

Remember, God is not interested in fancy words – He is very interested in a humble heart. Talk to Him as you would to your very best friend. You will never find a more faithful one than the Lord.

Jesus is coming again very soon, dear reader. Each day brings us closer to the moment we will see Him face to face. Let’s labor in His vineyard with courageous, loving and humble hearts, so that others may see through us to the One Who created us to be joint heirs with Him!

My prayer is that you will find blessing, encouragement, hope for your life and a deeper understanding of the Lord as you read and consider the words on these pages each day.

Now, for today's devotional...

Day Three

Luke 15: 8-10

“Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it? And when she has found it, she calls her friends and neighbors together, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I lost!’ Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Good morning, friend! How are you doing this beautiful day? Are you ready to go look for the “lost coin” Jesus has put in your life? It may be someone you already know or it may be a total stranger. Whoever that person is, remember that the Lord wants you to be the broom in His hands, sweeping into the lives of others, searching for those precious people who are lost and/or unaware of the love of God for them. You know what the great thing is about being a broom. Brooms don’t have to figure anything out – all they have to do is be brooms! So listen up, you beautiful broom! All you have to do is be an instrument in the Master’s hands. He knows exactly how and where He wants to use you, so spend time in your “prayer closet” waiting on Him. And don’t worry, He knows where to find you!

Dear Lord, thank You for such a glorious new day. Thank you for making me an instrument in Your hands and guiding the movement of my life as I surrender to Your will. Thank You for the “lost coins” scattered all around me, waiting to be found by You. Thank you for reminding me that a broom is not effective unless it is touching the floor, much the same way that I must humble myself to the floor to be effective in the lives of others. Thank You for being GOD! Use me, Lord. In Jesus’ Name…

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