Friday, September 25, 2009

What a great day this has been so far. I sent Alan on an errand this morning. We didn't have a cake pan and I needed one, so at 8:00 a.m., I was standing over my husband who was sleeping peacefully in his nice cozy bed, asking him to get up and go buy me a cake pan. Being the very thoughtful and considerate man that he is, Alan immediately got out of bed, dressed, threw on some shoes and headed out the door to our local WalMart to fulfill my request. I'm not sure if my Prince Charming even combed his hair or not - he just heard my plea and jumped on his white steed (or rather, in the white Taurus) armed with his trusty wallet and went in search of cake pans.

Dashing through the store (not the snow, no, no... the store), he found the pan and headed for checkout. When he left the store, he says he had his wallet. When he got to the car, he says he had his wallet. When he got to the parking lot, there was some guy impatiently waiting for Alan to pull out of his parking space, so he tried to hurry and somewhere along the way - you got it - he lost his wallet.

His pockets in the shorts he was wearing are very shallow. (We've talked about those shallow-pocketed shorts before...hmmmm...but that's another story). We both know that the wallet could very easily have fallen out of the pocket when he got in the car. It's happened several times before and we both knew that it was possible that it could happen again. But we all know how Prince Charming is...he doesn't need his damsel-in-distress to help him put on his shining armor (or shallow-pocketed-shorts). He just needs her to be - well - her.

After he finished slaying the dragon (or in this case, buying the cake pan), Alan dashed back home on his trusty steed (Taurus). When he came in the house, though, something was not right in the world. His wallet was gone. Hurrying back to the car, he checked the front seats, the console, the floorboards, the driveway, the grass next to the driveway, under the car, behind the seats and all the way through the house and kitchen before he told me what had happened. (Like I said, we've talked about those shallow-pocketed shorts before). The last thing my dear husband wanted to do was upset his already-in-a-hurry wife (that would be me, of course) while I was baking, icing and sprinkling cupcakes - and making a gorgeous sachet for the Activity Director whose birthday is today - just a couple of hours before it was time to head out to do a show.

Entirely oblivious to his problem, I continued to make cupcakes as fast as I could make them. After he told me what happened, I joined him in the search. We looked everywhere and kept asking the Lord where the wallet was. We looked in the car, on the driveway, in the house, in the grocery sack - all of the above mentioned places, once again... and it was nowhere to be found. Alan got on the phone and started making calls to have cards canceled and I headed back outside, once more asking the Lord to tell me where the wallet was - at the same time asking Him to return it to us, supernaturally if it wasn't here somewhere.

(Side Note here: GOD did that for me years ago when I lost my wallet...literally brought it back from wherever it was and put it right in my purse after I had gone through it several times, taking each item out of it and pleading with the Lord to bring the wallet back to me. When I opened my purse for the last time that day, expecting as much as my little faith dared to believe, my wallet was on top of everything else inside. It was absolutely a miracle. GOD knew I needed that miracle that day - and He was faithful to deliver! Praise our Mighty Lord!!! Thank you again, dear Lord.)

Now, back to the events of today... where were we? Oh, yes... Alan's lost wallet.

As I headed out the door for the last time to go in search of his wallet, the Lord said, "It's under the car." I made a beeline for the driveway and got down on my hands and knees to find what I was pretty sure was going to be there - because God does not lie. Sure enough, there it was. Alan's wallet. About one foot under the car on the driver's side. GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!

Everything was right with the world again - and it was only about 11:00 a.m. Glory!
It seemed that we were back on track. The cupcakes were just about finished and then suddenly I began to smell this unusual - not pleasant - smell. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, either. Alan was taking a shower, I was just finishing the icing and making the bow for the sachet box - and there it was. This awful smell. I looked everywhere, but couldn't find it. "Oh, well", I thought, "I'll find it later." Turning back to finish decorating the cupcakes, I decided to focus on getting out of the house on time. Whatever it was that smelled bad would have to wait. I was on a schedule!

A few minutes later, Alan came through the basement kitchen and asked me what that black wet stuff was on the floor. I turned to see what he was talking about and there it was: the source of the smell. Coming from the basement main drain was whatever it was that had backed up out of the sewer line - and it was not a pretty sight. I grabbed a rag and Alan grabbed a mop and Fisher the cat, whose curiosity was definitely getting the best of him. He handed me the mop, put the cat in the bathroom (no, he didn't mop up the floor with the cat!) - and then put Bijou - the other cat - in there with Fisher. Not knowing if we were going to come home to a huge mess in the basement, we cleaned everything up, including ourselves, let the cats out of the bathroom and headed to Belton to be with our friends at Carnegie Village. Like I said, it was a fabulous day - and it was only 12:00 noon!

The concert/show/party turned out to be a success (hallelujah...!). They are always so gracious and we always get such good feedback about my singing and humor. I just love getting to sing for the seniors! I think we have as much fun as they do every single time we go. Everywhere I looked, there were smiling faces. And the laughter! They sing with me, they laugh and we come away from those times so much richer because of the beautiful and humble people we spend time with there. Now, how can anyone go wrong with that kind of a crowd on a beautiful autumn day?

Anyway, as we said the last 'goodbye' and headed out the door, the little bar stool I sometimes sit on while I'm singing decided to take a flying leap off the equipment cart and smash itself rather meanly onto the top of my right foot. Ouch! As I sit here at my desk and write these words, there is the slightest little twinge-y reminder that my foot did not escape unscathed from the incident. I'll have to remember where I got the bruise that will no-doubt show up sometime tonight, so that I'm not walking around tomorrow trying to figure out what I did to myself this time. Ha!

But, you know, I have to laugh about it. I started to write this blog last night - then accidentally erased everything I'd written, which was an entirely different topic, (*sigh*) with the exception of the title, "Stepping into Autumn". You would think I'd planned the whole bar stool thing, just so I could have some good blog fodder to share with you today. Not so, my dear friend. As you can see, we had enough stuff going on this morning to fill this particular blog. I could say it was just 'icing on the cupcake' that the title was decided last night, but that might be too much... Ah well, you get the picture!

I guess I could take a stab at being super-spiritual and say that, no matter what we choose to do in this life, if we don't keep our eyes on Jesus, we could find the steps we take leading in directions that may eventually bring us unnecessary problems or pain - or, I could say that, as a child of the King, our steps are ordered by GOD... And while both of those statements are very true, I think what would be best to say is this: if you put the bar stool on top of the concert speakers and don't get the thing tied down properly, your wife could end up with a big old bruise on her foot and another opportunity to demonstrate her patient and forgiving attitude, instead of hurling the leftover cupcakes at your head! (How was that for super-spiritual?)
Have a great time as you step into autumn this year. Enjoy the beautiful colors and the wonderful temperatures. And whatever you do, be sure to thank the One who gave this glorious season to us all. His name is Yeshua. Messiah. Redeemer. King. Lord of all creation and Lover of all seasons. Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Vicky V.

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